(AM-1987) Proceedings of the 12th Annual Members' Conference, 1987, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Advances, Innovation & Ingenuity In Deep Foundation Construction

article# description author(s)
266 Seattle Shored Excavation - Design, Construction, Monitoring David Winter, Alan Macnab, John Turner
259 Instrumented Rock-Socketed Drilled Piers Hamilton General Hospital R.G. Horvath PhD, D. Schebesch, M. Anderson
260 Minipiling and Soil Anchors Martin Jones
261 Hydraulic Impact Pile Hammers Patrick Bermingham
262 Underwater Cable Anchors Salvage of Barge 45 Niagara River Colin C. West, Gary G. McFarlane
263 An Unusual Permanent Shoring Job Gordon Demetrick
258 Caisson Foundation for High Speed Paper Machine Anthony H. Tawil, Thomas J. Bradshaw
265 Slurry Walls in Building Construction Louis Donolo Jr.
273 Tubex-Grout-Injected-Piles for The Parenco Paper Mill in Renkum, The Netherlands Sikko Doornbos; Fundex Piling
267 Arbitration - The Tender Trap James Green
268 Interlocking Caisson Walls William E. Lardner
269 High Capacity Piles in the Hamilton Bayfront Area C.D. Thompson; Trow Ontario Ltd.
270 TPT Piling System, A New Concept in Piling Stan Merjan; Underpinning & Foundation Constructors, Inc.
271 Resonant Pile Driving - Part I - The Promise & The Reality Part II - Soldier Pile Installation - Light Rail Transit, Buffalo, NY Part I - D.R. Dance; Myad Technical Services Part II - Daniel J. Rider; Herbert F. Darling, Inc.
272 The Spadina Pier Cofferdam - Design, Installation & Performance Jan A. Nilsen, P. Eng.; Construction Management Services H.T. Yan, P. Eng.; Foundation Company of Canada
264 Cofferdam Failures Richard J. Hartman, James S. Barron