(India2018) Proceedings of DFI-India 2018: 8th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India

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Table of Contents
3185 Table of Contents
Best Design Practices and New Technology Initiatives
3140 Applications of Rock Penetration H Pile for Deep Excavation Retaining System Nagarajan D., Senior Design Engineer, Raja Rajan K., Assistant Engineering Manager and Vijaykumar T., Head
3141 Behavior of Pile in Cohesive Soil Subjected to Combined Vertical and Lateral Load Considering P-? Effect Tanumaya Mitra, Research Scholar, Kalyan Kumar Chattopadhyay, Professor of Civil Engineering and Ambarish Ghosh, Professor of Civil Engineering
3142 Bi-Directional Pile Load Test - Case Studies Justin St. George, Ravi Sundaram and Sorabh Gupta
3143 Contact Free Sensor to Monitor Prestressing Anchors in Geotechnical Structures Lucian Bogdan, Rajiv Pandey and Shahid Islam
3144 Continuous Flight Auger Piles - A Technology Initiative for Faster Piling in India Sunil S. Basarkar, K. S. Ramakrishna, I. V. Anirudhan and K. Pitchumani
3145 Design of Cofferdam for Well Foundation Construction - A Case Study Vinoj Kumar M., Asst. Engineering Manager, Sandeep S. Nikam, Asst. Engineering Manager, Rajib Mandal, Engineering Manager and Vipul Dobhada, Chief Engineering Manager
3146 Experimental Study on Pullout Capacity of Vertical Shallow Multi-Plate Helical Piles in Sand Swapnali S. Pawar, Post Graduate student, Dinesh Bishnoi, Post Graduate student, Upendra M., Post Graduate student, Venkateswarlu P., Post Graduate student and Jignesh B. Patel
3147 Extent of Failure Zone in Soil at the Cutting Edge of Open Caisson: FE Evaluation and Regression Analysis Jitesh T. Chavda, Research Scholar and G. R. Dodagoudar, Professor
3148 Instability Analysis of Mono Pile in Flexural and Buckling Modes Due to Liquefaction Induced Lateral Spreading P. Ravi Prakash, Graduate Student and Amit Prashant, Professor
3149 Micropiles - A Story of Success Dipl.-Ing Andreas Brandner
3150 Need for Upgradation of Foundation Code for Highway Transportation Infrastructure (IRC:78-2014) Alok Bhowmick, Managing Director
3151 New Technologies for Future in Deep Foundation Industry in India Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President and Sachin Kamat, Assistant General Manager
3152 Performance of Large-Diameter Bored Pile with Short Socketed Length in Igneous Rock in Thailand Zaw Zaw Aye, Thayanan Boonyarak, Ph.D., Sereyroath Chea and Nutthapon Thasnanipan
3153 Recognized Corrosion Protection Methods for Permanent Ground Anchors Chris Irvin, Devon Mothersille and Rajiv Pandey
3154 Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and Design of a New Developed Slope Stabilization Professor Dr.-Ing. Rolf Katzenbach and Dipl.-Ing. Christiane Bergmann
3155 Secant Pile Wall for Cut off at Sundilla Barrage Dr. Ir. Chandramohan P. V., President and Chandrasekhara Reddy M., Manager
3156 Simplified One-Dimensional Models for Pile-Soil-Pile Interactions of a Duo-Pile System Kolli Mohan Krishna, Ph.D. Scholar, Dhiman Basu, Assistant Professor and Amit Prashant, Professor
Deep Foundations in Infrastructure Projects Owners Perspective
3157 A Review on T Shaped Deep Mixing Technology in Engineering Projects Rashmi Patel, Research Scholar and Jigisha Vashi, Assistant Professor
3158 Assessing Depth of Well Foundation - Case Study Ravi Sundaram, Sanjay Gupta and Sorabh Gupta
3159 Design and Construction of Pile Foundations in the Congested Part of Old Dhaka City of Bangladesh - Case Study on Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover Avik Kumar Mandal, Chief General Manager, S. Sailesh, Associate General Manager, Pradyot Biswas, Associate Director, J. P. Das, Sr. Consultant and Dinakar Mandal, Chief General Manager
3160 Effect of Geotechnical Parameters in Design and Construction of Metro Tunnel below River Ganges in Kolkata, India Biswanath Dewanjee, Chief Engineer
3161 Kinematic and Inertial Forces of Single Pile under Dynamic Loading Using Numercial Approach Alireza Saeedi Azizkandi, Sara Hashemi and Ali Abolhasanpoor
3162 Numerical Analysis of the Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction on Structure's Base Shear Alireza Saeedi Azizkandi, Esmaeel Hamrang Taqidizaj and Pedram Ghaderi
Geotechnical Investigation Testing Contractual and Reporting Requirements
3163 Scour Effects on Laterally Loaded Piles in Sand and Potential Remedial Measurements Ammar A. Mohammed and Yahia E.-A. Mohamedzein
3164 Unconventional Geotechnical Investigation for Construction of New General Cargo Terminal at Port Owendo, Gabon Aditya S. Khatavkar, Design Engineer and Prakash S. Bansod, Assistant General Manager
Ground Improvement Piling and Deep Excavation and Support Technologies
3165 A Model Study of Micropile Groups Subjected to Lateral Loading under Different Relative Density Zakir Hussain, Research scholar, Binu Sharma, Professor and Takiur Rahman, M.E. Student
3166 Advanced Numerical Modelling of Deep Excavation Supporting System Using Contiguous Pile Wall George Tharakan Idiculla, Research Scholar and Satyanarayana Murty Dasaka, Associate Professor
3167 Alternative Piling Methods - Chances for Technical and Economical Solutions Franz-Werner Gerressen
3168 Base Grouting of Bored Cast-in-Situ Piles at the Railway Bridge over the River Rupsha, Bangladesh: A Case Study Vignesh R., Engineering Manager, Rahul S., Asst. Engineering Manager and Visakan R., Engineering Manager
3169 Behavior of Single Pile and Pile Groups Subjected to Abrupt Collapse of Retaining Wall Kranthikumar A., Research Scholar, Ravi S. Jakka, Associate Professor and Rajesh P. Shukla, Research Scholar
3170 Bi-Directional Static Axial Pile Load Test: Garca River Bridge - Brazil Paul George Alexander C.
3171 Engineering Aspects of Jet Grouting and Its Applications for Seepage Control Akhila Manne, Sr. Geotechnical Engineer, P. V. S. R. Prasad, Geotechnical Manager and Madan Kumar Annam, Head of Engineering
3172 Evaluation of Slope Stability Failure on Reclamation Bund - A Case Study Vinay Kumar M., Geotechnical Engineer, Jeevan Reddy, Senior Engineer-Geotechnical and Aminul Islam, Assistant General Manager
3173 Foundation Anchoring for Stability in Brownfield Site Manos De, Soumik Chakraborty, Anup Kumar Mandal, Shuvranshu Rout and Pradip Kumar Nandi
3174 Hydraulic Laterally Extruded Pile: A Method to Enhance Bearing Capacity of Pile Dinesh Bishnoi, Post Graduate student, Venkateswarlu P., Post Graduate student, Swapnali S. Pawar, Post Graduate student, Upendra M., Post Graduate student and Jignesh B. Patel, Assistant Professor
3175 Jet Grouted Columns-Ground Improvement for Liquefaction Resistance - A Case Study Jibi C. Yohannan, Viswanathan N. and Miguel Dimadura
3176 Mitigation of Liquefaction Potential Using Vibro Compaction Tanmay Gupta, Madan K. Annam and Valluri Sridhar
3177 Negative Skin Friction on a Pile - Effect of Drainage Condition Prince Kumar and Satyanarayana M. Dasaka, Associate Professor
3178 Optimization of Pile Foundation A. K. Singh, Associate Professor, A. Kumawat, M. Tech. Student and A. Kesharwani, M. Tech. Student
3179 Performance of Contiguous Bored Pile Wall Retention System: A Case Study Vimala Chinnasamy, Sr. Geotechnical Engineer and Madan Kumar Annam, Head of Engineering
3180 Pre-Stressed Ground Anchors for Underground Stations and Earth Retaining Structures Nagaraj Kumar B. V., Design & Technical Coordinator
3181 Secant Piling Shoring System-With Circular Configuration - A Case Study Rajan Babu C., Jibi C. Yohannan and Viswanathan N.
3182 Single Bore Multiple Anchor Systems (SBMAs) in Challenging and Variable Ground Conditions Antonio Marinucci, Ph.D, MBA, P.E., M.ASCE, Devon Mothersille, B.Eng, Ph.D., C.Eng, FICE and LETAPAEWE
3183 Slope Protection and Seepage Control Measures for Deep Excavation Adjacent to Lake - Case Study Raja Rajan K., Asst. Engg. Manager, Nagarajan D., Sr. Engineer and Vijayakumar T., Head of Division
3184 Use of Socketed Micro Piles for Excavation Support in Heterogeneous Fill Material Shuvranshu K. Rout, Manos De, Anup K. Mandal and Biswajit Das