(AM-1991) Proceedings of the 16th Annual Members' Conference, 1991, Chicago, IL
Recognizing Solutions to Today's Problems and Defining Tomorrow's Challenges

article# description author(s)
171 Prediction And Performance Of Drilled Shafts Constructed Under Slurry Clyde N. Baker, Jr. - STS Consultants Ltd.
160 Effects of Mineral and Polymer Slurries on Drilled Shafts Michael W. O'Neill
161 Resolution Of Prestressed Concrete Pile Splice Problems David siu - Klohn Leonoff Ltd. Alex Sy - Klohn Leonoff Ltd. Dr. Bengt H. Fellenius - University of Ottawa
162 Comparison Of Static Pile Analysis And Load Test Results Alan B. Wagner - STS Consultants Ltd.
163 Reliability Of Pile Prediction Methods Dr. M.T. Davisson - Consulting Engineer
164 A Case Study Supporting The Need For A Rational Method For Design And Installation Of Vibratory Driven Piles Franklin M. Grynkewicz - GZA Geo Environmental, Inc. William R. Beloff - GZA Geo Environmental, Inc. Theodore Kirk - Perini Corporation
165 Reducing Downdrag Loads With Bitumen Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud - Texas A & M University
166 Permanent Displacement And Pile Driving Vibrations Dr. Charles H. Dowding - Northwestern University
167 Augered Pressure Grouted Piles In Complex Glacial Soils - A Case History Peter J. Jancich - Berkel & Company Contractors Inc. Michael S. Robinson - Testing Service Corporation
168 Rock Socket Friction In Drilled Shafts - It's Greater Than You Think Dr. Jorj O. Osterberg - Consulting Engineer
159 Present to Future Design Considerations of Deep Foundations William S. Gardner
170 Construction And Design Of Drilled Shafts In Hard Pinnacle Limestones Dr. Dan A. Brown - Auburn University Presented by Hal McKewen - Case International Company
181 Getting Paid In Hard Times Dennis J. Riley - Elliott, Bray & Riley Sari Karson Kirkland - Elliot, Bray & Riley
172 Foundation In The Urban Environment - The Need For Unique Installation Methods James J. Cahill - Case International Company
173 Limitations Of Predicting Deformations During Excavation In Soft Clay Dr. Richard J. Finno - Northwestern University
174 Unusual Solutions To Difficult Earth Retention And Underpinning Projects Larry Rayburn - Richard Goettle, Inc. Doug Keller - Richard Goettle, Inc.
175 The Construction And Performance Of Prestressed Ground Anchors In Soils And Soft Rocks: A Personal Overview Dr. Donald A. Bruce - Nicholson Construction of America
176 Installation And Performance Of Interlocking Drilled Shaft And Tieback Shoring System
177 Constructability Of Tieback Wall Systems Thomas C. Anderson - Schnabel Foundation Company
178 History Of Chicago Foundation Systems And Underground Construction Theodore R.J Maynard - Chief Soils Engineer, City of Chicago
179 Minipiles And Postgrouted Bored Piles - Two Techniques for special site conditions Stefan K. Schwank - Bauer Spezialtiefbau Gmbh
180 Underpinning By Jet Grouting George K. Burke - Hayward Baker Inc. Joseph P. Welsh - Hayward Baker Inc.
169 Application Of High-Strength Concrete To Drilled Shafts Dr. A.E. Fiorato - Portland Cement Association R.G. Burg - Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.