(IC-ISFOG21) International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics

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3427 Preface Bob Gilbert, Philippe Jeanjean
3640 Organizing Committee and International Advisory Panel
The 5th ISSMGE McClelland Lecture
3428 Dr Ed Clukey – The Fifth McClelland Lecturer Phil Watson
3429 The Role of Physical Modeling in Offshore Geotechnical Engineering Dr. Edward C. Clukey
3430 A Lifetime of Offshore Geotechnics - Career Reflections and Lessons Learned Mark F. Randolph
3431 Bridging Knowledge between Old and New Energy Projects Gülin Yetginer and Tor Inge Tjelta
3432 Data Science Applications in Geo-Intelligence Bruno Stuyts
3433 Improving the Reliability of the Calculated Axial Capacity of Piles in Sand Farrokh Nadim, Suzanne Lacasse, Zhongqiang Liu and Barry Lehane
3434 Sediment Transport and Scour in the Ocean Environment – Knowledge and Future Directions Richard Whitehouse and Scott Draper
3435 Whole-Life Geotechnical Design: What Is It? What's It For? So What? And What Next? Susan Gourvenec
Anchoring Systems
3436 A Self-Contained, Dynamically Embedded Plate Anchor: Installation and Capacity Ying Lai, Hande Gerkus-Harris, Robert B. Gilbert, Jose Eugenio Iturriaga Flores, Asitha I. Senanayake, Yunhan Huang, Aaron S. Bradshaw and Joe R. Giampa
3437 A Time-Domain Model for Embedded and On-Bottom Chains Incorporating Consolidation Yih Shan Yap, Conleth D. O'Loughlin and Joe G. Tom
3438 Analysis and Design of Suction Anchors Allowing for Trench Mark F. Randolph, James Doherty, Michael P. O'Neill, Xiaowei Feng, Jean-Christophe Ballard and Camilo Melo
3439 Assessment of Suction Caisson Drained Tensile Capacity through Multiscale Physical Tests Tulio Quiroz and Aligi Foglia
3440 CFD Analysis of an Observed Mooring Line Trench to Assess the Potential for Further Trench Development Khalida Sassi, Gerard Fernandez, Joe Tom, Scott Draper and Ming Zhao
3441 Cyclic Capacity of Plate Anchors in Loose Sand Shiao Huey Chow, Andrea Diambra, Anamitra Roy, Conleth D. O'Loughlin and Christophe Gaudin
3442 Cyclic Loading of Helical Pile as Anchor for Floating Windturbines: Centrifuge Tests Luc Thorel, Ismat El Haffar, Semaan Maatouk, Jose Antonio Schiavon and Cristina Tsuha
3443 Cyclic Loading of Offshore Wind Turbine Suction Bucket Foundations in Sand: The Importance of Loading Frequency Han Eng Low, Fangyuan Zhu, Henning Mohr, Carl Erbrich, Philip Watson, Fraser Bransby, Conleth O'Loughlin, Mark F. Randolph, Mohamed Mekkawy, Thaleia Travasarou and Daniel O'Connell
3444 Effect of Fin Shape on the Penetration and Pullout of Torpedo Anchors in Marine Clays Abdelazis Ads, Mehdi Omidvar, Stephan Bless and Magued Iskander
3445 Frequency Scaling of Physical Model Tests on Tensile Loaded Suction Buckets by Finite Element Analysis Patrick Gütz and Martin Achmus
3446 Holding Capacity of Suction Anchors with Trench - Centrifuge Test Results and Interpretation David Cathie, Khalida Sassi, Matthieu Blanc, Luc Thorel and Regis Wallerand
3447 Horizontal Load Capacity of Multiline Ring Anchor in Soft Clay Charles Aubeny and Junho Lee
3448 Long Term Cyclic Stability of Shallow Helical Anchors in a Hydraulically Placed Sand J. T. Newgard, J. A. Schneider, J. S. McCartney and D. J. Thompson
3449 Macro-Element Modelling of Plate Anchor Kinematics under Cyclic Loading in Clay Anderson Peccin da Silva, Dr. Andrea Diambra, Dr. Dimitris Karamitros and Dr. Shiaohuey Chow
3450 Numerical Study for Liquefaction Response of Taut and TLP Mooring Anchors during Earthquakes Pourya Kazemi Esfeh, Laura Govoni and Amir M. Kaynia
3451 Optimisation of Screw Anchor Lateral Capacity in Sand for Offshore Renewable Energy Applications B. Cerfontaine, M. J. Brown, J. A. Knappett, C. Davidson and Y. Sharif
3452 Optimising Anchor Design to Achieve Greater Embedment Depth and Holding Capacity Yinghui Tian, Mark J. Cassidy and Mark F. Randolph
3453 Soil Failure Mechanism and Capacity of Stiffened Caisson Anchors in Calcareous Silt Mohammad A. Mohiuddin, Muhammad S. Hossain, Shah N. Ullah, Youngho Kim and Yuxia Hu
3454 Suction Caisson Response under Tensile and Compressional Vertical Cyclic Loading in Layered Soils Marc Stapelfeldt, Britta Bienen and Jürgen Grabe
3455 Tangential Shear Behavior between Sand and Anchor Chain Shengjie Rui, Zhen Guo, Lizhong Wang, Wenjie Zhou and Kanmin Shen
3456 Three Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Embedded Mooring Lines Yinghui Tian, Wenlong Liu and Mark J. Cassidy
Axial Pile Response
3457 A New 'Unified' CPT-Based Axial Pile Capacity Design Method for Driven Piles in Sand Barry Lehane, Zhongqiang Liu, Eduardo Bittar, Farrokh Nadim, Suzanne Lacasse, Richard Jardine, Pasquale Carotenuto, Mike Rattley, Philippe Jeanjean, Kenneth Gavin, Robert Gilbert, Jens Bergan-Haavik and Neil Morgan
3458 A Simple Method to Evaluate the Natural Frequency of Jacket Supported Offshore Wind Turbine under Storm Wenjie Zhou, Zhen Guo, Lizhong Wang, Shengjie Rui, Jiahao Li, Yujie Li and Chencong Liao
3459 Axial Capacity Evaluation of Open-Ended Pipe Piles in Medium Dense Silty Sand Using Soil Plugging Length Ratio Osama Safaqah, Subba R. Gudavalli and Spencer S. Jeon
3460 Axial Capacity of Large-Scale Piles in Micaceous Soils Jan Dührkop, Luís Berenguer Todo Bom, Ph.D. and Barry Lehane
3461 Computation of Interaction Diagrams for Cyclic Axial Loads in Offshore Piles Based on an Effective Stress Method Jose G. Parra and Mariajose Guevara
3462 CPT Filter to Estimate the End Bearing of Closed-Ended Driven Piles in Layered Sands Eduardo Bittar, Barry Lehane, Ross W. Boulanger and Jason T. DeJong
3463 Cyclic Axial Load Testing of Pipe Piles in Sand Timothy E. Keefe, Ahmed M. Hussien, Aaron S. Bradshaw, Andrew D. Deeks, James A. Schneider, Amir Rahim, Farnyuh Menq and Robert Gilbert
3464 Effects of Cyclic History on the Ageing of Shaft Friction of Driven Piles in Sand Eduardo Bittar, Barry Lehane, Phil Watson and Andrew Deeks
3465 Evaluation of API and CPT Axial Pile Capacity Methods of Campeche Bay Soils for the Design of Offshore Piles Ivan Zarate, Francisco A. Flores, President and Diego Cruz
3466 Examination of Open-Ended Pile Capacity Methods in Estimating Axial Response Trevon M. Joseph and Guy T. Houlsby
3467 Impact of the Installation on the Long-Term Behaviour of Offshore Wind Turbine Pile Foundations P. Staubach, J. Machacek and T. Wichtmann
3468 Numerical Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations in Dense Sand Considering Partial Drainage S. Whyte, M. Rattley, M. Ramos Da Silva, C. M. Martin, H. J. Burd and C. Erbrich
3469 Pile Behavior in Low-Medium Density Chalk: Preliminary Results from the ALPACA Project Róisín M. Buckley, Richard J. Jardine, Byron W. Byrne, Stavroula Kontoe, Ross A. McAdam, Reza Ahmadi-Naghadeh, Tingfa Liu, Fabian Schranz and Ken Vinck
3470 Review of the Design of Driven Piles Penetrating Weak Rock for Offshore Applications John Barrett, P.E. and Luke J. Prendergast, Ph.D.
3471 Structural Monitoring of the Keystone "Twisted Jacket" Foundation: A Case Study off the Hornsea Coast P. Doherty and B. Casey
3472 The Axial Performance of Jetted Conductors in Carbonate Sediment Alex Osuchowski, Phil Watson, Conleth O'Loughlin, Yuxia Hu, Rose Zhang, Meysam Banimahd, Ben Holland and Matthew Kuo
3473 The Field Behaviour of Drilled and Grouted Piles in Rock for Offshore Foundations Jamie Klapper, Sebastien Manceau, Alexander Hall, Richard Jardine and Pedro Barbosa Moreira
3474 Torsion at Pile to Pile Sleeve Grout Connection and Proposed Design Procedure of Shear Keys Tewodros H. Tefera
Data Science
3475 A Machine Learning Based Quantitative Integration of Geotechnical and Geophysical Data for Deepwater Site Characterization Jinbo Chen, Liqin Sang, Bryce Willems, Jason Newlin, Øyvind Ruden, Ritu Sarker and Shuang Hu
3476 Analyzing the Driving Performance of Pile Foundations Using Data Driven Models James P. Doherty, Mark F. Randolph and James A. Schneider
3477 Comparison of Machine Learning Models in a Data-Driven Approach for Scalable and Adaptive Design of Laterally-Loaded Monopile Foundations S. K. Suryasentana, H. J. Burd, B. W. Byrne, A. Aghakouchak and T. Sørensen
3478 Data Driven Assessment of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation Stiffness Ross A. McAdam, Anela Bajric, Manolis N. Chatzis, Byron W. Byrne and Cedric Vanden Haute
3479 Predictive Analytics Application in Developing Regional Suitability Mapping (RSM) Christian H. Girsang, Muhammad J. Rohani, Noorizal N. Huang, Norhayati Yusoff and Azam A. Rahman
Foundation Installation and Extraction
3480 An Assessment of the Accuracy of SRD Methodologies for OWF Monopile Installation against a North Europe Driving Records Database Georgios Perikleous, Themis Stergiou and Sandra Meissl
3481 Effects of Vibratory Driving of Monopiles on Soil Conditions and Their Cyclic Lateral Load Bearing Behavior Bastian Hoffmann, Johannes Labenski and Christian Moormann
3482 Experience from Full-Scale Suction Caisson Trial Installations at the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm Lewis Jones and Andrew Harding
3483 GDP: A New Technology for Gentle Driving of (Mono)Piles Andrei V. Metrikine, Apostolos Tsouvalas, Maxim L. A. Segeren, Ahmed S. K. Elkadi, Faraz S. Tehrani, Sergio S. Gómez, Rob Atkinson, Federico Pisanò, Evangelos Kementzetzidis, Athanasios Tsetas, Timo Molenkamp, Kees van Beek and Peter de Vries
3484 Hydraulic Pile Extraction Scale Tests (HyPE-ST): Experimental Design & Preliminary Results T. Balder, D. A. de Lange, A. S. K. Elkadi, P. J. P. Egberts, W. J. A. P. Beuckelaers, M. Coronel, J. van Dijk, R. Atkinson and H. J. Luger
3485 Insights into the Driveability of Large Diameter Piles David Cathie, Christophe Jaeck, Erdem Ozsu and Sylvie Raymackers
3486 Large Diameter Monopile Buckling Due to Localized Force - A Numerical Study Emilio Nicolini, Aram Cornaggia and Anna Pandolfi
3487 Numerical Simulation of the Installation of Suction Buckets Using MPM M. Martinelli, E. A. Alderlieste, V. Galavi and H. J. Luger
3488 Physical Modelling of Pile Tip Damage Arising from Impact Driving Juliano A. Nietiedt, Mark F. Randolph, Christophe Gaudin, James Doherty, Dan Kallehave, Jens Gengenbach and Avi Shonberg
3489 Pile Design, Installation and Backanalysis of 54 in. Piles in Gravels at the Wiriagar Deep Platform in Berau Bay, Indonesia Hugo Galanes-Alvarez, Achmad Makmur, Philippe Jeanjean and Chee Peng Pua
3490 Pile Driving Instrumentation of 54-Inch Piles in Gravels at the Wiriagar Deep Platform in Berau Bay, Indonesia Chee Peng Pua, D. S. Murthy, Radha Rao, Hugo Galanes-Alvarez, P. Jeanjean and Achmad Makmur
3491 Plug Heave Phenomena during Pile Installation Dirk Luger and René Thijssen
3492 Suction Bucket Installation: Risks during the Installation Process Avi Shonberg, Michael Harte, Amin Aghakouchak and Morten Albjerg Liingaard
3493 Suction Installation of Modular Bucket Foundation for Large Offshore Wind Turbines Aleksandra K. Koteras, Francisco M. G. Rodriguez and Lars B. Ibsen
3494 The Impact of Installation Method on Monotonic Loading of Monopiles in Sand K. G. Gavin, S. D. Blok and G. R. Eiksund, Professor
3495 The Influence of Friction Fatigue on Pile Drivability Predictions for Large Diameter Monopiles in the Bolders Bank Formation S. R. Davies, G. Giuliani and M. Vaziri
3496 Vibratory Driving of a Monopile at a North Sea Site A. Holeyman, V. Whenham, P. Peralta, J.-C. Ballard and S. Chenicheri Pulukul
Geohazards and Integrated Studies
3497 A Combined Analysis Procedure for Submarine Landslide Evolution Andreas Stoecklin and Alexander M. Puzrin
3498 Centrifuge Study of Seismic Response of Submarine Clay Canyons Samuel F. M. Tarazona, Maria C. F. Almeida, Márcio S. S. Almeida, Sandra Escoffier and Lucas C. Takayassu
3499 Computational Modelling of Unburied Offshore Pipelines Crossing Active Tectonic Faults Aikaterini Triantafyllaki, Ph.D. Candidate, Panos Papanastasiou, Professor and Dimitrios Loukidis, Associate Professor
3500 Design Focused Ground Models for Offshore Rock-Socketed Pile Solutions: St Brieuc OWF - A Case Study Jordan Geear, Clement Tam, Andrew Hart, Agustin Bertossa, Indrasenan Thusyanthan and Julien Pitel
3501 Integrated Ground Modelling from a Geotechnical Perspective Rasmus T. Klinkvort, Guillaume Sauvin, Carl Fredrik Forsberg and Maarten Vanneste
3502 Maximum Depth of Liquefaction Based on Fully-Coupled Time Domain Site Response Analysis Julia Katharina Möller, Stavroula Kontoe, David Taborda and David Potts
3503 Numerical Assessment of Gas Hydrate Dissociation on Submarine Slope Stability Xiaoyan Long, Sudarshan Adhikari, Alan Witthoeft and Ko Min Tjok
3504 Probabilistic Landslide Susceptibility Offshore South West Iberian Margin Stefano Collico, Marcos Arroyo, Roger Urgeles, Eulalia Gràcia, Marcelo De Vincenzi and Norma Peréz
3505 Resonance as the Source of High Vertical Accelerations: Field Demonstration and Impact on Offshore Wind Turbines Vasiliki Tsaparli, Stavroula Kontoe, David M. G. Taborda and David M. Potts
3506 Scour Potential Evaluation of the Western Irish Sea Mud Belt (Scope) P. Doherty, M. Coughlan and S. Creane
3507 Site Characterisation of a Submarine Volcanic Terrain: The Importance of Data Integration Osama Safaqah, Xuan Nhan Pham, Quang Chung Dam, Chris A. Smith, Lorraine O'Leary, Chris Steven and Jason Goh
3508 Surficial Crust Effects on Mass Gravity Flow Induced Seafloor Scour Characteristics Aurelian C. Trandafir
In situ and Laboratory Testing
3509 A Novel in-situ Test Setup for Measuring the Interface Resistance between Pipelines and Underlying Soils Roba Houhou, Rayan Bou Mjahed, Elie Shammas, Shadi Najjar and Salah Sadek
3510 Challenges of Mica Content Determinations Kee Kiat Tho, Nancy Chan, Anders H. Augustesen, Edward Molyneaux, Lone Krogh and An-Bin Huang
3511 CPT Data Showing Anomalies - Assessment and Potential Post-Processing J. Peuchen, R. Santos, G. Yetginer, W. S. Eckart, T. Carrington and T. Lunne
3512 Depth Accuracy of Data Points in Marine Soil Investigation Joek Peuchen and Rik Wemmenhove
3513 Development of New Robust Procedures for the Determination of Maximum and Minimum Dry Densities of Sand Siren Knudsen, John J. M. Powell, Tom Lunne, Nanna V. Thomsen, Lone Krogh and Andy Barwise
3514 Effect of Cyclic Load Sequence on the Accumulation of Deformations and Post Cyclic Strength of Sand-Structure Interfaces Kyle B. O'Hara, M.S., S.M. ASCE and Alejandro Martinez, Ph.D., A.M. ASCE
3515 Effect of Cyclic Preshear on Strength and Stiffness Properties of Sand in Drained Triaxial Testing Amin Rismanchian, Anders H. Augustesen, Lone Krogh, Tim Carrington and Nanna V. Thomsen
3516 Experience with Testing Box Core Samples of Soft Clays Using Miniature Full-Flow Penetrometers Adriane G. Boscardin, Don J. DeGroot and Tom Lunne
3517 Field Testing for Monopile to Be Installed in Weak Carbonated Rock E. Palix and A. Lovera
3518 Free Fall Penetrometer Deployment Strategies and the Impact on Data Analysis: Pilot Weight Trigger versus Winch-Deployed Nina Stark, Nico Parasie and Joek Peuchen
3519 Indirect Measurement of Soils in-situ Horizontal Stress from Matric Suction Measurements: Developing a New Tensiometer Amin Rismanchian, Tim Carrington, Karl Snelling and Jerry Sutton
3520 Interpretation of Piezocone Test in Overconsolidated Clays Using SHANSEP Marco D'Ignazio, Knut H. Andersen, Harun Kürsat Engin, Sivasithamparam Nallathamby, Hans Petter Jostad and Gülin Yetginer
3521 Laboratory Testing of Soil-Structure Interaction on Rock Dump Carpets Brian Sheil, Thomas Andolfsson, Byron Byrne and Alasdair Maconochie
3522 On the Triaxial Testing of Sand for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation Design Lewis Jones, Jonathan White and Truong Le
3523 Portable Free Fall Penetrometer Measurements: Shear Resistance versus Drag Resistance Nina Stark, Dennis Kiptoo, Nick Brilli and Reem Jaber
3524 Predictions of Multi-Amplitude Simple Shear Tests Using Hyperplasticity Models T. D. Balaam, B. W. Byrne, G. T. Houlsby, H. P. Jostad and A. M. Page
3525 Repeatability of GMAX Bender Element Measurements on Triaxial and Resonant Column Sand Specimens Pasquale Carotenuto, Yusuke Suzuki, Rune Dyvik, Anders H. Augustesen and Lone Krogh
3526 Rigidity Index of Soft Remolded Clays during Thixotropic Hardening Jing Peng, Don J. DeGroot, Yiming Cao and Guoping Zhang
3527 Role of Rheology Testing in Submarine Debris Flow Simulation Arash Zakeri and Benoit Spinewine
3528 Thixotropy of Clays with Various Index Properties Shaoli Yang, Yubin Ren, Knut H. Andersen, Ying Wang, Graziella M. F. Jannuzzi and Rhamira D. G. Pascual
3529 Towards a Combined Use of Chirp Sonar and Portable Free Fall Penetrometer: Case Study Potomac River Reem Jaber, Dennis Kiptoo, Nina Stark, Navid Jafari and Nadarajah Ravichandran
Lateral Pile Response
3530 3D Finite Element Analysis of Monopiles and Its Application in Offshore Wind Farm Design Angeliki Grammatikopoulou, Felix C. Schroeder, Giuseppe Pedone, Amandine Brosse, Torben Sørensen, David M. G. Taborda and David M. Potts
3531 3D Finite Element Modelling of Monopiles in Sand Validated against Large Scale Field Tests David J. P. Igoe and Soroosh Jalilvand
3532 A Consistent, Rigorous and Super-Fast Monopile Design Approach Rasmus T. Klinkvort, Hendrik Sturm, Ana M. Page, Youhu Zhang and Hans Petter Jostad
3533 A Design Framework for Monopiles in Sand Based on Large-Scale Pile Load Tests and FE Analysis Katja Siegl, Jan Dührkop and Severin Spill
3534 A Generalised Winkler Model for the Hysteretic and Ratcheting Behaviour of Monopiles in Clay and Sand William J. A. P. Beuckelaers, Harvey J. Burd, Guy T. Houlsby, Ross A. McAdam and Byron W. Byrne
3535 An Investigation of the Contribution of the Pile Base to the Lateral Response of Monopiles in Sand under Static Loading H. Wang, B. M. Lehane, M. F. Bransby, L. Z. Wang and Y. Hong
3536 Application of Second-Order Cone Programming Finite Element Methods for Laterally Loaded Monopiles in Offshore Wind D. Abadias, K. Krabbenhoft and J. Krabbenhoft
3537 Comparison of Predicted Pile Load-Displacement Response Using PISA and API p-y to Static Laterally Loaded Onshore Test Piles in Sand at Cuxhaven Peter Duroska, Vasilis Avgerinos, Miguel Pacheco Andrade, Kris W. Andersen and Morten Albjerg Liingaard
3538 Comparison of p-y Methods with Large-Scale Tests of Impact- and Vibratory-Driven Piles Severin Spill, Aligi Foglia and Jan Dührkop
3539 Concept Design Study of Laterally Loaded Monopiles in Sand Stavros Panagoulias, Axel Nernheim, Diego Lisi, Miquel Lahoz and Ronald B. J. Brinkgreve
3540 Cyclic Laterally Loaded Medium Scale Field Pile Testing for the PISA Project Byron W. Byrne, Ross A. McAdam, William J. A. P. Beuckelaers, Harvey J. Burd, Ken Gavin, Guy T. Houlsby, David J. P. Igoe, Richard J. Jardine, Chris M. Martin, David M. Potts, David M. G. Taborda and Lidija Zdravkovic
3541 Degrading P-Y Spring Model for Laterally Loaded Piles in Soft Clay Ahmed Q. O. Al-Ramthan, Charles P. Aubeny and Olusola Komolafe
3542 Design of Laterally Loaded Monopiles for Offshore Wind Using Small-Strain Properties of Sands Yunhan Huang, Robert Gilbert, Kenneth Stokoe, Shin-Tower Wang, James Munson, Jonas Bauer, Reihaneh Hosseini, Ahmed Hussien and Hossein Fadaifard
3543 Design of Monopiles in the North Sea with the New PISA Springs, a Sensitivity Study Guillaume Melin, Martin U. Østergaard, Søren P. H. Sørensen and Evelina Vaitkune
3544 Effect of Interface Conditions on the Response of Laterally-Loaded Monopiles in Sand Lidija Zdravkovic, David M. G. Taborda and David M. Potts
3545 Episodes of Cycling and Reconsolidation Effects on Cyclic Lateral Behavior of Monopiles in Soft Clay: Centrifuge Modeling Y. Q. Lai, L. Z. Wang, Y. Hong, B. He and H. Wang
3546 Extension of the p-y Curves Framework for Cyclic Loading of Offshore Wind Turbines Monopiles in Soft Rock A. Lovera, S. Ghabezloo, J. Sulem, M. F. Randolph and E. Palix
3547 Key Features Impacting Soil-Conductor Lateral Behaviour as Illustrated by Centrifuge Tests Mariajose Guevara, James Doherty, Phillip Watson and David White
3548 Large Diameter Pile Testing for Offshore Wind Applications with a Focus on Cyclic Lateral Loading and Rate Effects Róisín M. Buckley, Byron W. Byrne, Sarah C. Martin, Ross A. McAdam, Brian B. Sheil, Amin Aghakouchak and René Lindeboom
3549 Lateral Behavior of a Pile Due to Eccentric Horizontal Loads Jian Yu, Maosong Huang, Kanmin Shen and Chenrong Zhang
3550 Lateral Behaviour and Failure Mechanism of Stiff Monopile in Clay B. He, Y. Q. Lai, S. X. Zhao, W. Li, J. P. Luo and Z. Q. Jiang
3551 Lateral Pile Group Effect: Literature Review and a Numerical Study Y. N. Teng, Y. H. Zhang and Y. Q. Lai
3552 Long Term Deformation of Cyclic Loaded Monopiles in Sand Chenrong Zhang, Feng Yu, Zhiqi Zhu and Maosong Huang
3553 Methods of Numerical Analysis of Monopiles under Pseudo-Random Lateral Loading Guy T. Houlsby, Byron W. Byrne, Harvey J. Burd and Toby D. Balaam
3554 Modal Analysis of OWTs in Sand - Comparison between Measured and Predicted Values Kris W. Andersen, Peter Duroska, Cameron Brown, Miguel Pacheco Andrade and Michael Harte
3555 Modelling of Offshore Wind Monopile Lifetime Performance Christelle N. Abadie, Byron W. Byrne, Guy T. Houlsby, Harvey J. Burd, Ross A. McAdam and William J. A. P. Beuckelaers
3556 Modelling the Response of Monopiles to Complex Cyclic Lateral Loading in Sand Iona A. Richards, Guy T. Houlsby and Byron W. Byrne
3557 Monopile Lateral Response Calibration from in-situ Monitoring Data B. Stuyts, W. Weijtjens, C. Devriendt, H. Versteele and C. Vanden Haute
3558 Natural Frequencies Estimation of a Monopile Supported DTU-10MW Offshore Wind Turbine Philip Alkhoury, Abdul-Hamid Soubra, Valentine Rey and Mourad Aït-Ahmad
3559 Nearshore Large Diameter Lateral Pile Load Test in Medium Dense to Dense Sand Mathieu Guinard, David P. Waring, Subra Padmanabhan and Marisa S. Soares
3560 PICASO: Cyclic Lateral Loading of Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles Byron W. Byrne, Amin Aghakouchak, Róisín M. Buckley, Harvey J. Burd, Jens Gengenbach, Guy T. Houlsby, Ross A. McAdam, Christopher M. Martin, Fabian Schranz, Brian B. Sheil and Stephen K. Suryasentana
3561 Scour Protection Effects on Laterally Loaded Monopiles Russell O. Mayall, Harvey J. Burd, Byron W. Byrne, Ross A. McAdam, Richard J. S. Whitehouse, Phillipa L. Slater and Steven G. Heald
3562 Study on p-y Curve for Monopile under Cyclic Lateral Load in Soft Clay Yuan Zhou, Jingbin Zheng, Dong Wang and Hailei Kou
3563 The Macro-Element Method for Offshore Wind Turbines Exposed to Extreme Loads in the Asia-Pacific Region Sara C. van Hoogstraten, Sebastiaan J. Hermans, Willem G. Versteijlen, Ana M. Page, Gustav Grimstad, Federico Pisanò and Andrei V. Metrikine
3564 The Use of Numerical Analysis to Aid the Design of Monopile Foundations for a North Sea Offshore Wind Farm Felix C. Schroeder, Angeliki Grammatikopoulou, Andy Barwise, Stephen MacKinnon, Richard J. Jardine and David M. Potts
3565 Ultimate Capacity of Short Piles in Clay under Lateral Loading Chris M. Martin, Harvey J. Burd, Ross A. McAdam, Peter J. Houlston and Isabel von Celsing
Pipelines, Risers, and Cables
3566 A Review of Drag Anchor Penetration Models to Inform Cable Burial Risk Assessment Giuliano Pretti, William M. Coombs, Charles Augarde, Marc M. Puigvert, José A. R. Gutiérrez and Laurence Cross
3567 Axial Soil Stiffness for Deepwater Pipeline Walking Analysis Jinbo Chen, David White, Chris Hadley, Kevin Ouyang, Jason Newlin, Shuang Hu, David Bruton and Meng Luo
3568 Case Study: Rosetta Channel Pipeline Crossing David Kay, David Rushton, Frans Van Herpen, Aad Van Es, Sanjay Shinde, Martyn Chapman and Stelios Panayides
3569 Constructional and Operational Considerations in Assessing the Lateral Response of Buried Subsea Pipelines Hodjat Shiri and Morteza Kianian
3570 Drained Residual Conditions for Axially Loaded Flowlines Ahmed M. Hussien, R. B. Gilbert, Y. Huang, C. Sung, J. Han, L. Melo Monteiro, J. Chen, K. Ouyang and M. Luo
3571 Effect of Water Entrainment on Seabed Soils during Cyclic Pipe-Soil Interaction F. Sahdi, J. G. Tom, P. Watson, C. Gaudin and M. F. Bransby
3572 Field Observations of Pipelines in the Context of SAFEBUCK Design Guidelines Daniel R. Spikula, David Kay, Zack Westgate and Andy Hill
3573 Inclined and Uplift Resistance of Pipelines Buried in Rock Conleth D. O'Loughlin, David J. White, Alasdair J. Maconochie and G. J. Yun
3574 Large Deformation Analysis of Lateral Pipeline-Backfill-Trench Interaction by Remeshing and Interpolation Technique with Small Strain Model (RITSS) Xiaoyu Dong, Hodjat Shiri, Wangcheng Zhang and Mark F. Randolph
3575 On the Behaviour of Pipe-Clamping Mattresses to Arrest Pipeline Walking Colm O'Beirne, Conleth O'Loughlin, Phil Watson, David White, Sze-Yu Ang and Sebastiaan Frankenmolen
3576 Pipe-Soil Interaction for Surface-Laid Pipelines in Carbonate Sediments Fraser Bransby, Han Eng Low, Fangyuan Zhu, Romain Clavaud and David White
3577 Sensitivity of Fatigue Service Life of Steel Catenary Risers Using Nonlinear Riser-Soil-Interaction Model to Duration of Dynamic Simulation under Randomly Generated Waves Atmaram Muraleedharan and Mehrdad Kimiaei
3578 Shearing Resistance of Rough Polymer-Sand Interfaces Henry Milewski, Andrea Diambra, Lawrence W. de Leeuw and Matthew S. Dietz
3579 Subsea Pipeline Walking: The Effect of a Bi-Linear Seabed Friction Model Indranil Guha, Ph.D. Candidate, David J. White, Professor and Mark F. Randolph, Professor
3580 The Geometrical Significance of Seabed Trench in Fatigue Performance of Steel Catenary Risers in the Touchdown Zone Hodjat Shiri and Rahim Shoghi
3581 Using Coating Roughness to Control Pipe-Soil Friction and Influence Pipeline Global Buckling Behaviour Lawrence W. de Leeuw, Andrea Diambra, Matthew S. Dietz, Henry Milewski, George Mylonakis, Oh-Sung Kwon and Anastasios G. Sextos
Risk and Reliability
3582 Effect of Sea State Realizations on the Geotechnical Design of OWT Foundations Hendrik Sturm and Jørgen Johansson
3583 Probabilistic Site Response Analysis: Methodology and Applicability Daniela Tonoli, Francesca Ioele, Pamela Poggi, Daniele Bertalot, Omar Zanoli, Eric J. Parker and Emilia Fiorini
3584 Reliability of Five Axial Pile Capacity Design Methods – A Case Study Zhongqiang Liu, Sarah Elkhatib, Farrokh Nadim and Suzanne Lacasse
3585 Slope Failures: Quantifying Frequencies and Volumes and Identifying a Potential Trigger Mechanism Eric Liedtke and Daniel R. Spikula
3586 The Statistics of Monopile Foundation Capacity in Spatially Variable Soil: Is Prediction of Axial Capacity Based on a Single CPT Reliable? Y. Cai, M. F. Bransby and C. Gaudin
Shallow Foundations
3587 Design of Shallow Foundations for Tidal-Stream Energy Structures John Barrett, P.E., Kenneth Gavin, Ph.D., C.Eng. and Tom Doyle, Ph.D.
3588 Pin Foundation on Hard Seabed Emilio Nicolini, F. Dedecker and R. Coquet
3589 Simple Method for Computing Nonlinear Foundation Stiffness and Damping Jörgen Johansson, Nallathamby Sivasithamparam, Youhu Zhang and Harun Kursat Engin
3590 Skirt Penetration Resistance of the Utgard Template Knut H. Andersen, Knut Schrøder, Viggo Karlsen and Egil Solhjell
3591 Sliding Mudmats Design - Current State of Practice and Realistic 3D Simulations Jean M. Audibert, M. Kabir Hossain, SUT, ASCE and John T. Bryant ASCE, AIPG, PTI, ACEC
3592 The Effect of Shape on the Failure Envelope of the Cross-Shaped Foundation – Numerical Analyses Emilio Nicolini, A. Alberio and G. Della Vecchia
Site Characterization
3593 An Assessment of the Overconsolidation and Post-Sedimentation Structure of Marine Clay from Offshore Northern Mozambique Logan C. Brant and Rodolfo B. Sancio
3594 Analytical Effective Stress Piezocone Methods for Assessing Geoparameters of Offshore Clay Paul W. Mayne, Shehab S. Agaiby and Zhongkun Ouyang
3595 Application of Probabilistic Calibration of Geostatistical Parameters in Seismic Travel Time Inversion Moslem Moradi and Zenon Medina-Cetina
3596 Characteristic Values for Geotechnical Design of Offshore Monopiles in Sandy Soils – Case Study J. Peuchen, K. Kaltekis, M. Klein, M. Murali, F. C. W. van Erp and M. A. Hicks
3597 CPT Correlations for Estimating Undrained Shear Strength of Marine Clay Offshore East Africa Ali Ebrahimi and Rodolfo B. Sancio
3598 Cyclic Response of an East African Marine Clay Rodolfo B. Sancio and Logan C. Brant
3599 Dynamic Gassy Soils Behaviour, Gulf of Mexico Raúl Nava-Castro and Kuat C. Gan
3600 Engineering Properties of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sediments of the Continental Shelf Offshore Trinidad Daniel R. Spikula and Eric Liedtke
3601 Geotechnical Challenges for Offshore Windfarm Foundation Design in Emerging Asian Market Arthur K. C. Cheung, Aslan S. Hokmabadi, Honest P. O. Tang and Jack Yiu
3602 Geotechnical Characterization of Mississippi River Delta Front Sediments Jack A. Cadigan, Navid H. Jafari, Ioannis Y. Georgiou, Samuel J. Bentley, Kehui Xu and Michael D. Miner
3603 Implementation of Advanced Monopile Design Approaches at the Seastar Offshore Wind Farm M. Rattley, S. Whyte, J. Hilton, D. Burbury, H. J. Burd, C. M. Martin and S. Ingarfield
3604 Nonlinear Constitutive Model of Stress-Strain Behavior for Bay of Campeche Sand Francisco A. Flores López, Ernesto Vega Fernández, Victor M. Taboada, Diego Cruz Roque and Prócoro Barrera Nabor
3605 On the Cyclic Resistance of Dense North Sea Sands D. Bertalot, D. Soler Sandoval and G. Yetginer Tjelta
3606 Overview of Geological and Geotechnical Characteristics of Offshore South China Sea Sediments Huo Ping Wang, Her Jia E. Hu, Xiaoyan Long, Nancy Chan and Ko Min Tjok
3607 Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis Using Novel Response Surface Aleksander S. Gundersen, D. Ryghseter, A. Worren, F. Nadim and Z. Liu
Soil Behavior and Modeling
3608 3D Finite Element Modelling of the Cyclic Behaviour of Large Diameter Monopiles in Sand Chris Humpheson, Helen Dingle and Anton Pillai
3609 An Efficient FEA Tool for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations Nallathamby Sivasithamparam and Hans Petter Jostad
3610 Auto-Calibrated Kinematic Hardening Clay Model with Application to Monopile Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines Kristian Krabbenhøft, Jørgen Krabbenhøft and Morten Andersen Herfelt
3611 Comparison of Two Mesh Regularization Approaches for Large Deformation Finite Element Analysis Jin Chen and Bipul Hawlader
3612 Earthquake Loads on Suction Anchors and Piles for Subsea Facilities Amir A. Rahim and Amir M. Kaynia
3613 Insight into the Cyclic Response of OWT Pile Foundations in Sand: Numerical Simulation of PISA Field Tests Panagiota Tasiopoulou, Jacob Chacko, Yannis Chaloulos, Amalia Giannakou and Nikos Gerolymos
3614 Investigating the Response of Tripod Suction Bucket Foundations to Multidirectional Lateral Cyclic Loading A. Barari and L. B. Ibsen
3615 Investigation of Rate Effects for Monopile Foundations: Laboratory-Scale Model Tests Kuen-Wei Wu, Byron W. Byrne and Guy T. Houlsby
3616 Modelling the Effects of Cyclically-Induced Consolidation on Spudcan Capacity Raffaele Ragni, Joe Tom, Britta Bienen and David Mašín
3617 Offshore Clays - Parameter Calibration of a New Hybrid Hyperbolic Model Lorenzo Zuccarino, Luca Ottonello and Omar Zanoli
3618 Post Cyclic Volumetric Recompression Response of Carbonate Sediments Shambhu S. Sharma, Hackmet Joer and Noel Boylan
3619 Practical Approach for the Evaluation of Cyclically Induced Excess Pore Pressure around Offshore Foundations in Sand Jann-Eike Saathoff and Martin Achmus
3620 Seismic Response of Offshore Wind Monopiles in Cohesionless Soils J. Seong, C. N. Abadie, S. K. Haigh and S. P. G. Madabhushi
3621 Strain Accumulation in Granular Soils under Cyclic Multiaxial Stress Conditions Xiaoyang Cheng, Feng Yu, Maosong Huang, Erdin Ibraim and Andrea Diambra
3622 Strength Properties of Subsea Rockfills at Low Stress Level Hongjie Zhou, Andrew D. Deeks, Amir M. Kaynia, Alasdair Maconochie and Wouter Op den Velde
3623 Case Study: Spudcan-Pipeline Interaction at the Maria Field - Challenges of Data Interpretation and Comparison of Predicted and Measured Soil Deformation Khoa D. V. Huynh, Vaughan M. Meyer and Richard J. Pike
3624 Comparison of Penetration Mechanisms of Cone and Spudcan in a Multilayer Deposit with Interbedded Sand Layers Stefanus Safinus, M. S. Hossain, M. J. Cassidy, M. F. Randolph and M. A. Mohiuddin
3625 Earthquake Soil-Structure Interaction Assessments of Jack-Up MODU for Tangguh Development, Offshore Papua Barat, Indonesia – Part 1 Hugo Galanes-Alvarez, Armedito Ramadhan, Philippe Jeanjean, Kevin M. Hampson, Carl Erbrich and Kok Kuen Lee
3626 Earthquake Soil-Structure Interaction Assessments of Jack-Up MODU for Tangguh Development – Part 2 Carl Erbrich, Kok Kuen Lee, Sydney Lam, Kee Kiat Tho, Hugo Galanes-Alvarez and Armedito Ramadhan
3627 Earthquake Soil-Structure Interaction Assessments of Jack-Up MODU for Tangguh Development – Part 3 Carl Erbrich, Kok Kuen Lee, Sidney Lam, Kee Kiat Tho, Hugo Galanes-Alvarez and Armedito Ramadhan
3628 Effect of Undrained Strength Anisotropy on Spudcan Penetration Jose G. Parra, Marcos Arroyo and Matteo Ciantia
3629 Punch-Through Risk of Spudcans: A Comparison of Design Models and Field Measurements Peter O. Van Impe, Adrianna Mirecka, Angelo van Tongeren and Kristine Vandenboer
3630 Rapid Penetration of Spudcans in Sand Shiao Huey Chow, Britta Bienen and Mark F. Randolph
3631 Spudcan Penetration in Sand-Over-Clay Considering Soil Variability Lei Song, Tianlongyuan Qin and Jinhui Li