(AM-1992) Proceedings of the 17th Annual Members' Conference, 1992, New Orleans, LA

article# description author(s)
151 Soil-cement Column for the Building Foundation Osamu Taki
144 Pile Installation Overcomes Numerous Problems at Rocket Component Manufacturing Facility J.H. Gould
145 Treated Round Wood Piling Specifications J.S. Graham
146 Determination of Pile Lengths under Existing Structures M. Hussein, G. Likins, and G.G. Goble
147 Monitoring Settlements of a Vacuum Tower A. Partos and E. Sander
148 Seismic Rehabilitation of Seattle's Pier 69 D. Pierce and R.E. Martinson
143 Cement-Bentonite Slurry Cut-Off Wall - Maxent Lagoon Levee Rehabilitation E.J. Cardoza, J. Lorenz, and D. Thurmon
150 Site Management Towards Pile Execution at Qurashiya Bridge E.W. Shublaq
158 Pile Design for Offshore Structures Subjected to Subsidence J.J. Campo and G.H. Moore
152 Steel and Concrete Piles Used in the Great Plains of USA M.B. Wechsler
153 Explosive Waterproofing of an Emergency River Embankment M. Zanotto, A. Sanella and B. Gemmi
154 Execution and Evaluation of High Capacity Caisson Load Tests in Glacial Deposits William R. Beloff, Franklin M. Grynkewicz
155 Pressure Injected Footings, Mobile Convention Centre D.G. Bishop
156 Structural Underpinning by Pinpiles D.A. Bruce, C.H. Hll, R.E. Triplett
157 Roger Bullivant Cone Pile R.A. Bullivant
149 Impact and Ramifications for Setup for Pile Foundations C.G. Rice and W.K. Cody