(DFIJ-XI) DFI Journal: Vol XI: 3 Issues (2017)

article# description author(s)
3421 Editorial Note Issue 2-3 (2017) Award Issue
3416 Editors' Note
3368 The effect of slurry type on drilled shaft cover quality S. Mobley, K. Costello and G. Mullins
3360 Numerical simulation of T-walls supported by batter piles within a levee embankment J. B. Johnson, F. Vahedifard, P. Kokkali, A. F. Tessari, T. Abdoun and R. J. Varuso
3367 On the modelling of pore pressure developments below cyclically loaded offshore gravity foundations Martijn van Wijngaarden
3361 Axial load transfer of drilled shaft foundations with and without steel casing Q. Li, A. W. Stuedlein and A. Marinucci
3369 A new approach for evaluating the ductility, volumetric stiffness and permeability of cut-off wall backfill materials J. L. Ostrowsky
3363 Effect of nail's orientation and length on soil-nailed retaining structures' stability A. Askari and A. Gholami
3365 Modified design procedures for bridge pile foundations subjected to liquefaction-induced lateral spreading Arash Khosravifar and Jonathan Nasr
3362 State of knowledge in seismic behaviour of helical piles A. B. Cerato, T. M. Vargas and S. M. Allred
3424 Crux, Pieresearch, Skyline Steel, Tectonic
3366 Soil plug behaviour of open-ended pipe piles during installation Hoyoung Seo and Mintae Kim
3422 Crux, Pieresearch, Tectonic
3364 Physical modelling of lime stabilisation in soft soils around deep excavations J. P. Panchal, A. M. McNamara and S. E. Stallebrass