(IC-2017) DFI-PFSF Piled Foundations & Ground Improvement Technology for the Modern Building and Infrastructure Sector

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2576 Preface Slave Tchepak and Gary Chapman
2577 Table of Contents
2578 Challenges in the Design and Construction of Deep Foundations for Transportation Infrastructure Projects Dan Brown, P.E., Ph.D., D.GE
2579 Construction Methods and Quality Outcomes for Bored Cast-In-Situ Piles - A Review of Current Practice Ben Collingwood and Jim Slatter
2580 Design of a Raft Assisted Piled Foundation for a High Rise Prefabricated Hotel Structure in Perth, WA Lucie Spencer and Craig Butterworth
2581 Performance of Large-Diameter Bored Pile Socketed in Sandstone and Siltstone in Thailand Zaw Zaw Aye, Thayanan Boonyarak, Nutthapon Thasnanipan and Sereyroath Chea
2582 Pile Foundation Solutions in the Deep Quaternary Sediments of Botany Bay Paul A. O'Brien, Thomas G. Cuniowski and Gary A. Chapman
2583 The Application of Rapid Load Testing in Singapore Soon-Hoe Chew, Peter Middendorp, Joost Bakker and Gilbert Chuah
2584 Ground Improvement by Dynamic Replacement Within Intertidal Mangrove Mud Environment, Ichthys LNG, Darwin D. Mitchell, P. Vincent and J. Racinais
2585 Monitoring of an Embankment Project Using Rigid Inclusions and Vacuum Consolidation during and after Construction Stephen Buttling and Rui Zhong
2586 Design, Construction, and Long-Term Monitoring of a Pile-Supported LNG Tank in Savannah, Georgia Guoming Lin, Ph.D., G.E., D.GE and Cheng Lin, Ph.D., P.E
2587 Quality Control and Testing of Jet Grouting and Its Interpretation in Relation to the Christchurch Town Hall Restoration Project Paul Marsden, David Chadwick, Mathias Delapille and Chris Hughes
2588 Design, Construction and Design Validation through High Strength Testing (PDA) of CFA and DD Foundations Stefano Pirrello
2589 Centrifuge Modelling of Displacement Piles and Installation Effects L. King, A. Bouazza, J. Gniel, C. Gaudin and C. O'Loughlin
2590 Analysis of Soil and Structural Thermal Response of a Field Scale Geothermal Energy Pile Mohammed Faizal and Abdelmalek Bouazza
2591 Lateral Response of Pole on Engineered Driven Timber Pile Footing at Ararat Windfarm Terminal Station Frank Albrecht and Brian McCarthy
2592 Designing Piles for Seismic Events H. G. Poulos
2593 Artificial Ground Freezing – A Typical Application for the Underpass of an Existing Metro Station in Rome Bruno Vingiani and Alessandro Bertero
2594 Resonance Pile Driving with Zero Ground Vibration Mathew Janes, M.E.Sc., P.Eng and Mark Johnson
2595 Level Crossing Removal Project – Package 1 David Chong, Chris Crowe, Andrew Middleton and Mick Stadter
2596 Value Engineering through Systematic Site Investigation and Design Optimization – A Case Study Dr. Manish Tiwari, Frances Badelow and Dr. Lu Yitan
2597 A 16M Deep Basement Excavation in Kuala Lumpur Karst: Mixed Retention Solution Prasad P. V. S. R., Mikias Yohannes and Serhat Baycan
2598 Determination of Basal Heave Stability for Strutted Excavations Supported with Jet Grout Base Slab Anthony T. C. Goh, Assoc. Prof.
2599 Performance of Footings in Rock Based on Serviceability C. M. Haberfield
2600 Dynamic Load Testing of 2 Metre Steel Tubular Piles Driven into Foliated Phyllite Bedrock Bosco Poon, Geoff McKay, Kim Chan and Luis Raúl Castañeda
2601 Design and Construction of Pile-Supported Mechanically-Stabilized-Earth Slope Stabilization Nasr Sheta, Ph.D. and P.E.
2602 Application of Innovative Underreamed Ground Anchorages with Capsule Zhong Liu and Gang Guo
2603 Effects of Installation Parameters of Drilled Displacement Piles on In Situ Stress Conditions in Stiff Clays Martin D. Larisch, David J. Williams and Alexander Scheuermann
2604 Rock Socket Capacity Certification Using the Point Load Index Test Burt G. Look and David W. Lacey
2605 The Nonlinear Constitutive Behaviour of Coode Island Silt Kaveh Ranjbar Pouya, Ali Tolooiyan and Rae Mackay
2606 Brickworks Marketplace Ground Improvement, Adelaide Andrew Middleton, Principal, Mark Wyatt and National Retail Manager
2607 Case Study: Load Transfer Analysis on an Instrumented Augercast Pile Using EDC Strain Gauges and Geokon Rebar Strainmeters Swamy Avasarala, President, Santosh Mummaneni, Project Manager, Vamshi Vemula, Project Engineer, Dr. Sastry Putcha and Chief Engineer
2608 CFA Pile Design Parameters in Sand Stuart Coutts
2609 Deep-Sea Quay Wall for Offshore Wind Energy Terminal on Maasvlakte 2 Rotterdam – NL Patrick van der Schaaf and Bsc Eng.
2610 Dynamic Pile Testing at the Five Mates Bridge Jonathan G. Cannon
2611 Failure Modes for Embankments over Ground Improved with DCM Column Walls beneath the Slope Manasi Wijerathna, PhD Candidate, D. S. Liyanapathirana and Associate Professor
2612 Improvement of Soil Properties by Basalt Fibre Reinforcement Ramanathan Ayothiraman and Anurag Singh
2613 Innovative Design for Retaining Structures Using Combined Products Dr. Alexander Zöhrer and Clifford Taylor
2614 Newest Developments in Quality Control and Soil Mixing for Actual and Future Demands Franz-Werner Gerressen
2615 Observing Friction Fatigue Using High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing Ronald Damen and Dion Denes
2616 ShaftCam: A Practical and Cost Effective Solution to Drilled/bored Pile Hole Inspection Swamy Avasarala and Santosh Mummaneni and Dr. Sastry Putcha
2617 Small-Strain Behaviour of Artificially Cemented Sand in Deep Mixing Application Alireza Mohammadinia, Mahdi M. Disfani, Arul Arulrajah and Stephen Darmawan
2618 Wrigley Field – The 1060 Project Darren S. Diehm, P.E.
2619 A System with Local Strain for Studying Shear Modulus Degradation of Cement Treated Clay with Fibers Huawen Xiao, Siang Huat Goh, Min Sunn Ye, Kai Yao, Fook Hou Lee and Wei Wang
2620 Microstructure of Bio-Cemented Coarse Sand Aamir Mahawish, Abdelmalek Bouazza and Will P. Gates
2621 Pile Foundation Response to Ground Vibration from Rock Blasting Laddu B. Jayasinghe, Anthony T. C. Goh, Zhiye Zhao, Hongyuan Zhou and Yilin Gui
2622 Risk-Based Approach in Drilled Shaft Design for Infrastructure Projects Ramanujachari Kannan, P.E. D.GE., FASCE