(AM-1993) Proceedings of the 18th Annual Members' Conference, 1993, Pittsburgh, PA
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article# description author(s)
134 Some Current Aspects of the Tie-Back Design and Construction in the UK Mike Turner
126 The Effect of Overburden on Pile Capacity in a Calcareous Marl William M. Camp III PE, William B. Wright PE, Mohamad Hussein PE
127 Concrete Piles driven in a Coral Sand L.D. Johnson, O.T. Okada, K.A. Pierce, and D.M. Holloway
128 Underpinning using Long Minipiles in Compressible Soils Mohamad H. Hussein PE, Sayed M. Sayed PhD PE, Lawrence E. Jones
129 The Equilibrium Point Method of Analysis for the Statnamic Loading Test with Supporting Case Histories R.G. Horvath, P. Bermingham, P. Middendorp
130 A New Method of Analysis of Pile Displacement in Soil with Respect to Time M. England
131 Diaphragm Wall Construction in Hong Kong Arturo Ressi di Cervia
125 Comparative Pile Load Tests in Alluvial Sands Lawrence F. Johnsen, John F. Pizzi, Jeffrey M. Benway
133 High Capacity Soil Anchors in the Boston Clays Robert L. Jakiel
142 High-Capacity H-Piles - New Possibilities Dan J. Rider
135 Design Considerations for Underground Subway Station Mohammed Z. Islam PE
136 Uncertainties arising during Drilling and Performance of Flight Auger-Cast Piles F.M. Abdrabbo
137 Caisson Supported Seawall Value Engineering Alternate Bryan P. Sweeney, David D. Coleman
138 Fundamental Tests on the Performance of High Capacity Pin Piles Donald A. Bruce, Reidar Bjorhovde, John R. Kenny
139 Deep Foundation Solutions and Implementation for Pittsburgh International Airport Midfield Terminal Peter Florian PE, Terry Hawk PE, Janice Wilkerson PE, Scott Zang PE
140 Need for Contractor Response for Pile Installation Requirements Larry P. Moore, Wayne A. Erickson
141 Toe Protection for H-piles on Sloping Bedrock at Rainy River Jon E. Bischoff, Richard E. Riker, Bengt H. Fellenius
132 Anchored Excavation Support using SMW (Soil Mixed Wall) Seth L. Pearlman, Daniel E. Himick