(AM-2020) Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2020 - ONLINE

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3728 Preface Sebastian Lobo Guerrero, Ph.D., P.E., A.G.E.S.
Adapting Deep Foundation Techniques for Innovative Urban and Waterfront Construction Solutions
3654 An Experimental Investigation on the Benefits of a Hybrid Pile/Footing System on Sand Mohammed Al Maadheedi, Nick Hytiris, Slobodan B. Mickovski
3655 Boston Waterfront Redevelopment: Re-Use of Existing Pier Piles to House Future Generations John P. Briand III, Robert E. Fosse, Douglas J. Aghjayan
3656 Design and Construction of Underground Basin Using Composite Slurry Wall 500 Feet Away from the Pacific Ocean Meeok Kim, PE, PhD, Ihab Allam, PE
3657 Innovative SOE Solutions for Shaft Construction: Getting to Depth with Diaphragm Walls at Westerly Storage Tunnel Jewels Stover, Lisa Smiley, Ryan Sullivan
3727 Installing and Testing Multi-Bar High Capacity Rock Tiedowns Steven Lowe, Andrew Pontecorvo, David Sposito
3659 Large Diameter Auger Cast Piles at Audi Field, DC United's New Soccer Stadium Christophe H. Locussol
3660 NYCT's 207th St Yard Floodwall Christian L. Escalera
3661 Using Rigid Inclusions, Helical Piles and Micropiles to Revitalize 1600 Smallman Street Nina F. Carney, PE, Zachary T. Smith, E.I.T., Melinda J. Hummel, MSc, PE, Nathaniel Witter, PE
Designing for Complex Geology, Loading Conditions and Project Constraints
3662 A Collaborative Approach to the Design and Delivery of the Most Heavily Loaded Piles Ever Constructed in the UK J. D. Morris, P. M. Wiltcher, Z. Baldwin, T. Hartlib, J. F. Kennedy, M. S. Crilly
3663 Building above and Excavating below an Iconic Building in Manhattan Seth Martin, PE, Arthur J. Alzamora Jr., PE, Marc J. Gallagher, PE, John S. Civetta, Ronald Peralta
3664 Lessons Learned from Construction of a Tire Plant in Karst, NS2 Tires, White, GA Robert L. Goehring, PE D.GE, F.ASCE, Fred Munene, PE
3665 Mindful Monitoring of a Variable Excavation Support System Johanna M. Simon, PE, Michael S. Senior, E.I.T., Allen W. Cadden, D.GE., PE, B. Philip Shull Jr., PE
3666 On Driven Piles in Coralline Deposits: A Selected Case from the Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia Waddah Akili, PhD, PE, M. ASCE
3667 Pre-Engineered Hydraulic Bracing Systems Braxton P. Erbe, Douglas C. Brunot, PE, S.E.
3668 Review of Axial Design Methodologies of Auger Cast Piles Bearing in Yorktown Formation Kashyap Chaturvedula, Emad Farouz
3669 Stabilizing a 100 ft Rock Slope with Limited Access and Tight Construction Tolerances Using Observational Method and Real-Time 3D Modeling Michael S. Senior, E.I.T., Travis A. Shoemaker, E.I.T., Mitchell S. Youmans, E.I.T., Nancy T. Chin
3670 Trouble in Paradise: Micropiles as a Solution to Challenging Geotech and Steep, Rugged Terrain on the Island of Oahu Steve Davidow, PE, S.E., P.Eng., Scott Tunison
3671 Using Multiple Pile Types for a Single Project to Maximize Benefits Matthew A. Conte, CPC, Robert F. Tonning, PE, James F. Davis, PE
Development and Use of National and State Codes and Standards
3672 A Soil Quake Davisson Offset Method for Drilled Foundations Michael Perlow Jr.
3673 Design of Self-Drilling Micropiles for Permanent Applications Freddy Lopez, Racquel Nottingham, Ole Gadermann
High Value Subsurface Characterization Processes
3674 Bring Your A-GaME! The Benefits of Advocating for Advanced Geotechnical Exploration Methods Mary C. Nodine, Benjamin Rivers, Derrick Dasenbrock
3675 Foundation Soil Strength Characterization of Coastal Plain Deposits along I-64 Corridor in Virginia Deniz Karadeniz, PhD, P.G., PE, Sushant Upadhyaya, PhD, PE
3676 Geophysical Applications for Highway Infrastructure, a Retrospective William P. Owen, PGP, PG, CEG, William M. Dalrymple, PGP, Benjamin S. Rivers, PE
3677 Geophysical Investigations Enhance Geologic Characterization in Support of Pile Foundation Program Michael Oakland, PE, PhD, Mario Carnevale, MSc., P.G., Myles Danforth, BSc.
3678 Tomographic DST Algorithm for Stone Column Site Imaging and Characterization Erick Baziw, Gerald Verbeek
Local National and International Case Histories with Lessons Learned
3679 A Case Study: Soil Setup for Piles Driven into Eastern Coastal Plain Deposits in Virginia Deniz Karadeniz, PhD, P.G., PE, Sushant Upadhyaya, PhD, PE, Ahmed Mohamed, PE
3680 Case Study: The Use of Post Tensioned Piles for Wind Turbine Foundations Mohamed Alrowaimi, PhD, PE, Ahmad Mohamed, PhD, Amr Sallam, PhD, PE
3681 Collaborative Foundation Value Engineering Redesign Jeffrey Goodwin, PE, Martin McDermott, P.G., Robert Ross, PE, Kevin Tehansky, PE
3682 Costa Rica Circunvalacion Norte Project: Lessons Learned from Foundation Drilling Bernardo J. Jiménez Vega, Roberto Acosta Mora, Harlem Lora
3683 Evaluation of a New P-Y Analysis Tool for Lateral Analysis of Drilled Shafts Using Load Tests in Nevada Fahim M. Bhuiyan, Raj V. Siddharthan, Ramin Motamed David H. Sanders
3684 Evaluation of Degree of Overconservatism in API Shaft Friction of Piles in Marine Sand of the Arabian Gulf Ahmed H. Bukhary, Naser A. Al-Shayea, Prakasha S. Kuppalli
3685 Excessive Pile Breakage, Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center, a Look Back 15 Years Later Karl A. Higgins III, M. Eng., PE, D. GE
3686 Geotechnical Assessment of the Manhattan Cruise Terminal Piers: Analysis of Timber Piles in Soft Organic Silts Rodrigue Karam
3687 Ideas to Improve Driven Pile Foundation Design and Installation Procedures Steven R. Saye, Armin W. Stuedlein, Associate Professor, Bryan P. Kumm
3688 John F. Kennedy Airport Site Redevelopment: Tapertube Pile Foundation Aly Mohammad, PhD, PE, Gisele R. Passalacqua, MS, Joanna Smith, MS
3689 On Driven Piles in the Arabian Gulf: Imperfections, Potential Challenges, and Lessons Learned Waddah Akili, PhD, PE, M. ASCE
3690 Prevention of Landslides with Rows of Pressed-In Pipe Piles on Steep Slope Takefumi Takuma, Koji Kajino, Masashi Nagano
3691 Trencher Method vs. Slurry Trenching: A Pros & Cons Comparison of Case Studies Charlie Krug, Daniel Ruffing, PE
3692 Use of Reinforced Concrete Drilled Shafts for Landslide Control in Pakistan - A Case Study Sohail Kibria, Asim Masud, Obaid Rehman
Mega and Local Projects
3693 2100 L Street Underpinning & Support of Excavation Charles R. Conlon, Matthew J. Niermann
3694 Capitol Complex Phase 1 Expansion Charles A. Luxford, PE, SE, Eric S. Lindquist, PE, PhD
3695 Deflection-Based Design for the Capitol Crossing Support of Excavation Harald P. Ludwig, Matthew J. Niermann
Other Deep Foundations Topics
3696 Bi-Directional Load Testing Using Donut Super Cells for Hangzhou West Railway Station Antonio Marinucci, PhD, MBA, PE, Robin Mao
3697 Case Studies/Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering: Enhancing the Practice in an Interactive Learning Environment Waddah Akili, PhD, PE, M. ASCE
3698 Centrifuge Modeling of Axial Failure of Helical Piles in Cohesive Soils Weidong Li, PhD candidate, Mohamed Abdelaziz, Richard Schmidt, Lijun Deng, Associate Professor, Rick Chalaturnyk, Professor
3699 Comparing Analytical Models with Slipping and Non-Slipping Interface in Axially Loaded Tension Piles Kelvin Lo, Darren Newell, Erwin Oh
3700 Controlling Vibrations from Close-In Pile Driving David K. Miller, P.G., Matthew W. Anderson, PE, Patrick T. Hastings Jr., P.G.
3701 Cost Analysis of Multiline Ring Anchor System for Offshore Wind Farm Junho Lee, Mohammad Khan, Leopoldo Bello, Charles P. Aubeny
3702 CPT and Pile Database for Performance-Based Design of Pile Axial Bearing Capacity Abolfazl Eslami, Sara Heidarie Golafzani, Sara Moshfeghi
3703 DCP Investigation of Strength Increases in Polyurethane and Acrylate Treated Soils Andreu J. Ferrero, PE
3704 Design and Specification Considerations for Environmental Cutoff Walls Daniel Ruffing, PE, M.ASCE, Jeffrey Evans, PhD, PE, D.GE, F.ASCE²
3705 Diaphragm Wall Technique Used in a Different Way – Cutting Trenches up to 823 ft (251 m) for an Exploration and Bulk Sampling Program Franz-Werner Gerressen, Stefan Schwank, Alexander Blatt
3706 Effect of Curing Stresses on the Mechanical Properties of Soil-Cement Mixed Materials George Onorato, PE, Giovanni Bonita, PhD, PE, P.Eng., P.G.
3707 Estimation of Maximum Unit Side Resistance in Drilled Shaft Foundations from Partially Mobilized Load-Displacement Data Joseph A. W. Toth, M.S., Ramin Motamed, PhD, PE, Associate Professor, Anna Panorska, PhD, Professor
3708 Evaluating Bending Failure of Floating Soil-Cement (SC) Columns under Road Embankments Using 3D FEA Sailesh Shrestha
3709 Is Excess Pore Water Pressure Build up an Engineering Demand Parameter for Excavation Analyses? A. Felipe Uribe-Henao, Luis G. Arboleda-Monsalve, Assistant Professor, Camilo Ballesteros, David G. Zapata-Medina, Associate Professor
3710 Large-Scale Shake Table Experiment on the Performance of Helical Piles in Liquefiable Soils Milad Jahed Orang, Reza Boushehri, Ramin Motamed, Athul Prabhakaran, Ahmed Elgamal
3711 Lateral Behavior of Post Grouted Drilled Shafts Ehab S. Shatnawi, PhD, PE, Emad Farouz, PE, Charles Winter, PE
3712 Non-Destructive Testing of Unknown Bridge Foundation Lengths Using Parallel Seismic Testing Mike K. Muchard, PE, Chetan D. Savani
3713 Pile Diameter Effects on Initial Modulus of Subgrade Reaction for Laterally Loaded Piles Amin Rahmani, PhD, PE, Hubert Law, PhD, PE
3714 Risk Management for Dam Rehabilitation Projects David Paul
3715 Simulation of Soil-Structure Interaction with Sheet Pile and Retained Soil Seok hyeon Chai, Clarissa Aguiar, Sina Javankhoshdel, Thamer Yacoub
QA-QC and Monitoring During and After Construction
3716 Acceptance of Timber Piles Based on Equivalent Driving Energy Chu E. Ho
3717 Case Study of Three Bidirectional Static Load Tests for Bored Piles at Sabana Costa Rica Mauricio Coto, Luis Millán, Luis A. Vargas, Karen Calderón
3718 Delving Deeper into Foundation Slurry Rheology Greg Plutko
3719 Determining Length of Pile Foundations by Analyzing Response to Lateral Hammer Impact Vivek Samu, Murthy Guddati
3720 Geospatial Project Information Management System at Herbert Hoover Dike Jamey Rosen, Michael Arnold, Maximilian Meisel
3721 Improvement of Toe Resistance of Drilled Shaft Foundations Using Smart Cells Antonio Marinucci, PhD, MBA, PE, Mario A. Terceros Herrera, Mario Terceros Arce
3722 One Seam at a Time: Interactive Quality Assurance to Identify Coal Seams during Foundation Construction Christopher Lawler, P.G., Matthew Runion, PE
3723 Quality Assessment of Drilled Shaft Foundations at the Jane Byrne Interchange Elvis Ishimwe, PhD, Travis Coleman, PE
3724 Quality Control and Estimation of Axial Resistance by Using an Expander Body, a Large-Scale Pressuremeter Antonio Marinucci, PhD, MBA, PE, Mario A. Terceros Herrera, Mario Terceros Arce
3725 Switching from Monetary Process Management to Critical Success Factors Using an Appropriate Process Information System Jochen Maurer, Dr. Christian Hoyme, Dr. Hans Regler
3726 The Potential Impacts of Unreliable Instrumentation Data Sean D. Johnson, PE, Giovanni A. Bonita, PhD, PE, PG, Peng, Asher H. Peltz, PE