(AM-2018) Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2018, Anaheim, CA, USA

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3138 Preface Conference Chair: Anne Lemnitzer, Ph.D.; Conference Program Chairs: Rick Walsh, P.E., G.E., and Reza Mortezaie, Ph.D, P.E.
Table of Contents
3139 Table of Contents
Advancements in Instrumentation and Monitoring
3078 Advances in Stress-Wave Nondestructive Testing Methods for Evaluation of Deep Foundations Alireza Kordjazi, Joseph T. Coe and Siavash Mahvelati
3079 FDOT Method of Independent Separation of Tip and Skin Capacities of Driven Concrete Pile with Embedded Sensors Sastry Putcha, Ph. D., P.E., Aneesh Goly, Ph.D., P.E., Kumar Allady, P.E., Vamshi Vemula, E.I.
3080 New Technology of Force Monitoring of Post-Tensioning Ground Anchors Lucian Bogdan and Shahid Islam
3081 Optimal Subsurface Investigation Approach for Overhead Transmission Structures Haijian Shi, Ph.D., P.E., P.M.P., Drew Pizzo, P.E.
3082 Reducing Construction Interference When Implementing Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring in Urban Excavation Projects Zhangwei Ning, Martin B. Hudson and Daniel Brescia
Analysis Design and Construction for Extreme Events
3083 A Study in Extreme Event Large Displacement Analysis of Large Diameter Piles Bret N. Lingwall, Ph.D., P.E. and Byron Foster
3084 Design and Construction of the Summit Senior Care Facility into the Side of an Unstable California Hillside Harry W. Schnabel, P.E., Patrick O. Shires, G.E.
Constructability Issues and Design Aspects
3085 An Investigation of Grouted Pile Capacity Using Instrumented Pile Load Tests Hayel M. El-Naggar and Sherif A. Akl
3086 Deep Foundation Shoring in South Florida Douglas C. Brunot
3087 Drilled Pile Design and Installation Challenges in an Urban Environment Luis Berroteran, P.E., Satyajit Vaidya, P.E., Rudolph Frizzi, P.E., G.E., D.GE
3088 Drilled Shaft Difficulties and a Micropile Solution Paul Axtell, P.E., D.GE, David Graham, P.E., Jeff Jackson, P.E.
3089 Foundation Design and Construction Challenges with Marsh Deposits in a High Seismic Risk Zone T. Ted Miyake, P.E., M. Reza Saberi, P.E. and G.E.
3090 Micropiles below Groundwater at the South Auditorium Block Site, Buffalo, NY Mary C. Nodine, P.E., M. ASCE, Paul Eggers, P.E., M. ASCE, Michael P. Walker, P.E. and Donald E. Aubrecht
3091 Pore Water Pressure Response and Effect on Installation Torque of Large Diameter Helical Piles in Soft Soils M. Mae Benvenga, P.E., Howard A. Perko, Ph.D., P.E., Heather H. Trantham, Ph.D., P.E., P.Eng., D.GE., P.M.P.
3092 Rock Socketed Drilled Shafts in Electrical Substations Steve Davidow, P.E., S.E. and Brock Wallis
Ground Improvement
3093 Application of Mammoth Vibro-Tamper (MVT) for the Shallow Compaction at Airport Runway Expansion Project on Florida Limestone Ground Mitsuo Nozu, Frank Vespi, Kazunori Matsushita, Emi Walder
3094 Ground Improvement Design and Construction for Seattle's Elliott Bay Seawall Replacement and Retrofit William Perkins, P.E., LEG, Andrew Malinak
3095 Railroad Bridge Approach Embankment Settlement Mitigation Moi Arzamendi, Jose Ramirez, Kenneth Kniss, James Gingery and Sunil Arora
3096 Soil Improvement Technique to Mitigate Extreme Settlements on Deep Compressible Deposits in the Bogota Valley Roger A. Archabal, P.E., Gustavo Langoni, P.E., Omar A. Conte, E.I.T.
3097 The Deep Soil Mixing for the Galataport Project in Istanbul, Turkey Marco Chiarabelli, Federico Pagliacci and Salvatore Miranda
3098 Toward Understanding the Seismic Performance of Rigid Inclusions James R. Gingery, Ph.D., P.E., G.E., Lisheng Shao, Ph.D., P.E., G.E., J. Tanner Blackburn, Ph.D., P.E.
Innovation Techniques for Earth Retention and Stabilization
3099 2D and 3D Finite Element Analyses for Cantilever Slurry Walls in Cohesionless Soil Ali Helwa, Ph.D., Manal Salem, Mostafa Mossaad
3100 Development of a New, Advanced Form of Sodium Silicate for Chemical Grouting Michael McDonald, Tim Evans, Julie Shang, Bingfeng Xue and Yu Guo
3101 Innovative Riverbank Erosion Control Retaining Wall System for the Brazos River Will Bohlen, P.E., Tracy Brettmann, P.E., D.GE
3102 Non-Conventional Practice: Recent Case Histories of the Use of Vertical Buttress Piles in Deep Excavation Support Abid O. Adekunte, David Greentree, Tony Brunger and George Munteanu
3103 Retrofitting Drainage Systems with Pressed-In Sheet Piles in Very Hard Soil of Southern California Takefumi Takuma, Christopher DellAringa and Masashi Nagano
Lessons Learned Case Histories Innovations Forensic Work
3104 Deep Soil Mixing for Contaminated Soil Remediation at a Superfund Site Larry Stearns, P.E. and Lori Tiefenthaler
3105 Design-Build of Watertight Underground Structures for Tunneling in Miami, Florida - The Norris Cut Utility Relocation Project Terrence Carroll, P.E., G.E., May ElKhattab, P.E., Eugene Mirsky, P.E., Eloy Ramos, P.E., Jose Torres, John Wise, P.E.
3106 Development of New Shaft Resistance Models for Piles Driven in the Puget Sound Lowlands Youssef Bougataya, Geotechnical Engineer, Armin W. Stuedlein, Ph.D., P.E. and Associate Professor
3107 Different Drilling Techniques in Challenging Geology at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Jonathan Delgado, Michael Arnold and Ph.D.
3108 Foundation Base Material Strength Assessment for Drilled Pipe Piles Using Force and Displacement Data Rozbeh B. Moghaddam, Patrick J. Hannigan, Frank Rausche and Geir Veslegard
3109 Large-Scale Earthquake-Induced Landslide Repair Following New Zealand's Kaikoura Earthquakes Mathew Avery, Project Development Engineer, Colby Barrett and CEO
3110 Lateral Forces on Pile Due to Soil Slope Creep David E. Albus, G.E., Bidjan Ghahreman, G.E. and Ph.D.
3111 Supported Excavation Movement Causing Lateral Displacement and Cracks in Drilled Shafts - Lessons Learned from a Case Study in Chicago Amaneh E. Kenarsari, Ph.D., Project Engineer, M. ASCE, Eric R. Borys, P.E., Senior Project Engineer, M. ASCE, Brett Gitskin, P.E., Senior Principal Engineer and M. ASCE
3112 Tunnel Headwall Softeyes: Fiberglass Design Applications and Constructability Challenges Shawna Munn, P.Eng., Jakub Huder and P.Eng.
Mega Projects Projected Work Risk Mitigation Contractual Aspects
3113 Deep and Extra Deep Diaphragm Walls in Shanghai - Increasing Demand for Infrastructure in Megacities Drives the Requirement of Increasing Depth for Diaphragm Walls Franz-Werner Gerressen, Arthur Bi, Wu Jie Mei and Li Yao Liang
3114 Wanapum Dam Repaired Using Post-Tensioning Anchors Abigail Stein, Assistant Project Manager, Aled Hughes, P.E., Principal, Civil Engineer, Rick Deschamps, P.E., Ph.D., Vice President of Engineering, Brian Barkauskas, P.E. and Business Development Director
Other Deep Foundations Related Topics
3115 Centrifuge Modeling of Temperature Effects on the Pullout Capacity of Energy Piles in Clay Ismaail Ghaaowd, M.S., Ph.D. Candidate, John McCartney, Ph.D., P.E. and Associate Professor
3116 Design Approaches for Externally Supported Earth Retaining Systems - Details and Limitations Matteo Montesi and P.E.
3117 Ensuring Performance of Tip Post-Grouted Bored Piles (Drilled Shafts) through a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program Antonio Marinucci, Ph.D., MBA, P.E., Silas C. Nichols, P.E., Mary Ellen Bruce Large, P.E. and D.GE
3118 Extrapolation of Unit Side Resistance in Drilled Shaft Foundations Based on Bi-Directional Load Test Data Joseph A. W. Toth and Ramin Motamed
3119 New Focus: Environmental Impact Reduction of Proper Slurry Waste Management Zachary Q. Maassen and E.I.T
3120 Value Engineering of Reinforcement Used in Large Diameter Drilled Shafts Shahid Islam and Lucian Bogdan
Performance Based Deep Foundation Design
3121 Analyzing the Load-Transfer Behavior (T-Z Curve) for Instrumented Test Piles Driven in Clayey Soil Murad Y. Abu-Farsakh, Ph.D., P.E., Research Professor, Md. Nafiul Haque, Ph.D. and Geotechnical Engineer
3122 Deep Jet Grouting Grids for Support of a 42-Story Tower Designed Using Performance-Based Seismic Design Lori A. Simpson, P.E., G.E., Scott A. Walker, P.E., G.E., David A. Shook, P.E., Roberto A. Lopez and P.E.
3123 Reinforcement of Existing Deep Foundations with Micropiles Freddy Lopez, Mauricio Terceros and Martin Achmus
3124 Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Load Distribution and Settlement of Pile Groups Onur Kacar
3125 Value Engineering - Design Risk and Reward at Major Sport Arena Projects Diane Fiorelli, P.E., G.E., Jeremy Zorne, Timothy Siegel, P.E., Peter Faust and Dipl.-Ing.
Risk Assessment and Mitigation
3126 Evaluating Geotechnical Resiliency Solutions in New York City Karen C. Armfield, Gisele R. Passalacqua and Joanna Smith
Seismic Design Soil Structure Interaction Lateral Loading
3127 Axial Cyclic Degradation of Marine Piles: A Strain-Based Fatigue Limit Aaron S. Bradshaw, Ph.D., P.E., Ryan M. Coulson and E.I.T.
3128 Behavior of Battered Piles under Lateral Loads in Sandy Soils Mohamed Ashour, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Jogeshwar P. Singh, Ahmed AlaaEldin and Teaching Assistant
3129 Comparison of Pile Foundations and Ground Improvement for Reduction of Seismic Displacements for a Wastewater Treatment Plant Ali Ghandeharioon and Andrew Port
3130 Development of Site-Specific Acceleration Response Spectra for a Liquefiable Bridge Site S. Ali Bastani, Ph.D., P.E., G.E., F. ASCE, Ashley Varni, M.Sc. and E.I.T.
3131 Kinematic Response Characteristics of a Piled Raft Foundation Ramon Varghese, A. Boominathan and Subhadeep Banerjee
3132 Load Transfer Curve of Piles in Sands under Uplift Forces Mohamed Ashour, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Jogeshwar P. Singh, Aser I. Abbas and Project Engineer
3133 Nonlinear Response of Piles with Rigid Embedment: Lessons Learned from a Reduced-Scale Experiment Camilla Favaretti, Ph.D., Anne Lemnitzer, Ph.D., Benjamin Turner, Ph.D. and P.E.
3134 Performance Based Seismic Retrofit Design of Brooklyn Basin Wharf Sam Yao, Ph.D., P.E., Ali Naeem, P.E., Sara Barrett and P.E.
3135 Seismic Hazards Evaluation and Lateral Pile Design in Diatomaceous Earth Matt Steffan and Arash Khosravifar
3136 Spring Constants of Belled Caissons for Seismic Retrofit of an Existing Critical Structure in a Seismically Active Area Bidjan Ghahreman, David E. Albus and Ahmadreza Mortezaie
3137 The Use of Seismic Trace Characterization to Guide the Analysis of DST Results to Obtain More Accurate Soil Parameters Erick Baziw and Gerald Verbeek