(India2019) Proceedings of DFI-India 2019: 9th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India

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Advances in Deep Foundations, Earth Retention Systems and Ground Improvement
3282 A Barrier Wall for the New Dam at the Godavari River Installation with Monsoon Break Peter E. Banzhaf
3283 Alternative Solutions to Replace Diaphragm Walls of Shallow Depths Franz-Werner Gerressen and Thomas Vohs
3284 Back Analysis and Performance of a Cantilever Portion of Excavation in Mixed Soil Profile C. Vimala and Madan Kumar Annam
3285 Design of Deep Vertical Circular Diaphragm Wall Using Finite Element Analysis Sharath C. Kudumula and Suresh Kumar Gupta P.
3286 Effect of Elastic Non-Linearity of Soil and Pile on Uplift Capacity of Transmission Tower Foundation Manish V. Shah, Ph.D., Usha K. Patel, Ph.D. and Purav A. Raval, BE
3287 Effect of Under-Ream Angle and Bulb Spacing on Capacity of Under-Reamed Piles in Marine Clay Minu J. and Benny Mathews Abraham, Ph.D.
3288 Installation of Large Diameter Bored Pile Socketed in Hard Rock with RCD for MTHL, Mumbai Akshay Sakhuja, Vignesh R., and Inki Choi
3289 Low-Strain Pile Integrity Testing and Analysis Mahesh Hingorani, P.E.
3290 New Testing Approach for Pile Load Tests in India Vijay Kumar Patidar, Suneet Kaur, Ph.D., and Nitin Dindorkar, Ph.D.
3291 Optimization of Project Schedule and Cost Using Available Steel Sections as Foundations for a Deep Seated Structure Biswajit Das, Anup Kumar Mandal, Ph.D., Suman Sen and Shuvranshu Kumar Rout
3292 Response of a Single Pile Located on Sloping Ground under Dynamic Loading Deendayal Rathod, Ph.D., D. Nigitha, Ph.D., and Krishnanunni K. T., Ph.D.
3293 Soil-Structure Interaction for a Tension Pile Pulled with Strand Chandramohan P.V.
Developments in Safe and Efficient Geo-Construction
3294 Geohazard Protection of Infrastructure Andreas Brandner, Dipl.-Ing., MSc.
3295 Innovative Tunnelling Practices Adopted to Mitigate Various Execution Challenges in a Rail Tunnel Construction in India Venkata S. Dronamraju, Ph.D., IRSE
3296 Lateral Response of Rock Socketed Single Pile Due to the Effect of Overlying Sand Layer Jeya Sonia J., M.E. and Karthigeyan S., M.E., Ph.D.
3297 Reliability on Quality Control & Quality Assurance of Deep Foundations Laxmikanta Tripathy, G.E.
Improving Current Practice with Case Studies
3298 A Case Study on Pressuremeter Test in Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India Kuppala Venkata Sivannarayana, Arnab Banerjee, and Subhasish Pasupalak
3299 Comparison of Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigations of a Deep Soil Site in Indo Gangetic Plains Priyanka Sharma, Ph.D., M. L. Sharma and V. A. Sawant, Ph.D.
3300 Effects of Mixing of Bentonite Suspension in Geotechnical Applications Akhila Manne and Madan Kumar Annam
3301 Forensic Evaluation of Defective Bored Piles of an Industrial Plant Sorabh Gupta, Ravi Sundaram, Sanjay Gupta
3302 Implication of Site Investigation on Piles Socketed in Weathered Rock Kuppala Venkata Sivannarayana, G. Gowthami and E. Suresh
3303 Importance of Collecting Soil Samples in Hard Strata for Soil Classification and Determination of Shear Strength Parameter Kuppala Venkata Sivannarayana, Parvathy V. Raj and N. Manikantan
3304 Prediction of Modulus of Elasticity and Its Impact on Settlement Vinay Kumar M. and Suresh Kumar Gupta P.
3305 Rotary Kelly Drilling for the Bored Pile Foundation of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge Thomas Domanski
Urban Development/Redevelopment
3306 Capacity of Piles in Pond Ash Based on Model Pile Load Tests Sreedhar M.V.S., Ph.D. and Dheeraj Ram A. V., M.E.
3307 Challenges Encountered for Foundation of Durgam Cheruvu Extradosed Bridge in Hyderabad - Design and Construction Krishnapriya P. R., M.Tech, Vignesh R. and Subir Das, M.Tech
3308 Construction of the Foundations of Mega Sea Bridge of India - Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link Ekhlaq A. Khan
3309 Micropiles and Ground Anchors Increase the Capacity of Existing Bridge Abutments Swetha Chennu, EIT, Anthony C. Barila, P.E., and John R. McKinnon
3310 Pile Foundation for Cable Support Structure in Brownfield Site with Underground Obstructions - A Case Study Manos De, Vijay Bhatt and Shuvranshu Rout
3311 Strengthening of Existing Building Foundations by Micropiles Runu Dutta, Anup Kumar Mandal, Ph.D., Biswajit Das and Manos De