(India2017) Proceedings of DFI-India 2017: 7th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India

article# description author(s)
2735 Foundation in Simsima Lime Stone for an Underground Reservoir Dr. Ir Chandramohan P. V., President (technical) and Ravi Kishore, General Manager
2736 Concrete Overbreak Estimation and Analysis Errors in Bored Piles Nuno Cruz
2737 Critical Evaluation of Indian Standard for the Design of Laterally Loaded Piles Sanket Rawat, Postgraduate student, Vikash Prasad, Former graduate student and Ravi Kant Mittal, Associate Professor
2738 Insight to Foundation Construction of Extradosed - 3rd Narmada Bridge over River Narmada, Bharuch, Gujarat Ekhlaq A. Khan, EDRC
2739 Stub Pier Stabilization Performance Swaminathan Srinivasan, P.E., M. ASCE and Jess A. Schroeder, P.E., M. ASCE
2740 ACIP Piles Installation and Monitoring Program in North America W. Morgan Nesmith
Deep Excavation Support
2741 Design Mix Specifications of Plastic Concrete for Dam Cut off Diaphragm Walls Dr. B. Sivarama Sarma, Head R&D and Biswabikash Rout, Manager R&D
2742 Numerical Modelling of a Deep Excavation Shoring for Replacement of Control Structure at a Dam Deep K. Khatri, Ph.D., P.E., Staff Geotechnical Engineer, Lok M. Sharma, P.E., Senior Principal and Brett Bradfield, P.E., Senior Project Engineer
2743 Seismic Considerations for Bridge Foundations Lok M. Sharma, P.E., Senior Principal
2744 Application of Multiple Excavation Support Systems in Brown Field Project Shuvranshu K. Rout, Biswajit Das, Anup K. Mandal and Manos De
2745 Use of Porous Concrete in Secant Bored Pile Walls Markus Herten, Matthias Pulsfort, Claudia Fierenkothen and Rolf Breitenbücher
Grouting and Soil Mixing
2746 Treatment of Soft Clays by Combined Encased Stone Columns and Vacuum Consolidation Ganesh Kumar S., Scientist
2747 Soil Improvement Using Soil Mixing - An Alternative Way for the Indian Market Franz-Werner Gerressen
2748 Evaluating Efficiency of GEO5 in the Analysis of Pile Foundation Sanket Rawat, Postgraduate student, Elizabeth Varghese, Former Postgraduate student, Ravi Kant Mittal, Associate Professor and Prachuryya Kaushik, Postgraduate student
2749 Proof of Bearing Capacity of Anchors on the Example of Innovative Anchor Monitoring System Arne Kindler, Karolina Nycz and Stephan Großwig
2750 Bore Pile Stabilization Issues in Offshore Marine Works Saúl Rodriguez and Nuno Cruz
2751 Simulation of Offshore Piling Using Advanced Dynamic Material Point Method (MPM) Christian Moormann, Sujith Gowda, Shreyas Giridharan and Fursan Hamad
2752 Lateral Load Capacity of Helical Piles in Sand Balu E. George, Subhadeep Banerjee and Shailesh R. Gandhi
2753 Estimation of Shaft and Base Responses from Pile Load Test Kota Vijay Kiran, Senior Research Fellow, Madhav Madhira, Prof. Emeritus and Vidyaranya Bandi, Engineering Manager
2754 Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Expansive Soils Mixed with Waste EPS Beads Soundara B., Associate Professor, Suganya A., Assistant Professor and Selvakumar S., Research Fellow
2755 Soil Grouting to Arrest Foundation Settlement Manos De, Shuvranshu Rout and Anuj K. Singh
Ground Improvement and Liquefaction
2756 Advances in Desaturation of Sandy Soil to Mitigate the Liquefaction Hazard Dhanaji S. Chavan, Research Scholar and Thallak G. Sitharam, Professor
2757 Effect of Non-Plastic Fines on Liquefaction Susceptibility of Fine Sands Akhila M., PhD. Research Scholar, Dr. Kodi Ranga Swamy, Asst. Professor and Dr. N. Sankar, Professor
2758 Securing Rail Infrastructure in Romania Andreas Brandner, Dipl.-Ing
2759 Evaluating Degree of Consolidation of Soft Soil by Using Asaoka, Hyperbolic and Back Analysis Method Vinay Kumar M, Assistant Manager and Aminul Islam, Asst. General Manager
2760 Grouting Methods Involved in Stabilization of TBM Tunnel near CP-06, UAA-04, Chennai Metro Ahmed Shaz, Sohail Wajid, Yeruva Ramanareddy and K. Bhavani
2761 Positive Cut-Off Wall in Indian Dam - A New Technique for Difficult Geology Steni Stefani, Consulting Engineer and President and Sanjay Dave, Civil Engineer, Vice President & Sector Head
2762 Ground Improvement for the Distressed Earth Bund Using Stone Column - A Case Study A. Purantharan, Assistant Engineering Manager, Vetriselvan A., Chief Engineering Manager and M. Kumaran, Head-Engineering
2763 Deterministic Analysis for Liquefaction and Its Mitigation by Suitable Foundation Type in Bangladesh Arpit Parikh