(IC-1998) Proceedings - Seventh International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1998, Vienna, Austria

article# description author(s)
351 Pile capacity management by the application of Statnamic loading test Shinji Nishimura
343 Quality assurance and the installation of steel sheet piling structures Hermann Zeilinger
344 Socketing of bored cast in situ piles in rock and the use of standard penetration tests Shahrokh P. Bagli
345 Improvement of the cost-effectiveness of H-bearing piles by using high-strength HISTAR steels Lucien P. Weber
346 Static and dynamic pile loading tests on different types of driven piles in Limelette (B) Noel Huybrechts, Christian Legrand
347 The performance of piled foundations supporting a large hotel on estuarine deposits in Durban G.P. Byrne, J.H. Strydom, W. DuPreez
348 Screw-in energy measurement for on-site control of the bearing capacity of Omega piles Maurice Bottiau, Ines Meyus, Steven Callens
359 EN 1536: the European standarad "execution of bored piles" Wolf-Rudiger Linder, Hans-H. Siebke
350 Quality assurance in bored PHC nodular piles through control of design capacity based on loading test data Madan B. Karkee, Shigeo kanai, Takashi Horiguchi
340 Creating Customer Confidence (C3) M.C. Putnam, R. Fernie, J.A. Elliott
352 Driven steel shell cast in situ piles: effect of deviation during driving Angelo L. Garassino, Maurizio Nesti
353 Frequent problems in soil mechanics and foundation techniques - analysis and remedial suggestions D.G. Goossens
354 The Osterberg load test method for bored and driven piles the first ten years Jorj O. Osterberg PhD
355 Method for estimating static load-settlement relation by rapid pile load tests Kiyoshi Yamashita, Yasunori Tsubakihara & Masaaki Kakurai
356 The bearing capacity of driven steel piles in weathered chalks M. Bustamante, L. Gianeselli, L. Weber
357 Standardization and Codification of Dynamic Pile Testing A Worldwide Review Jorge Beim, Carl-John Gravare, Oswald Klingmuller, Li De-Qing, Frank Rausche
323 Energy piles for heating and cooling of buildings Dr. H. Brandl
349 A study on the appliability of integrity tests for damaged piles Yasumitsu Ichimura, Shinya Sakamoto, Hideo Ono, Shinichi Yamada
333 Shaft grouted piles in sand and clay in Bangkok B.D. Littlechild, G.D. Plumbridge, M.W. Free
324 Testing piles with virtual instruments Erez I. Amir & Joram M. Amir
325 BHP direct reduced iron, hot briquetted iron process plant, concrete injected piled foundation - Port Hedland, Australia Charles Pol Vuillieer, William Kingwell
326 The image of the civil engineering in society from an ethical and philosophical aspect "John Mitchell Memorial Address" Prof. Heinz Brandl, Dr. Techn, Dipl-Ing
327 Vibro concrete columns - an alternative technique to piled foundation for building structures Mario J. Pototschnik
328 Accuracy of determining pile capacity by dynamic methods Mark R. Svinkin, Richard D. woods
329 Installation and loading tests of deep piles in Shanghai alluvium Warren Pump, Stan Korista, James Scott
330 Capacity of model grouted piles in calcareous sediments Hackmet A. Joer, Mark F. Randolph
342 Sludge detector for quality assurance of large diameter bored pile and barrette construction John G. Wang, C.S. Ho
332 Effects of construction technique on the behaviour of plain bored cast in situ piles constructed under drilling slurry Brian Littlechild, Glen Plumbridge
341 Bearing capacity of drilled piles depending on geomechanical properties of soil Nenad Susic, Spasojevic Aleksandar, Stojkov Ksenija
334 Quality Assurance and Testing on a Contract for 16,000 Large Diameter Bored Cast in Situ Piles A.R. Chodorowski, M.R. Duffy
335 Continuous flight auger piles in the Woolwich and Reading Beds in the Isle of Dogs, London Sergio A. Solera
336 Dynamic and static load tests on the longest precast prestressed concrete piles of Brazil Luiz Guilherme de Mello, Sussumu, Julio Coelho, Kalil Skaf
337 Routine and long-term monitoring of stress state of deep foundation piles in adverse geological engineering environments V.M. Korolyov, L.E. Pronina
338 High capacity, long-life bored piles in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Project H. Hamza, F. Leoni
339 Bored Piles in Jeddah Coral Formation Alp Gokalp, Erdogdu Savaskan
360 Polish Piling Code in the light of Eurocode 7 Prof. Andrzej Tejchman, Dr. Kazimierz Gwizdala
331 Some dynamic parameters of drilled piles under low- and high-energy tests. Correlation with the static pattern. Guido Chiesura
388 Westminster Station, London - Deep foundations and limiting Movements in the deepest excavation in London Julian Crawley, Paul Glass
380 Elimination of Foundation Base Termination Criterion by Means of Soil Thermal Strengthening with the Microwave Energy L.A. Babin, Y.I. Spector, O.L. Denisov
381 Pile Foundations in Heterogeneous Ground H. Brandl
382 Bored Piles in Volcanic Rocks for Funchal Airport Extension Peter Rutty
383 Lateral Capacity of Piles in Stiff Glacial Till Declan Phillips, Barry Lehane
384 Rock Socketed Piling in Ireland Michael Long
385 Heathrow Express Rail Link: design and construction of deep piled circular cofferdam A.J. Powderham
358 Behaviour of lateral loaded pile with sand layers interaction S. Belkhir, d. Levacher, S. Mezazigh, W. Hamadeh
387 A new concept for the excavation of deep building pits in inner urban areas combining top/down method and pile raft foundation Rolf Katzenbach, Hubert Quick
377 Swann's Bridge, N. Ireland: Foundation Design in a Glacial Lake Deposit S.J. Cummings, G.J. Mackenzie
389 Pilot consolidation of wall footings of Sheremetev Palace in Ostankino E.S. Argal, V.A. Ashikhmen
390 LPG terminal in Shanghai, china: drilling and testing of large bored piles in difficult conditions P. Debauche, Y. Zaczek
391 Seismic Evaluation of Pile Foundation by 3-D Finite Element Analyses Makoto Kimura, Feng Zhang
392 A comparison of static and statnamic load tests in sand: a case study of the Bayou Chico bridge in Pensacola, Florida Michael D. Justason, Gray Mullins PhD, Donald T. Robertson PE, William F. Knight PE
393 Driven compacted-in-place sand-gravel piers Petr Klablena
394 Estimating end bearing capacities of driven piles in sand from in-situ tests Kenneth Gavin, Barry Lehane
395 Micropiles foundation for a big outdoor panel J. Matos e Silva, Francisco Machado
386 Large diameter pile foundations in Trias strata for the Second Severn Crossing, UK J.D. Maddison, P. Wright, D.B. Jones
370 Jacked Steel Pipe Piles in Underpinning Pasi Korkeakoski
361 Safe and economic design of steel sheet piling in accordance with ENV 1993-5: Piling (Eurocode 3, part 5) Dr. Ing. Alex Schmitt
362 Neutral Plane of Single Piles in Clay Subjected to Surcharge Loading A.M. Hanna, H. Esmail
363 The use of heat exchanger piles as exemplified in the MAIN TOWER building in Frankfurt am Main Dr. Ing. Nico von der Hude, Dr. sc. Nat. Christoph Kapp
364 Dynamic compaction to improve geotechnical properties of MSW in landfilling W.F. VanImpe
365 A way to predict vibrations Dipl Ing. Wolf-J. Gerasch
366 Railway Bridge Foundations with High Capacity Drilled Piles Korkeakoski Pasi, Eronen Sami
367 Unique Caisson Foundations Anchored into Rock by RCC Piles for Jogighopsa Bridge in Assam, India V.M Dharap, M.V. Jatkar
379 Underpinning of an operating subway tunnel with high capacity small diameter pipe piles David Cacoilo, Alice Arana, George Tamaro
369 Lateral Pile Behavior under Different Loading Speed by Static, Statnamic and Quasi-Static Loading Systems Shinya Sakamoto
378 Steel in Civil Engineering (STECE) - a programme of ground engineering technology Jouko Lehtonen
371 Offshore and Onshore Loading Tests for the Ford Island Bridge, Hawaii Gerald Y. Seki, Clayton S. Mimura, Trevor D. Smith
372 Design and Construction of Pile Foundations for a Building Complex - A Case History H. Frank Murati PE, Anupam Saxena PE, D.S. "Sax" Saxena PE
373 Piles foundations' design allow for ultimate permissible strains A.A. Bartolomey, L.A. Bartolomey, V.G. Ofrikhter, A.B. Ponomarev, B.S. Yushkov, V.M. Chikishev
374 Distress in Sedimentation Basin due to unexpected Uplift Forces M. Mamdouh Reyad
375 An Evaluation of Pile Freeze for Driven Piles in Central and Southwest Florida Anupam Saxena PE, D.S. "Sax" Saxena PE, M.F. Rwebyogo PE
376 Foundation Construction in Foley Square, New York Joel Moskowitz, James P. Gould
396 Interpretation of loading tests on pile socketed into marl Oguz Calisan, Altay Birand, M. Yener Ozkan
368 Recent advances in CFA piling with particular reference to Automatic Rig Control and Instrumentation P.H. Derbyshire, K. Ellway