(AM-1994) Proceedings of the 19th Annual Members' Conference, 1994, Boston, MA

article# description author(s)
117 100-Day Document
109 Unbraced Circular Cofferdam for Vent Building No. 6 at the South Bulkhead Philip Bonanno, Minhaj Kirmani
110 Large Diameter Rock-Socketed Caissons for Vent Building No. 6 Central Atery/Tunnel Project, Boston P.A. O'Neill PE
111 Post-Tensioned Diaphragm Wall "T" Panels for Large Unbraced Excavation Spans Nino Catalano, Minhaj Kirmani, George Aristorenas
112 Design of the BMIP Boat Section Kenneth Pidgeon, Matthew Bunner
113 Tied-Down Boat Section Construction Romano J. Micciche PE, Pier Luigi Iovino
114 Sheetpile Wall System with Tiebacks in a Soft Clay Profile Jean J. Abiassi
108 Multiple Foundation Systems for the Porter Street Outfall Relocation for the North Approach William D. Spielvogel
116 Use of and Design Parameters for High Capacity Foundation Elements in Boston Bedrock Mark X. Haley, Marya E. Gorczyca
124 Tied-Back Offset Tangent Caisson Retaining Wall for the North Bulkhead Third Harbor Tunnel Project Boston, Massachusetts Daniel L. Hanson PE, David Coleman
118 Deep Foundations on Deer Island Michael W. Oakland PhD, Edward B. Kinner, ScD
119 Construction of Effluent Outfall Diffusers for the Boston Harbor Project Geoffrey D. Collins, Wubbo D. (Bob) Wind
120 Unique Foundation Solution for the Shriners Burns Institute Building Expansion Edmund Cardoza, Bryan P. Sweeney
121 Environmental Considerations for Foundation Construction in the Boston Area James V. Errico PE, William R. Beloff PE
122 Specialized Slurry Wall Equipment - The Hydromill Mario Mauro
123 Pile Driving Experiences in the Boston Area Franklin M. Grynkewicz, Walter E. Jaworski, William R. Beloff
115 Summary of Pile Adhesion and Creep Data from Central Artery/Tunnel Project Test Programs Francis D. Leathers, Steven R. Kraemer, Nicholas A. Campagna Jr., Gary M. O'Neil, David M. Cacoilo