(IC-1996) Proceedings - Sixth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1996, Bombay, India

article# description author(s)
421 Environmental Considerations regarding the Danish Landworks for the Fixed Link Across the Oresund Uwe Hess MSc PhD, Svend Tantholdt MSc, Carsten Bonde MSc, Susanne Pedersen MSc, Laust Ladefoged MSc
219 Pile Lateral Force Capacity Naim Noori Samie
414 Innovative Use of Piles for Retaining Sides of Deep Excavations D.V. Karandikar
415 Tentative Guidelines for Design of Stone Columns-G.H. Approach A.R. Katti, R.K. Katti
416 Interactive Encased Stone-Column Foundation P.M. Deshpande, A.V. Vyas
417 Design of Well Cap, Pier and Well Steiming at the Junction using Strut-and-Tie Model P.K. Singh
418 A New Design Method for Drilled Shafts in Rock Chris M. Haberfield, Julian P. Seidel
412 Pile Driving Hammers in Centrifuge Modelling Daniel Levacher, Louis-Marie Cottineau
420 Innovative Methods of Dealing with Contaminated Soils in Drilled Shafts William F. Loftus PE
411 Statnamic Load Testing of Strain Instrumented Large Diameter Bored Shafts Matthew Janes, Patrick Bermingham
422 Relevance of Ryznar Index in Under Water Concrete V.T. Ganpule, Vivek Gadgil
423 The Effects of a Direct Electrical Current on the Adhesion Factor Value of Metallic Piles in Clay Stephen T. Bloomer, Christopher Walsh, Andrew Fingland
424 Vibrodriving and the Compaction of Granular Soils RAP Bement, AR Selby
425 Environmental Impact Management through Foundation System A.M. Deshmukh
426 Designed, Load-Tested, and Installed Piles for a High-Rise Building in Southwest Florida - A Case History Anupam Saxena PE, Dhirendra S. Saxena PE
427 Piled Raft System - Approximate Design Methods S.L. Karunakaran, Jose Kurlan, K.P. Abraham, P.K. Naidu
419 Effects of Environment on Deep Foundation Elements Subhash B. Bhide, Ramesh D. Chothe
404 Lateral Capacity of Rigid Piles in Clays Based on Earth Pressure Concepts S. Narasimha Rao, K. Mallikarjuna Rao, C. Veeresh, V.G.S.T. Ramakrishna
220 Diaphragm Walls Acting as Anchor Curtains of Laterally Loaded Structures J. Matos e Silva, Francisco Machado
397 Current Pile Foundation Practice in Taiwan Za-Chieh Moh, Chung-Tien Chin
398 Experiences with a New Type of Displacement Screw Pile William Van Impe
399 Recent Experience with the Omega Pile and New Applications Maurice Bottiau
400 Change in Bearing Capacity of Bored Steel H Piles enclosed in Soil-Cement Columns with Overburden Pressure Tomio Tsuchiya, Fumio Sata, Masaaki Kakurai, Kiyoshi Yamashita
401 Pile Foundation - A Critical Study of some Design Aspects S.L. Karunakaran, Jose Kurian, K.P. Abraham, P.K. Naidu
413 A Theoretical Study of Underpinning of Rigid Circular Foundations by Piles M. Makarchian, H.G. Poulos
403 Measured and Predicted Response of Laterally Loaded Piles K. Mallikarjuna Rao, V. Sureh Kumar
430 Skin Friction of Excavated Piles in Weathered Granite K.K.S. Ho, W.K. Pun, D.O.K. Lo
405 Safe Load of a Single Pile in Earthquake Loading Shamsher Prakash, Somnath Bandyopadhyay
406 Negative Drag Reduction on Spliced Piles - An Insitu Study Gopal Ranjan, M.P. Jain
407 Stresses and Settlement in Soil due to Axially Loaded Piles and Pile Group Virendra Singh
408 Analysis of Piled Raft Foundation S.R. Gandhi, D.K. Maharaj
409 New Technique to Drive Piles by Impact Hammer inside the Pile Dik Arentsen, Jean Luc Pautre, Slim el Aiba
410 Single-Head Large Diameter Hammer Drill for Bored Piling Actualizes Large Diameter Rock Drilling and Deep Underwater Drilling Operation J. Nakayama
402 Analysis of Vertical Piles in Granular Soils Subjected to Static Lateral Loading K. Rama Sarma, V.B. Sarma, A.V.V.S. Raju, A.M. Arumugham
862 A critical appraisal of IS Code provisions for pile design Dr. N. Som, R.B. Sahu, S. Ghosh
854 Quality control of piling and deep foundations in Belgium from the design to the execution Daniel Gossens
855 Some problems encountered during pile installation D.N. Naresh & Dr. M.V. Nagendra
856 Defective piles in clay Dr. Narasimha Rao
857 High strain testing of large diameter, high capacity unlined bored piles Dhanvin B. Mehta
858 Comparison of dynamic and static methods of evaluating static pile capacity Harpal Parmar, Dan Crown
859 Optimisation of pile type to support major structures above a deep sand profile Dr. Peter Davies, B.C. Lynn
428 Theoretical Simulation Approach for Load Settlement Characterstics of Piles in Shale Deposits Subrata Ray, R.R. Maurya
861 A case study on underreamed piles Ashim Kanti Dey, Rajesh Minda, Kamal Gurung
851 2D and 3D analysis of new Austrian tunneling method G.R. Dasari
863 Assessment of safe load on piles using Indian Standard Codes Shenbaga R. Kaniraj
864 Anamolies amendments and revision of IS code on underreamed piles Dr. A.V. Shroff
865 Foundation codes and limit state partial factors W.G.K. Fleming
866 The reliability of conventional design methods for driven piles in sand Kenneth Gavin & Barry Lehane
867 Experimental and theoretical studies on pile capacity B.C. Borthakur & Dr. U.C. Kalita
868 Guidelines for selection of parameters for design of caisson foundations for certain conditions dr. Dinesh R. Kati, Dr. R.K. Katti, Dr. A.R. Katti
860 Large diameter piles for deep foundation of Orsang Aqueduct A.K. Soni, A.B. Desai, c.S. Shah
438 Design of Foundation on Granular Piles for Five Storied Residential Complex at Nazira, Assam B.N. Hira, A.K. Sharma, B. Dey, Dinesh, S.K. Jain
869 Foundation Contracts & Law Kirty Dave & Vandana Bhatt
431 Negative Drag - A Practical Example A. Verghese Chummar
432 Piles Lateral Force Capacity Naim Noori Samie
433 Correlations from In Situ Compression, Pull-Out & Lateral Load Tests on Piles Madhira R. Madhav, Prabir K. Basudhar
434 Analyses on Laterally Loaded Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles MakotoKimura, Toshihisa Adachi
435 Pile Foundations in Liquefiable Soils - A Case Study R.K.M. Bhandari, M.K. Gupta, A. Nanda, A. Bharadwaj
853 Professional responsibilities in sub-surface investigation for foundations D.J. Ketkar
437 Non-Destructive Testing of Piles - A Case History Manish Kumar, D.J. Ketkar
852 Drilling and dewatering in an urban development Joel Moskowitz
439 Construction of Foundations for Zuari, Mandovi Railway Bridges in Goa N.V. Nayak
440 Construction of Deep Open Foundations for Airoli Road Bridge on Thane Creek in New Bombay A.R. Jambekar, N.V. Nayak
441 Deep Foundations - Experience & Problems encountered - Case Study for Second Thane Creek Bridge at Vashi, New Bombay S.R. Nandargikar, S.K. Bhugra
442 Diaphragm Walls Acting as Anchor Curtains of Laterally Loaded Structures J. Matos e Silva, Francisco Machado
849 Construction of Foundation Power House - IV at WYC Hydroelectric Project H.S.E.b. Dhudkalan, D.K. Gupta, Prof. R.K. Bansal
850 Underpinning of building during tunneling Los Angeles Metro rail system John a. DalPino, B.M. Ghadiali, K.N. Murthy, R. Thakarar
429 Pile Load Test on 1200 mm Diameter Pile in Cemented Soil B. Ramanathan, K.L. Pujar
436 Dynamic Testing of Model Piles - A Laboratory Study P. Srinivasulu, N. Gopalakrishnan, K. Sathishkumar, K.A.V. Ramesh Kumar