(ROME-2018) Proceeding of the 2018 DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement, Rome, Italy

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3076 Preface Massimo Grisolia, Conference Chair
Table of Contents
3075 Table of Contents
2940 John Mitchell Lecture: Geophysics for Geotechnical Design Michele Jamiolkowski Emeritus Professor and Andrea Masella, Project Manager
2941 Keynote Lecture: Specification, Procurement, Quality Control and Certification of Bottom-Feed Stone Columns Giovanni Vaciago
Contracts and Geotechnical Investigation
2942 Bearing Behaviour of Dubai Standstone and Dubai Siltstone Due to High-Rise Structures Rolf Katzenbach, Prof., Steffen Leppla, Ingenieursozietät Professor Dr.-Ing and Marwan Alzaylaie
2943 Civil Engineering Feasibility Study for CERN's Future Circular Collider John Andrew Osborne Senior Civil Engineer at CERN and Joanna Louise Stanyard, Civil Engineering Consultant
2944 Correlation between Axial Capacity of Driven Pile and Standard Penetration Test Blowcount Jinyuan Liu Associate Professor and Markus Jesswein, Civil Engineering
2945 Delivering Added Value via Advanced Ground Investigations for Deep Shaft Design in Urban Areas Anthony S. O'Brien, Global Practice Leader-Geotechnics and Hock L. Liew
2946 Evaluation of Seepage Barrier Wall Performance Using Instrumentation Georgette Hlepas, PhD, PE and Vanessa Bateman, PG
2947 Geotechnical Baseline to Manage Contractual Risk Caused by Unforeseen Ground Conditions Andrea Antiga
2948 Impact from the Construction of a Working Platform and Girder Lifting Operation on Bridge Pile Foundation in Soft Soil Bosco Poon, Principal Geotechnical Engineer and Kim Chan, Senior Principal and Service Line Leader
2949 Sampling of Stabilized Clay by Use of Kiso-Jiban GP-Tr Sampler Bjorn Kristian Fiskvik Bache and Alf Kristian Lund
2950 Working Platforms for Tracked Plant - Experience from 13 Years of Best Practice Derek Egan, Managing Director
Deep Foundations Behavior and Testing
2951 A Study of the Augmenting Effect of Equipping Piles with an Expander Body Bengt H. Fellenius, Dr.Tech., P.Eng., K. Rainer Massarsch, Dr. Tech., Mario Terceros H., Eng. and Mario Terceros A.
2952 Controlling Ground Movements Due to Pile Installation Adjacent to London Underground Tunnels for the Southbank Place Project Stuart Hardy, Associate Director, Thomas Beales Ferguson, Geotechnical Engineer, Duncan Nicholson, Fellow, Jonathan Ly, Senior Design Manager and Laurent Olivier, Project Manager
2953 Design, Construction and Performance of Single Bore Multiple Anchored Diaphragm Wall in Izmir, Turkey R. Düzceer, General Manager, D. Mothersille, Managing Director, A. Gökalp, Deputy General Manager and S. Adatepe, Technical Manager
2954 Drilled Pier Load Tests on Dulles Metrorail Project - Overview, Results and Discussions Sujan K. Bhattacharya, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Lloyd W. Young, Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer and Jeongbok Seo, Project Tunnel Engineer
2955 Experimental Comparison on Different Pile Load Testing Methods Gianpiero Russo and Gabriella Marone
2956 Experimental Investigations on the Lateral Bearing Behaviour of Vibratory-Driven Open Steel Pipe Piles Johannes Labenski, M.Sc. and Christian Moormann, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
2957 Experimental Studies on the Lateral Load Carrying Capacity of Pier Foundations for Bridges Sukhmander Singh, Professor of Civil Engineering
2958 Group Effects for Pile Rows under Passive Lateral Loading Johannes Aschrafi, Shreyas Giridharan and Christian Moormann, Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing.
2959 Investigating the Development of Pile Capacity over Time Jeffrey R. Barrow, President / Geotechnical Engineer, Tumal J. Karunaratne, Project Engineer and Katie E. Persons, Project Engineer
2960 Laboratory Evaluation of a Proposed Nondestructive Testing System for Detecting Anomalies below Drilled Shaft Excavations Alireza Kordjazi, Joseph T. Coe, Assistant Professor and Trumer Wagner
2961 Numerical and Experimental Study of Axially Loaded Non-Displacement Piles in Sand Fei Han, Rodrigo Salgado and Monica Prezzi
2962 Performance of Foundations in the Kanto Plain North of Tokyo during the MW=9.0 Tohoku Earthquake of March 2011 Daniel Pradel, PE GE DGE, Joseph Wartman, Prof. and Binod Tiwari, Prof.
2963 Quick, Efficient & Safe Preloading of High Capacity Hydraulic Modular Props Peter Richardson, B.Eng.(Hons.), C.Eng., FICE, Vp PLC
2964 Recent Experience with Tremie Concrete Properties and Testing Aidan Thorp, Christopher Wilkes, Duncan Nicholson and Bryan Marsh
2965 Static Load Tests by Bi-Directional Method in the Brazilian Context Felipe V. A. de Souza Cruz, Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, Marco A. G. Conte, Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, Renan Basso, Civil Engineer and Alessandra C. de Freitas, Professor of Civil/Geotechnical Engine
2966 Study of Effects of Construction Methods on Performance of Drilled Shafts Sohail Kibria Vice President and Sajid Iqbal Senior Geotechnical Engineer
2967 Study on the Bearing Capacity of Bored Piles with Improvement Techniques Ana B. A. N. Dias, Leonardo B. D. Brandão and Juliane A. F. Marques
2968 Study on the Resistance of Bored Piles with Rings Leonardo B. D. Brandão, Ana B. A. N. Dias and Juliane A. F. Marques
2969 The Application of Fibre Optic Sensor Technology in the Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations Anthony N. Fisher Testing and Instrumentation Manager and Andrew G. Bell Chief Engineer
2970 The Case of a Building Design Review Requiring a Full Foundation Redesign Brendan Atarigiya, Geotechnical Engineer, Philip Amankwah, Structural Engineer, Isaac Osei, Structural Engineer, Nii K. Allotey, Geo-Structural Earthquake Engineer, Josesph Oddei, Geotechnical Engineer and William Albert-Viala, Structural Engineer
2971 The Influence of a Thin Weak Soil Layer on the Pile Bearing Capacity Shilton Rica, PhD student and Stefan Van Baars, Professor
Diaphragm Walls
2972 Application of Long-Chain Polymer Slurry as Soil Stabilization in Reverse Circulation Drilling System Goncalo António de Araújo Costa and Sri Ram Ramankutty I.R.
2973 Challenges Faced in the Construction of 60M Deep Diaphragm Walls, with Hydraulic Grabs in Central London, England Paul Wiltcher, Operations Director and Peter Handley
2974 Doha Metro's Flagship Triple Line Interchange Station Christina Mavrommati, Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Cremona Makaginsar, Chartered Engineer and Carlos Posso, Senior Project Manager
2975 EFFC/DFI Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations Karsten Beckhaus Ph.D. and Chris Harnan
2976 Good Reasons to Swap from Trench Cutter to Hydraulic Grab; Liebherr and Saos, Actual Cases from Florence, Rome and Milan S. Bechter, G. Franco, F. Rossi and M. Bringiotti
2977 Positive Cut-Off Wall in Indian Dam - ANew Technique for Difficult Geology Steni Stefani, Consulting Engineer and Sanjay Dave, Civil Engineer Vice President & Sector Head
2978 Recommended Junctions between Diaphragm Wall Panels for Deep Excavations Paul Vidil, Deputy Design Manager
2979 Suez Canal Underpass: 260.000 M² of Deep Diagraphram Wall Excavation Experienced with LWN at Almost 360° M. Bringiotti, G. Bringiotti, D. Nicastro and G. Fumagalli
2980 The Gaasperdammertunnel - Geotechnical Challenges in Amsterdam D. Grotegoed, Geotechnical Engineer and N. Goedhart, Deep Foundation Specialist
2981 TTMJ - The New System for Slurry (Diaphragm) Wall Joints Julian Crawley, John Coupland, Maurizio Siepi and Paul van Horn
2982 Unveiling the Vision of Soil Stabilization Fluids: The Future Eonio Trindade, Technical Team Leader (Eng.)
2983 X10 Concept to Improve Quality and Durability of Diaphragm Walls M. M. R. Boutz, B. J. Admiraal, R. van Berkel and P. R. B. van der Werff
New Developments and Innovative Techniques
2984 Advances in Resonant Pile Driving and Applications Matthew Janes, M.E.Sc., P.Eng.
2985 Annular Monoblock Bridge Foundations Francesco Alessandrini, Nicola De Biaggio, Dario Fedrigo, Civil Engineer and Diego Valusso
2986 Conventional Excavation of Connecting Tunnels in C13 Metro Station (Poland - Warsaw - Line 2) Marco Aurelio Piangatelli, Massimiliano Bringiotti and Aldo Bellone
2987 Innovative Pile Extraction Technique of CFA Piles for the New Harbor Bridge Project Tracy Brettmann, P.E., D.GE, Vice President
2988 Job Site Reports Related to Deep FDP, Big Diameter CSP and Ring Vibrator Executed at the Limits by the Same LWN Drill Rig M. Bringiotti and S. Bechter
2989 Slope Stabilization with Multiple Anchors Monitored by Glass Fibre Technique Dominik Gächter, Dipl. Ing., Reinhard Kulmer and Vaclav Racanský
2990 Suggestion for Controlling the Implementation of Root Piles Partially Embedded in Bedrock Marilia D. Silva, Civil Engineering, Roberto Q. Coutinho, University Professor and Myckelle M. S. Ferreira, Civil Engineering
2991 The Field Investigation of Tension Cracks on a Cement Grouted Slender Column during the Thermal Response Test Yue Ouyang, Project Manager, Loizos Pelecanos, Lecturer, Kenichi Soga, Chancellor's Professor and Duncan Nicholson, Director
2992 Ventilation Shafts and Drifts for the Metro Line 6 Project in Naples, Italy Vittorio Manassero, Giorgio Mormone and Federico Moccia
2993 Why Using an Air-Entrainer to Increase Workability Is Not a Great Idea for Deep Foundations Dimitri Feys
Pile Construction
2994 A Major Infrastructure Project and the Formation of the UK's Largest Rotary Pile under Polymer Support Fluid Yue Ouyang, Project Manager, Stephan Jefferis, Director, Paul Wiltcher, Operations Director and Tony Suckling, Director
2995 Brunnholen Bridge: Norway - Design and Supervision of Foundation Works Arne Schram Simonsen and Vetle Kolberg Stene
2996 Cast-in-Place Piles Using Toe-Grouting Cell: Application in Bolivian Rivers Tomás Murillo Pérez, Geotechnical engineer
2997 Current Practice of CFA Piling in Australia and New Zealand Martin D. Larisch, PhD
2998 Design and Construction of a 130.000 SQM Logistic Platform in Trieste's Port, ICOP & LWN: An Organization, Logistic and Powerful Rigs Winning Combination M. Bringiotti, L. Grillo, S. Vitalini and R. Grisolia
2999 Extraction of Precast Piles and Secant Piles up to 27m Thomas George Design Manager and Chris Price
3000 Micropiling in Urban Infrastructure: Advantages, Experience and Challenges Freddy Lopez, MSc.-Ing. and Giorgio Severi, Dott. Ing.
3001 New York City Landmark Structures - Reconstructing from the Inside Out Michael J. Chow, PE, Senior Consultant and Amber T. Vail, PE Senior Consultant
3002 Performance of Pile Foundations with Internal Diaphragm in the Red Sea Formations Salwa Yassin, MICE, CENG, Ph.D,
3003 Recent Innovations to Facilitate the Construction of Large Diameter Piles in London Yue Ouyang Project Manager and Paul Wiltcher Operations Director
3004 Steel Sheet Piling in Liquefiable Soils in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam Bruno Pasqualini, Maria Carmela Romano and Mauro Tommasini
3005 Threaded Rotary Bored Piles at Paddington New Yard David A. Hard and Ana T. Carvalho
Deep Foundations Executed with Excavation
3006 A Call for Code Revisions for High Capacity Micropiles in Rock Anthony C. Barila, P. E., Lawrence F. Johnsen, P. E. and John McKinnon, Project Manager
3007 An Approach for Optimization of Drilled Shaft Design in Dubai Emad Y. Sharif, B. Sc - M. Sc GTC Lab Director and Hardev Sidhu, Lab Manager
3008 Behavior of Large Diameter Bored Piles in Calcareous Cemented Sand in Kuwait Mohamed M. Al-Deab and Nabil F. Ismael
3009 Cost-Benefit Analysis of Foundations with Revit-Assisted: Case Study Mateus N. Farina, Student and Alexandre D. Gusmão, Professor
3010 Diaphragm Walls and Ground Improvement on the Open-Cut Excavation of Bologna HS Railway Station Luca Utzeri, Stefano Ciufegni and Francesco Sacchi
3011 Estimation of the Load Bearing Capacity of Root Piles Partially Embedded in Rock Mass Rhyolite, Using Empirical and Semi-Empirical Methods Myckelle M. S. Ferreira, Engineer and Roberto Q. Coutinho, Teacher
3012 Innovative Design and Quality Control of Single Stage High Pressure Injection Micropiles, Waal-Compact-Piles Floris Schokking Director and Jan van der Wiel
3013 Performance and Analysis of Braced Secant Pile Wall for a Multi-Story Building in Manhattan, NY James D. Maniscalco, P. E. and Evangelia S. Ieronymaki, Ph.D.
3014 Pile Foundations of Trieste's New Logistic Platform Francesco Alessandrini, Civil Engineer, Dario Fedrigo, Luca Grillo, Federica Pedrini, Civil Engineer and Diego Valusso
3015 Pile Load Test: Analytical Methods for Bearing Capacity, Including Brazilian Methods Denise I. S. Gomes Venturi and Roberto Quental Coutinho, DSc
Deep Foundations Executed without Excavation
3016 A New Method of Quality Control for Jet Grouting Online Vibration Monitoring Nikolaus Schneider, General Manager / Dipl.-Ing. and Silke Appel
3017 A Non Linear and Plastic-Hardening Modelling of Vertically Loaded Piles Maurizio Lenzi, Professional Engineer and Paola Campana, Professional Engineer
3018 About the Influence of Time on the Bearing Characteristics of Precast Driven Piles L. Vavrina, Project Manager, U. Plohmann, C. Moormann, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Christian Mo and P. Wardinghus
3019 Design and Load Testing Program of Large Diameter Open-Ended Piles for a Bridge Construction Project in Louisiana Murad Y. Abu-Farsakh, Ph.D., P.E., Md. Nafiul Haque, Ph.D. and Chris Nickel, P.E.
3020 Evaluation of Effectiveness of Slope Stabilization Using Monitoring Techniques: An Application in Northern Italy Alessandro Micheli, Maurizio Martino, Enrico Mittiga and Giorgio Ricci
3021 Laterally Loaded Piles in an Embankment of Dry Sand J. W. R. Brouwer, Principal Consultant
3022 Modeling the Effect of Excess Pore-Water Pressure on the Bearing Capacity of Full Displacement Piles in Group: A Case-Study in Parma (Italy) F. Simone, Engineer, G. Guadagnini, G. Marchi, C. Cremonini and M. Marchi
3023 The Importance of Energy Evaluation on an Individual Pile Basis Julian P. Seidel, Technical Director
3024 The Mechanism of Grouting Action under the Base of Bored Pile Adam Krasinski, Dr Hab. Eng. and Mateusz Wiszniewski, MSc. Eng.
3025 The Normalized Bearing Graph and Dynamic Reduction Function Concepts in Pile Acceptance Julian P. Seidel, Technical Director
Design and Modeling Criteria Other Techniques
3026 Keynote Lecture: The Sochi Case: The First Real Comparison Between NATM and ADECO-RS G. Lunardi, CEO, G. Cassani, Technical Director, A. Bellocchio, Technical Manager
3027 Anchor Head Models : Classification, Adaptability & Design M. Ansriou, Studies Engineer, T. Wulleman, C. Rabeux and A. Ouaar
3028 Damaging of the St. Benedetto Tunnel after the Quake of October 30, 2017: Study and Repair Alessandro Micheli, Luca Cedrone, Geotechnical Engineer and Maurizio Martino
3029 Finite Element Numerical Analysis to Evaluate the Lateral Behavior of Three Pile Group Configurations Murad Abu Farsakh, Research Professor, Ahmad Souri, Research Associate and George Voyiadjis, Boyd Professor
3030 Influence of the Loading Duration on Undrained Shear Resistance of Soft Clays Observed during the Construction of a Roadway Giana Laport Alves de Souza, M.Sc., Marcus Peigas Pacheco, PhD and Rubenei Novais Souza, PhD
3031 Method for Assessing Damage Induced in Utilities Due to Ground Movements from Major Infrastructure Projects Francesc Mirada, Geotechnical Engineer, Riccardo Impiumi, Geotechnical Engineer and Zeena Farook, Geotechnical Engineer
3032 Pile Groups with Negative Skin Friction Francesco Basile, PhD, MEng
3033 Seismic Performance of a Piled Raft Foundation with Grid-Form DMWS Considering Softening of Stabilized Soil Yoshimasa Shigeno, Kiyoshi Yamashita and Junji Hamada
3034 Soil Improvement by Expanding Polyurethane Resins Andrea Dominijanni, Assistant Professor, Nicolò Guarena, PhD Candidate and Mario Manassero, Professor
3035 Keynote Lecture: Challenges in the Design of Jet Grouted Structures Alessandro Flora, Ph.D., Giuseppe Modoni, Stefania Lirer and Valeria Nappa
3036 A Ground Improvement Treatment for Two Raise Bored Elevator Shafts in a Historical Site of Central Italy Massimo Grisolia, Ignazio P. Marzano, Giuseppe Iorio, P.E., Giuseppe Panetta, P.E., Ferruccio Cribari and Giuseppe Trovato
3037 Cement and Superabsorbent Polymer to Solidify Slurry Jinyuan Liu, Associate Professor and Ali Ahmad, Civil Engineering
3038 Foundation Shaft Executed with Jet Grouting G. Modoni, M. Ochmañski, E. Salvatore, Ahn Dan, L. Q. A. D. and P. Croce
3039 Compaction Grouting Intervention for the Mitigation of Soil Liquefaction Risk within the Earthquake-Stricken Area of Emilia in 2012 Claudio Asioli, Eng., Federico Fanti, Eng. and Paolo Zuffi, Geol.
3040 Deep Jet Grouting for the Construction of MRT Blue Line Extension in Bangkok Bruno Vingiani, Technical Manager and Maurizio Siepi
3041 Intervention for Improving Characteristics in Fault Zone in Tunnel Alignment - Consolidation Using Chemical Grouting with Mono and Bi-Component Resins Pasquale Petrocelli, Aldo Bellone, Francesca Rossano and Marco Aurelio Piangatelli
3042 Lattice-Shaped Jet Grouting Configuration to Prevent Soil Induced Liquefaction at Christchurch Town Hall – New Zealand Antonio Cristovao, David Brito and Abilio Nogueira
3043 Study on the Quality of Multifan Shaped Jet Grouting Takashi Shinsaka, Dr.Eng, P.E.jp, Sen.Pro.C.E, Junichi Yamazaki, P.E.jp, Yasuharu Nakanishi and Kazuhito Komiya, Prof.
3044 The Multi-Purpose Bottom Plug (MPBP): An Innovative Solution for the Galataport Project in Istanbul, Turkey Salvatore Miranda, Claudio Asioli and Claudio Nastasi
Ground Modification Technologies Other Techniques
3045 Assessing the Effectiveness of RIC/RDC Technique for Deep Fill Compaction Application Aymen Brik, Technical Manager and Emmanouil Spyropoulos, Geotechnical Engineer
3046 Case Studies of Ground Improvement Using Rammed Aggregate Piers in Problematic Soils Allowing for Conventional Foundation Roberto Avendano, B.Eng. P.Eng. and Matt J. Kokan, M.A.Sc. P.Eng.
3047 Dynamic Compaction of Rockfill on Land and under Water at Stockholm Norvik Port Sölve Hov, Håkan Eriksson and Carl Wersäll
3048 Effect of Steel Fibres on the Behaviour of a Chemically Stabilised Soil A. A. S. Correia, Oliveira P. J. Venda , PhD and J. M. N. P. C. Teles, MSc
3049 Ground Improvement by Inclusions in Unstable Slopes Carlos S. Oteo, Ing. C. C. y P., Javier Oteo, Ing. C. C. and P. and Pedro Sola, Ing. C. C. and P.
3050 Ground Improvement Instead of Piling - Effective Design Solutions for Heavily Loaded Structures Michal Topolnicki, Prof. PhD. DSc.
3051 Innovations in Ground Improvement: Creating Composite Ground with Drill Displacement Column™ and Auger Cast Column™ Tom Farrell, M.S., G.E., John Ho, Ph.D., G.E., Neville Su, G.E. and Sam Warren, P.E.
3052 Long Term Mechanical Property of Cement Treated Loam Used in Road Embankment Yukika Miyashita and Genki Inoue
3053 Mega Soil Improvement Case Study: Improvement of Soft Soil Using Prefabricated Vertical Drains Robert Thurner, Technical Director ME and Mohamed Ayeldeen, Senior Engineer
3054 Performance of a New Driven Battered Micropiles System in Sand Amirhassan Mehdizadeh, Mahdi M. Disfani, Dr., Chin F. Tsang, Guillermo A. Narsilio, Robert Evans and Emad Gad
3055 Properties of Ground Improvement Using Low CO2 Emission Cement Takao Kono and Masamichi Aoki, Executive Manager
3056 Secant Piles Shafts and Directional Drilling (SPPD) for a Modular Drainage System Marco Angelici
3057 Underground Car Park in the Ancient "Morelli" Cavern in Naples M. Bringiotti, A. Bellone and F. Rossano
3058 Vacuum Preloading with Drain to Drain Method for the New International Airport of Mexico City Vito Nicola Ghionna, Prof., Luiz Guilherme de Mello, Prof., Valeriano Pastore, Managing Director, Roberto Andrighetto and Luca Pereira Cammarota
Soil Mixing
3059 A Deep Soil Mixing Application for a Road Slip Fast Repair Massimo Grisolia, Ignazio P. Marzano, Giuseppe Iorio, Raffaele Papa and Giuseppe Panetta
3060 A New Quantitative Approach in the Evaluation of Homogeneity in Deep Mixing Diego Bellato, Ph.D., M.Sc., P.E., Paolo Fania, M.Sc., P.E. and Ulli Wiedenmann, Dipl.-Eng. (FH)
3061 An Innovative Soil Mixing Treatment to Underpin Existing Buildings Massimo Grisolia, Ignazio P. Marzano, Giuseppe Iorio, Raffaele Papa and Giuseppe Panetta
3062 Applications of Cement Stabilization for Mitigating Earthquake Disaster Masaki Kitazume, Prof.
3063 Cutter Soil Mixing as Ground Improvement Technology in Under-Consolidated Clays Sandro Gomes, Joao Nunes, Franz-Werner Gerressen and Thomas Vohs
3064 Liquefaction Countermeasures Using Floating Grid-Form Soil Improvement for the Container Yard Located in Harbor Area Shoichi Tsukuni, Takahiro Sugano, Takahiko Masumoto, Kazuhiro Kaneda and Yoshio Hirai
3065 Strength Design of Cement-Treated Piles Subjected to Lateral Flow of Liquefied Ground H. Takahashi, Head of Group, W. Tsuda, N. Takahashi, M. Fuchiyama, Y. Morikawa and I. Towhata
3066 Testing and Evaluation of Residues as a Binder Component for Deep Mixing and Jet Grouting Per Lindh Ph.D. and Håkan Eriksson Ph.D.
3067 Unconfined Compression Tests of Cement-Treated Soil Containing Unmixed Soil Tsutomu Namikawa Civil Engineering and Sae Suzuki
Project Information Management Systems (PIMS) and BIM
3068 BIM - A UK Foundation Sub-Contractors Perspective Mark Pennington Technical Director and Tracey Fitch Principal Technician
3069 Data Management, Analysis, and Reporting for Small Foundations Jamey Rosen and Andrew Higgins
3070 Deep Foundation Job Sites of the Future: Digitization and Networking as Major Strategic Factors for Information Management Systems Arno Halbeisen, MA, MA
3071 Electronic Support in Installation of Special Foundation Products - Ensuring Safe Production and Increasing Quality Control Franz-Werner Gerressen
3072 Evaluation of Spatial Variability for Site Characterization Based on Standard Penetration Test Results Salwa Yassin, MICE, CENG, Ph.D.
3073 Mosul Dam - Building 2D & 3D Project Information Systems for Construction Monitoring and Risk Assessments Vanessa C. Bateman, Baron M. Worsham, Laurel E. Blackman, Nathan D. Williams and Bobby S. Sells
3074 Recent Advances in Bim in Geotechnics Jim De Waele