(DFIJ-VIII) DFI Journal: Vol VIII: 2 Issues (No. 1 May 2014 and No. 2 Oct 2014)

article# description author(s)
3411 Editors' Note
3410 A note from the incoming editors
3329 Outcomes from International Workshop on Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems for Near-Surface Geothermal Energy: from research to practice C. G. Olgun and J. S. McCartney
3325 Energy piles in underpinning projects - through holes in load transfer structures R. Lautkankare, V. Sarola and H. Kanerva-Lehto
3330 Identifying best practice, installation, laboratory testing and field testing T. Amis, J. S. McCartney, F. Loveridge, C. G. Olgun, M. E. Bruce and K. Murphy
3324 Comparative analyses of large diameter bored piles using international codes M. El Gendy, I. A. El-Arabi and M. A. Kamal
3333 Building codes, green certification and implementation issues, market challenges C. G. Olgun, J. S. McCartney, F. A. Loveridge, G. A. Bowers, C. J. Coccia, A. Bouazza, K. Soga, J. D. Spitler, D. Nicholson and M. Sutman
3327 Cross-hole sonic logging and frequency tomography analysis of drilled shaft foundations to better evaluate anomalies locations M. Hajali and C. Abishdid
3334 New technologies and applications: materials and equipment in near surface geothermal systems R. Katzenbach, C. G. Olgun, F. A. Loveridge, M. Sutman, G. A. Bowers, J. S. McCartney, L. Laloui, T. Mimouni, F. Dupray, J. D. Spitler, F. Clauss, L. L. Meyer and G. Akrouch
3326 Interpretation of augered cast in place pile capacity using static loading tests A. W. Stuedlein, S. C. Reddy and T. M. Evans
3332 Issues involved with thermoactive geotechnical systems: characterization of thermomechanical soil behavior and soil-structure interface behavior L. Laloui, C. G. Olgun, M. Sutman, J. S. McCartney, C. J. Coccia, H. M. Abuel-Naga and G. A. Bowers
3328 Towards performance based design of drilled shafts K. Ng
3335 Design tools for thermoactive geotechnical systems P. Bourne-Webb, J.-M. Pereira, G. A. Bowers, T. Mimouni, F. A. Loveridge, S. Burlon, C. G. Olgun, J. S. McCartney and M. Sutman
3331 Environmental impact calculations, life cycle cost analysis D. Nicholson, P. Smith, G. A. Bowers, F. Cuceoglu, C. G. Olgun, J. S. McCartney, K. Henry, L. L. Meyer and F. A. Loveridge