(AM-2019) Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2019, Chicago, IL, USA

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3259 Preface Conference Chair: Dhooli Raj, P.E
Table of Contents
3281 Table of Contents
Alternative Foundations
3188 Case Study: Stability Analysis for an Existing Bridge Experiencing Riverbank Erosion William Bohlen, P.E. and Brandon Smith, P.E.
3189 Concrete Filled Steel Tubes for Deep Foundations of Transportation Structures Dawn E. Lehman, Charles Roeder, and Amy Leland
3190 Ductile Iron Pile Foundation Solution for Interior Retrofit Projects Gregg Piazza, P.E., Keithe J. Merl, P.E., and Brendan FitzPatrick, P.E.
3191 Emergency Jacking Tunnel in Compressible Soil Michael McNicholas, P.E., James C. McIntyre, and Tai Luu, P.E.
3192 Recent Developments in Wind Turbine Foundation Design: Post Tensioned Single Pier Mohamed Alrowaimi, Ph.D., Amr Sallam, Ph.D., P.E., Xuebing Zheng, P.E., Ahmad Mohamed, Ph.D., and Mohsen Elsayed, P.E.
3193 Sustainability Assessment of Deep Foundations: Case Study Girish Kumar, Jyoti K. Chetri, and Krishna R. Reddy
3194 The Final Piece of the Puzzle: Re-Design of Grouted Closures for a Dam Cutoff Wall James C. Myers, P.E., Lucian P. Spiteri, P.E., Daniel P. Stare, P.E. and Christopher M. Hallahan, P.E.
3195 The Use of Rigid Inclusions to Support Large Spans Sonia Sorabella Swift, Nina Carney, David Tarasovic, and Michael Shedlosky
Complex Excavations
3196 Challenges and Lessons Learned from Shoring Design of 2nd/Broadway Metro Station Pirooz Barar and Babak Mamaqani
3197 Deep Foundations for Top Down-Construction of High-Rise Project Kenneth S. Hudson, Martin B. Hudson, Ph.D. and Gwendolyn Arreguin
3198 Design and Construction of Permanent Sheet and Pipe Pile Basement Walls with the Press-in Piling Method Takefumi Takuma, Tsunenobu Nozaki and Masashi Nagano
3199 Hudson's Revitalization: The Use of Robotics in the Work Place David P. DeClerck
3200 Top-Down Methods Utilizing Secant Walls at 110 N. Carpenter: Design and Construction Dave R. Sutfin, P.E., S.E. and Joe Lodde
3201 Innovations and Challenges During Urban Development - Shoring and Foundations of Canada's Tallest Residential Building Shawna Munn, P.Eng., Nadir Ansari, P.Eng, D.GE, M.ASCE and Toben Jerry
Crawl-Walk-Run - Improving Future Practice
3202 Excavation-Induced Movement of Adjacent Foundations Wystan Carswell, Hugo Meggitt and Damian R. Siebert
3203 Helical Pile-to-Pile Cap Connections Subjected to Uplift Forces: Improving Future Practice Sundar Chiluwal and Serhan Guner
3204 Making Foundation Design Courses More Engaging and Effective for Students Evangelia Ieronymaki, Assistant Professor
3205 Specialty Geo-Engineering in a Caisson Town Jeffrey R. Hill, P.E., Joel Dellaria, P.E., S.E. and William H. Walton, P.E., S.E., F.ASCE, D.GE
Deep Foundations
3206 Deep Foundation Advancements in Fargo Matthew R. Glisson, P.E. and Ezra Ballinger, P.E.
3207 Overcoming Constructability Challenges for Drilled Displacement Pile Installation in Difficult Geology Yaser Taheri, P.E., A. Rod Kern and Michael A. McNicholas, P.E.
3208 Urban High Capacity Deep Foundation Solutions in Sites with Complex History and Geology Gisele R. Passalacqua, Joanna Smith and Karen C. Armfield
Developments in Safe Geo-Construction
3209 Consultants Can Be Safe, Too - A Collaborative Approach Michael J. Weaver, P.E. and Brian FitzPatrick, CHMM
3210 Design and Construction of Mixed Ground Working Platform for a CCR Surface Impoundment Daniel J. Woeste, P.E., William Tanner, P.E., Juan M. Pestana, Sc.D., P.E., Paul J. Sabatini, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, Jeremy M. Gasser, P.E. and Cuneyt Gokmen, P.E.
3211 Excavation Risks Adjacent to Existing Structures in Illinois and Urban Environments - Identifying and Managing Technical and Legal Issues Gregory R. Meeder, James P. Chivilo, Scott J. DiFiore, P.E. and Matthew H. Johnson, P.E.
3212 Numerical Analysis in Assisting Crane Pad Design and Underground Utilities Evaluation Yao Zhang, Ph.D., P.E. and Yazen Khasawneh, Ph.D., P.E.
3213 Performance Monitoring of Mixed Ground Working Platform for a CCR Surface Impoundment Amir Ahmadipur, Ali Ebrahimi, PhD., P.E., Roneet Das, William Tanner, P.E., Paul J. Sabatini, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, Jeremy M. Gasser, P.E. and Cuneyt Gokmen, P.E.
Drilled Shafts
3214 Bi-Directional Testing Using Super Cells for the Jiaxing-Shaoxing River Crossing Bridge Antonio Marinucci, PhD, MBA, P.E., Robin Mao and Diane Reid
3215 Building Drilled Shafts to Bridge the Mississippi Brian Koch
3216 Drilled Shaft Load Testing Program for Design of Foundations for an Automated People Mover John C. Niedzielski, P.E., Samer Rabab'ah, Ph.D., P.E. and Jason Valeria, P.E.
3217 Installation of 10 Feet Diameter CIDHS in Soft Clay Using Rotator/Oscillator on Trestle Pirooz Barar and Babak Mamaqani
3218 Finite Element Aided Design Method for Frozen Earth Shaft Support Joseph A. Sopko
3219 Structural Evaluation of Thermal Integrity Testing Results of Transmission Foundations Travis Coleman, P.E. and Ryan Weaver, P.E.
Earth Support
3220 Anchored Double Tier Retaining Walls on Sloping Embankment Chu E. Ho and Paul Napoli
3221 Assessment of Analysis Techniques for Multi-Plate Anchors in Sand Anastasia Nally and James P. Hambleton
3222 Case Histories of Circular Secant Pile Access Shafts for Tunnels Stanley L. Worst, Matthew J. Niermann and Piotr Kozlowski
3223 Comparison of 2D and 3D Anchor Analysis Methodologies Murray Fredlund, Gilson de F. N. Gitirana Jr., Ruth McKeown and HaiHua Lu
3224 Design and Construction Benefits of Performing a Bi-Directional Test on a Drilled Shaft in Sand, Gravel, and Cobble Deposits Van E. Komurka, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE and Marco Fellin, P.E.
3225 Effect of Electrokinetics on Pullout Resistance of Sheet Pile Walls Antonio Kodsy, Teaching Assistant and Lutful Khan, Associate Professor
3226 Levee Rehabilitation, Lower Wood River Phase II - East Alton Il. Deep Cutoff Wall Wesley Schmutzler, Matteo Bertoni and Gene Bryant
3227 Efficient Deep Foundations, Earth Retention Systems and Ground Improvement - New School Techniques for Columbia Manhattanville’s Subsurface Challenges Jeffrey Di Stasi, Frank Di Salvo, P.E. and Justin Lukens
3228 Permanent Earth Retention for Deep Excavation Installed Within Minimal Right of Way Limits Christopher J. Ramsey, P.E. and Thomas D. Humbert, P.E.
Exploration and Testing
3229 Case History: Comparison of CSL Results to Physical Observations David S. Graham, P.E. and Paul J. Axtell, P.E., D.GE
3230 Cost and Technical Comparison of Non-Destructive Test Methods for Drilled Shafts Thomas Hyatt, P.E., Daniel Belardo, Ronnie Melker, and Joel Webster, E.I.
3231 Cross Hole Sonic Logging Versus Perimeter Sonic Logging: What Have We Learned? Scott A. Jacobs, Aaron Thomas, Cory McElprang and Enamul Hoque
3232 Full Waveform Inversion of Cross-Hole Stress Waves for Structural Integrity Testing of Drilled Shafts Alireza Kordjazi, Joseph T. Coe and Michael Afanasiev
3233 Innovative Use of an Active Soil Nail Wall in Lieu of Pit Underpinning for a Historic Building Yaser Taheri, P.E., Maxim C. Schisler, P.E. and Tai Luu, P.E.
3234 Unique Algorithm Which Takes Into Account Source Wave Travel Paths When Estimating Absorption Values from DST Data Sets Erick Baziw and Gerald Verbeek
Ground Improvement
3235 A Combination of Jet Grouting and MPSP Grouting in Iksar River Cascade Hydropower Plant in Bulgaria Andrea M. R. Pettinaroli, Mario Ruggiero, Gabriele Balconi, Massimo Poggio and Riccardo Castellanza
3236 Adaptive Design and Contractual Approaches to Address Geotechnical Uncertainties in a Design-Build Ground Improvement Project Mark T. Howe, Yan Zhang, Ph.D., P.E., Mike Minton, P.E., and Kalyani Devabhaktuni, P.E.
3237 Effectiveness of Head-Enlarged CDM Columns in Evaluating Settlement of Improved Grounds T. D. Nguyen, Y. M. Ha, H. K Choi and D. T. Nguyen
3238 Ground Freezing: The Use of Liquid Nitrogen Systems Converted to Brine Joseph A. Sopko
3239 Jet Grout Underpinning to Support the Waterman Hospital Stanley L. Worst, Piotr Kozlowski and Matthew J. Niermann
3240 Site Development and Foundation Planning for a Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Ali Ghandeharioon, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Steven R. Ahlfield, M.Sc., P. Eng.
3241 Stone Columns Ground Improvement - A Trial in Silty Sands Ana Pereira, Donald Bruggers and Naomi Norris
3242 Jet Grouting for Strength in Marine Sediments with Hydrocarbons Sharon G. Cranston, Giuliana A. Zelada, Alessandro Bertero and Paul M. Schuman
3243 Use of EPS for Roadway Embankments on Soft Soils Mona B. Anwar, Associate Professor; Sherif S. AbdelSalam, Associate Professor; Sylvia S. Eskander, Teaching Assistant
Pile Foundations I
3244 Augered Pile World Record Depth Within a Soil Mix Basement Andres M. Baquerizo, Nicholas Feldt and Jeremiah J. Filjones
3245 Case Study on the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and the Use of Large Diameter Open End Steel Pipe Piles, Washington, DC Michael D. Venezia, P.E., and Karl A. Higgins III, P.E., D.GE
3246 Cased CFA Pile - An Alternative Piling Methods - A Chance for Technical and Economical Solutions Franz-Werner Gerressen, Gordian Ulrich and John R. Grillo, P.E., M.ASCE
3247 Dynamic and Static Load Testing: A Cost Savings Approach Brandon Phetteplace, P.E., Tom Hyatt, P.E. and Camilo Alvarez, P.E.
3248 Effect of Installation Method on the Ratio of Tensile to Compressive Unit Shaft Resistance of Piles in Dense Sand A. C. Galvis Castro, Ph.D. Candidate; E. Ganju, Ph.D. Candidate; R. D. Tovar Valencia, Assistant Professor; M. Prezzi, Professor and R. Salgado, Professor
3249 Efficient Torque-Installed Pile Use in Southern California Molly Winston, P.E. and Jason Buenker, P.E.
3250 Geotechnical Instrumentation of Pile Foundations Embedded in Molasse of a High-Rise Building R. Milane, L. Briançon, A. Daouadji, S. Grange and P. Cazes
3251 Linking the Installation Response of Screw Piles to Soil Strength and Ultimate Capacity James P. Hambleton and Sam A. Stanier
3252 Observed Driving Performance of Open-Ended Steel Pipe Piles with and without Plugged Toes Chu E. Ho and Paul Napoli
Pile Foundations II
3257 Accuracy of Low-Strain Pile Integrity Test Results Mahesh Hingorani
3254 Effects of Atmospheric Conditions on Energy Pile Performance Randall A. Pietersen and Melissa S. Beauregard, Ph.D.
3255 Elimination of Environmental Footprint: LVCC Expansion - Foundation Installation Zachary Q. Maassen
3256 Experimental P-Y Curves from Centrifuge Tests on Pile Foundations Subjected to Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading Milad Souri, Graduate Student Researcher, Arash Khosravifar, Assistant Professor; Scott Schlechter, Principal; Nason McCullough, Principal and Stephen E. Dickenson, Principal Engineer
3253 Fundamentals First Daniel P. Dietzler, P.E., CEO; Jeffrey C. Schuh, P.E., President and Logan Bloemer, P.E., Project Manager
3258 Identification and Quantification of Pile Relaxation Patrick J. Hannigan, P.E., Alex Ryberg, P.E., and Rozbeh B. Moghaddam, Ph.D., P.E.
3260 Inference in the Detection of Pile Integrity Defects Using Current Quality Control Methods M. Ansriou and T. Wulleman
3261 Innovate Driven Pile Solution for the Rhode Island Route 6/10 Interchange Project Seth H. Hamblin, P.E., Leo J. Hart and John E. Regan, P.E.
3262 Installation and Efficiency of Common Helical Pile Couplings Jason Herron and Joseph Brown
3263 Large Diameter Open-End Pipe Pile Driveability Analysis Including Geotechnical Friction Fatigue Rozbeh B. Moghaddam, Patrick J. Hannigan and Frank Rausche
3264 p-y Curves for Analyzing Micropiles in Sandy Soils Using Lateral Load Test Data Akhter Hossain, Ph.D., P.E. and Mahdi Soudkhah, Ph.D., P.E.
3265 The Use of Vibratory Driving of Foundation Piles for Offshore Applications - State of the Practice Rob van Dorp, Nicolas Moscoso, Marcel Bielefeld and Gerald Verbeek
The Digital Future
3266 A Fully Connected Jobsite is a Must for the Future Jochen Maurer, CEO and Christian Hoyme, Product Manager
3267 Definition of Drilling-Activity Patterns Based on Production Data Profiles Diego Bellato, Ph.D., P.E.
3268 Design and Delivery of Micropile Installation Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality Zachary T. Fleming and Guilherme L. M. G. Carvalho
3269 DIGGS Does Deep Foundations Robert Bachus, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, Nick Machairas, and Allen Cadden, P.E., D.GE
3270 Numerical Evaluation of Top of Rock Profile, Rock Strength and Conductivity L. John Endicott and Wengang Zhang
3271 Diving Underground - through a Hologram - to Better Understand Foundation Risk Scott A. Anderson, Ph.D., P.E., Benjamin S. Rivers, P.E., Silas Nichols, P.E., and Derrick D. Dasenbrock, P.E., D.GE
3272 Electronic Instrumentation in Support of Installation of Special Foundation Projects As Part of the Digital Future - Ensuring Safe Production and Improving Quality Control Franz-Werner Gerressen
3273 Geo-Foundations Project Information Management Systems on a Budget Jamey B. Rosen, P.Geo
3274 Today's Connectivity: Using Historic Data to Anticipate Future Risk Michael Frawley, Jessica Turner and Deana Ruud
3275 Utilizing Drones to Improve Project Workflows Barritt Lovelace, P.E.
3276 Virtual Imaging Technologies as Decision-Making Tools for Geo-Hazards Arpana P. Sabu, Guillermo Diaz-Fanas, Themis Vaxevanis and Sissy Nikolaou
Underpinning and Nailing
3277 Cost Effective Excavation Support in Seattle Richard D. Luark and Fernanda S. Madrona
3278 Deep Excavation Support: Innovative Shoring Design in an Urban Environment Richard D. Luark and Fernanda S. Madrona
3279 Jet Grout Underpinning of Sensitive Structures in Urban Environments John H. Gill and Alexander Ciccone