(SP-2017) SuperPile 2017 Online Proceedings

article# description author(s)
2667 Rock-Socketed Pile Shear Anne Lemnitzer, Ph.D.
2657 Lessons (Re)learned from Geotechnical Failures Richard Finno, PE, PhD, DGE
2677 Pressed-In Sheets, Secant Piles, and Micropiles Used for Bay-front Mixed-use Development in Newport Beach, Calif. Takefumi Takuma, Russell Lamb, P.E., and Christopher DellAringa, P.E., Ph.D.
2676 Deep Foundations for the Ice District towers E and A in Edmonton (Alberta) Allan Bowers
2675 Design of Grillage and Helical Pile Foundation for Limited Access Transmission Line Jason Herron, P.E. and Benjamin Jennings, E.I.T.
2674 Helical Screw Piles Seismic Performance Yasser Abdelghany, Ph.D., P.Eng.
2673 Installation and performance of Continuous Helical Displacement (CHD) piles in London Clay Jonathan Ball, BSc (Hons) CGeol EurGeol FGS
2672 Pile Supported Load Transfer Platform Supports Wastewater Treatment Plant Over Soft Clay Matthew Page, P.E.
2671 DD Elements for Liquefaction Mitigation and Settlement Control W. Morgan NeSmith, Jr., P.E.
2670 Pile Group Effects and Soil Dilatancy at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport David Rancman, P.E.
2679 Tapered Piles Driven in Variable and Aggressive Soils Matthew Riegel, P.E. and Britain Materek, P.E.
2668 Optimization of Deep Foundation Design & Construction through Establishment of Site-Specific Ultimate Foundation Capacities Seth H. Hamblin, P.E.
2680 Contrasting Design of single piles and small pile groups to the design of wide pile foundations Bengt H. Fellenius, Dr. Tech, P.Eng
2666 Deep Foundation Design For Seismic and Lateral Loads - An Overview Kwabena Ofori-Awuah, P.E., ENV-SP
2665 Safety Issues for Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and QA/QC Programs Bernard H. Hertlein, FACI, M.ASCE
2664 Design for Safety for Deep Foundations and Earth Retention Richard Marshall
2663 Construction risks associated with drilled displacement columns Martin D. Larisch, Ph.D.
2662 Ben C. Gerwick's Inspired Innovation Robert B. Bittner, P.E.
2661 Causeway and working platform design, construction, and instrumentation for TH 53 Jeff Segar, P.E., S.E.
2660 Working Platforms for Large Rotary Foundation Drilling Rigs - Engineering for Safety Richard Marshall and Terence P. Holman, Ph.D., P.E.
2659 Working Platforms - A DFI Multi-Committee Topic: Concepts, Comments on Worldwide and US Approach, Examples and Consideration Going Forward Matthew E. Meyer, P.E., D.GE and Martin G. Taube, P.E., PG
2658 Driven Displacement Pile Ground Improvement for Liquefaction Mitigation Armin W Stuedlein, Ph.D., P.E.
2669 New Technology Center Development, Camden, New Jersey Frederick Brinker, P.E.
2690 Installing Large Diameter Drilled Shafts on a Postage Stamp Raymond Fassett
2701 Basic Mobile Crane Safety Richard Marshall
2700 Driven Pile Safety Richard Marshall
2699 Dedicated Drill Rig Safety Richard Marshall
2698 Helical Pile Installation and Safety Matthew Houliston, P.E.
2697 Research Needs for Safe Lifting and Handling of Rebar Cages for Drilled Shafts Vincent A Siefert, P.E., and Ahmad Itani, P.E., Ph.D
2696 Marine Wharf Piles of the “Greatest Generation’s” Military Machine Still Serving on the Pacific Coast Brian O'Neill, P.E., G.E.
2695 Optimizing the Design of Driven Pile Foundations with Instrumented Static Load Tests Peter Narsavage, P.E.
2694 Static Pile Loadings Using Fiber Optics High Spatial Resolution Strain Measurements Arne Kindler, Dr-Ing and Karolina Nycz, i.A., M.Sc.
2693 Bonner Bridge Replacement: Innovative Method to Field Verify Post-Scour Axial Resistance of Jetted and Driven Pile Foundations under Significant Scour Conditions in Outer Banks of NC Beth Howey, LG, P.E. and Michael Batten, P.E.
2678 Load Transfer Mechanism of Micropiles in Weathered Rock Ed Theinat, E.I.T.
2691 Dulles Metrorail/Silver Line (Phase 2) Drill Shaft Load Testing Program William Billiet, P.E.
3077 **New article
2689 Specific Quality Aspects of the 360 ft Deep Drilled Shaft Installation at Jeddah Tower Karsten Beckhaus, Dr.-Ing. and Bob Faulhaber, P.E,
2688 TIP Testing of Auger Cast and Micro Piles Matthew Silveston, P.E.
2687 Installation and Performance of M-Pile Displacement Piles Stephen E. Wilson, RPG
2686 Ground Treatment for a ½ Mile Long Iron Oxide Storage Building on Floating Foundations in Texas Coastal Sediments Allen Cadden, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE
2685 Underpinning of a city street, with CAP, Stockholm, SWE Tanja Bojovic, M. Sc.
2684 2017 Helical Piles and Tieback Committee Activities Update Gary L. Seider, P.E.
2683 EFFC-DFI Tremie Concrete Project Peter Faust, Dipl-Ing.
2682 Development of a Design Guideline for Bridge Pile Foundations Subjected to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading Arash Khosravifar, Ph.D., P.E.
2681 Noise Attenuation Effectiveness and Potential Safety Benefits of New Double Walled-Pile Technology Per Reinhall, Ph.D. and Julie Hampden, MMA
2692 Yucca Loma Bridge Drilled Shaft Foundation Piles Rick Walsh, P.E., G.E. and Chuck Danache