(IC-1994) Proceedings - Fifth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1994, Bruges, Belgium

article# description author(s)
803 Dynamic testing of large capacity precast concrete piles in the Port of Long Beach Dr. A.E. Holeyman & K. Bhushan
776 John Mitchell Memorial Address: Promoting engineering - The role of effective communication Prof. T.J. Poskitt PhD DSc Ceng FICE FIStructE
796 Emergency spill basin (patent pending) H.C.M. Breek & H.C. v/d Waal
797 Ground compaction settlement caused by vibrations from vibrodriving of piles Dr. A. Selby & R.A.P. Bement
798 Prediction and control of vibrations due to pile driving and sheet pile vibration P.H. Waarts & M.W. Bielefeld
799 Experimental modelling of end bearing piles in sand M. Aboutaha, G. de Roeck & Prof Dr. Ir. W.F. VanImpe
800 Steel pipe pile foundations for large structures in difficult soil conditions J. Hartikainen & J. Heinonen
794 The use of sheet-piling for the encapsulation of abandoned landfills Prof Dr Ing H.L. Jessberger, Dr. Ing. M. Geil & G.H. Pursch
802 Static and dynamic testing of steel tubular piles for a LNG loading facility in Brunei C.D. Parkinson & Ir. A.Q.C. van der Horst
793 Expert system for estimating noise and vibration emissions during pile-driving of sheet piles and steel beams M.K. Funk & W.J. Gerasch
804 Friction piles in sand - prediction of bearing capacity and load/displacement curve L. Jendeby, K. Rankka & C. Noren
805 Recent large scale diaphragm wall constructions by submersible motormills in Japan J. Nakayama
806 A comparison between measured and calculated bearing capacity of piles C. Cherubini, L. Cucchiararo, T. Iaccarini
807 Predictions of load-settlement relations of steel pipe piles from dynamic load testing M. Hayashi, T. Okamoto, F. Kanai & T. Matsumoto
808 Kinetic and dynamic loading tests of a cast-in-place concrete pile K. Yamashita, M. Kakurai, M. Chosokabe & T. Fukuhara
809 Recent Experience with the OMEGA-Pile M. Bottiau & G. Cortvrindt
810 The pile driving controller, a new tool for pile driving quality control P. Middendorp & F.M. Middeldorp
801 Application of double tube grout pile to an offshore jacket structure supported in rocky bed K. Kato & H. Oumi
785 Use of high capacity piles in bridge foundations with full scale test results J.A. Mason
777 Compression & uplift static capacity of driven concrete piles M. Hussein, B. Jory & M. Sharp
778 Improving the capacity of piles in rock through the use of expansive cement additives C.M. Haberfield, S. Baycan & J.P. Seidel
779 A piled raft interaction model Prof. Dr. Ir. W.F. VanImpe
780 Static and cyclic model pile tests in sand Dr. Ir. S. Kanai & Prof. Dr. Ir W.F. VanImpe
781 A comparison of different sheet-pile installation methods C. Legrand, D. Van Rompaey, J. Menten
782 Design guidelines for screw anchors C.A. Carville & R.W. Walton
795 Prediction of installation of sheet piles using vibratory hammers M.W. Bielefeld
784 Efficient driving of precast concrete piles Prof A.F. van Weele & Dr. A.J.G. Schellingerhout
813 Electrohydrodynamic effect - piles and their application in erection of buildings and constructions on weak soils Prof S. N. Sotnikov & A.L. Egorov
786 Researches into the behaviour of high capacity pin piles Dr. D.A. Bruce & P.J. Nicholson
787 Pile capacity as a function of time in clayey and sandy soils M. Svinkin, C.M. Morgano & M. Morvant
788 Exposure tests of mild steels and organic coatings in tropical marine environments T. Kurisu, C. Shiotani, Y. Ito, T. Nakamura, M. Otuki & T. Asama
789 Design & construction considerations for piles in landfills E.E. Rinne, R.J. Dunn & M. Majchrzak
790 An interesting solution for deepened railroads (V-Polder) G. Oudakker, J. Boneveld & H. Spek
791 HFV amplitude control vibratory hammers: piling efficiency without the vibration inconvenience C. Houze
792 A new method of installing synthetic liners in deep diaphragm walls for the vertical enclosure of contaminated sites K. Krubasik & F. Hupert
783 Capacity of jacked-down piles I.H. Wong
840 Navy pier dock expansion static and dynamic test program P.J. Hannigan, S.D. Webster, R.K. Lukas & C.M. McComb
832 A new analysis method of double sheet-pile wall structures T. Mizutani, Y. Wakiya, K. Uno & S. Kitagawa
833 Performance of two steel H-Piles founded in weathered meta-siltstone T.S.K. Lam, S.H. Tse, C.K. Cheung & A.K.Y. Lo
834 The observational method in value engineering A.J. Powderham & P. Rutty
835 Friedrichstadt Passagen Project, Berlin. Deep excavation for multi-basement commercial and car parking facilities G. Tamaro, A. Brand, C. Sanger & C. DeBenedittis
836 Foundation with piled rafts in slide sensitive area C. Alen
837 Compensated foundations at Angel Square, London L.J. Whitworth, R.G. Lee, A.J. Turner & A.R. Mehjoo
811 Cut-off walls by hydrofraise by the one-state method Jorn Seitz & Soren Hass
839 Special requirements to Steel Sheet Piling for New Highway Structures F. Hubert and P. Schroeder
829 Loading tests on bored piles for foundations of motorway viaducts. A case history the Kinaii-Sakarya motorway, Turkey A. Clerici, L. Griffini & M. Pagni Frette
841 Slender small diameter piles with very high bearing capacity A.L. Garassino & M. Nesti
842 Full-scale failure tests on lateral loading cast-in-place concrete piles M. Kimura, K. Kosa & Y. Morita
843 The behaviour of continuous flight augered piles in soft clay A. Lyndon, G.J.W. King & E.a. Dickin
844 A case of a rock mass consolidation for foundation purposes J. Matos e Silva & F. Machado
845 Construction of piles of high bearing capacity in compacted sandy soil T. Tsuchiya & M. Kakurai
846 Equipment for the construction of a coal loading wharf, Gladstone Harbour, Australia C.F. Rasmusson
847 Drilled-grouted piles in thick loess in China T. Huang, G. Sui, S. Lius & X. Chen
838 Base & shaft-grouted bored Pile foundations for the first residential complex, Giza, Egypt R.J. Robson & A. Wahby
822 Soil investigation for pile foundations W. Rodatz & B. Weinholz
848 Deep soil improvement by rammed stone columns - two case histories for large diameter storage tanks F. De Cock & S. D'hoore
814 Full Scale Loading Tests on Instrumented Piles R.M.S. Maiorano, A. Mandolini & G.P. Russo
815 Quality control at Pier NB-2 A. Komornik & J.M. Amir
816 Comparison of pile loading tests and the phenomenon of heave, Sachsen paper mill Eilenburg, Germany S. Doornbos, E. Revoort, O. Schoo, Ed Zublin & O. Tirkkonen
817 Modified hardening slurry for installation of steel piles L. Rafalski
818 Pile loading tests and corrective actions for anomalies detected in large bored piles M. Bustamante & Y. Zaczek
819 Survey of the realisation, detection of anomalies and grouting of large bored piles Y. Zaczek & P. Debauche
831 Long term monitoring of negative skin friction in driven piles installed in reclaimed land K.K.S. Ho & S.H. Mak
821 Foundation of a 50,000 ton sugar silo on CFA-piles H. Eriksson, w. Rankka & L. Jendeby
830 Comparative study of static loading test and statnamic on a steel pipe pile driven in a soft rock T. Matsumoto, M. Tsuzuki & Y. Michi
823 Installation and testing of a new vibration-free piling system, the Europile H. de Kruiff & T.N.J. Vinks
824 Correlation of safety measures from deterministic and reliability-based approaches for pile Foundation Design Dr. R.B. Abmalik & Dr. T.F. Wolff
825 Dangers of using geofabrics in cast-in-situ bored piles S. S. Rao
826 Railway over the Oude Maas - bottleneck for shipping and railway traffic J.H.E. Tinke & H. deKruiff
827 Simultaneous Loading Tests of Steel Piles by Dynamic and Static Methods N. Kawabarta, M. Hayashi, Y. Wakiya, Y. Kobayashi & S. Nishimura
828 Soil improvement through mechanical deep mixing treatment in Thailand F. Pagliacci & G. Pagotto
812 The role of driven pile instrumentation M. England
820 Little details lead to costly mistakes: problems in design and construction of foundations J.L. Walkinshow