(AM-1997) Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Members' Conference, 1997, Toronto, Canada
Ingenuity '97

article# description author(s)
78 Vibratory Driver/Extractors do more than Drive Sheet Piles John L. White
70 Shoring & Caissons at the Air Canada Centre/Raptors Stadium Dawn C. Tattle & Michael J. LeSage
71 Design & Construction of an Earth Retaining Structure Allan Sylvester & Mamoud Hosseini
72 Soil-Cement Pile Foundations for a Large Tank and Retaining Wall Roy A. Bell & Anthony R. Dover
73 Support of Excavation System - Columbia Heights Metro Station Project Robert W. Bergwall, PE & Raymond W. Johnson
74 Construction of Baffle Walls - Sundance Cooling Pond Expansion Robert R. Morrison, P Eng & Garry Miskiw
75 Quality Assurance of Augercast Piles with Computerized Monitoring Bill Starke, P Eng
69 Underpinning Support Pipeline Compressor Station founded on Timber Piles Brian Isherwood, Nadir Ansari, Basil Gallant & Raymond Koo
77 Innovative Technology for Deep Foundation Soil Mixing Andy Schroeder, Patrick Bermingham & Stefano Gabaldo
85 The Waterloo Barrier - A Sealable Joint Steel Sheet Piling for Groundwater Control and Remediation Murray Gamble, Robin Jowett & Minh Le
79 Evolution of the Design and Construction Methods for the TBM Cutterhead Retrieval Peter McDonald, Brian Isherwood & Nadir Ansari
80 Improvement of the Cost-Effectiveness of H-Bearing Piles by using High-Strength Histar Steels Lucien P. Weber
81 A Comparison of Static and Statnamic Load Tests in Sand Michael D. Justason, P Eng, Gray Mullins, PhD, Donald T. Robertson, PE & William F. Knight, PE
82 Static and Dynamic Tests for Evaluation of the Vertical Load Bearing Capacity of Piles Madan B. Karkee, Takashi Horiguchi & Hideaki Kishida
83 "Untangling the Octopus" bored-In Pile Construction Andrew L. Peterson
84 Ground Improvement by Cement Grouting Combines with Pipe Piles in Bridge Construction Peter White, P Eng
76 The Utilization of Static-Load Piledriving near Structures that are Sensitive to Vibration Robert A. Field, BBA, P Eng