(IWM-1997) International Workshop on Micropiles 1997, Seattle, WA

article# description author(s)
295 Review of French "Forever" Project Francois Schlosser, Roger Frank
288 Drilling Methods D. A. Bruce
289 Grouting Materials and Methods Mr. Turner
290 Micropiles - Steel Reinforcement Thomas F. Herbst
291 Steel Properties for Micropile Design Jouko Lehtonen MSc
292 Materials used in Micropiles in Japan Masataka Tatsuta, Yukitake Shioi, Makoto Kimura, Akiomi Shimazu, Ei Yoshida, Kimitoshi Takano
287 Selection of Geotechnical Parameters Fred H. Kulhawy
294 Seismic Design Concepts and Issues for Reticulated Micropile Foundation Systems James A. Mason
302 Use of Micropiles for Seismic Retrofit Ronald J. Bromenschenkel PE
296 State-of-the-Art: Application of Micropiles in Japan Yukihiro Tsukada, Yasumitsu Ichimura
297 Model Studies at Polytechnic University Ilan Juran
298 Should Piles be Rigid or Flexible? Lessons from the Damage caused by Past Earthquakes F. Miura
299 Review of FHWA Micropile Implementation Manual Paul Groneck, Ron Chassie
300 Damages to Bridge Foundaitons During the Hanshin Earthquake Michio Okahara, Jiro Fukui, Yoshitomi Kimura
301 Design Methodology: Micropiles for Slope Stabilization and Earth Retention Tom A. Armour PE
293 Bridge Construction Standards in Japan Michio Okahara