(IC-1991-IT) Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1991, Stresa, Italy

article# description author(s)
479 P-y Curves from DMT Data for Piles Driven in Clay S. Marchetti, G. Totani, M. Calabrese & P. Monaco; L'Aquila University, Italy
468 Predicting the Bearing Capacity of Sheet Piles Under Vertical Load M.G. Bustamante & L. Gianeselli; Laboratorie Central des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, France
469 The Effect of Bitumen Slip Coating on the Driveability of Precast Concrete Piles G.A. Chapman & J.P. Wagstaff; John Wagstaff Constructions Pty. Ltd., Australia J.P. Seidel; Pile Test Pty. Ltd., Australia
470 Some Limits to the use of Jet-Grouting A. Chiari; SPEA Ingegneria Europea, Milan, Italy P. Croce; University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy
471 Steel Bottom/Driven Piles in Coral Formations Problems: Skin Friction Improvements Method F. Danese; Cogefarimpresit SpA, Italy G. Botto: Italsonda SpA, Italy
472 A Monitoring System for the Quality Assessment of the Jet Grouting Process Through an Energy Approach B. De Paoli, C. Stella & A. Perelli Cippo; RODIO SpA, Casalmaiocco, Milan, Italy L. Locatelli; GEOCAD Srl, Milan, Italy
473 32 Reinforcement of Subsoil Under the Foundations of Historical Buildings in Cracow Using Deep Injection Techniques J.J. Domski; Geotechnical Institute, Technical University, Cracow, Poland
474 Example Applications of a New Type of Steel, Driven Pile: 'Multiton' A. Fioruzzi & P. Ceretti; Icels Pali SpA, Milan, Italy L.F. Albert Studio Geotecnico Italiano Srl, Milan, Italy S. Marchetti; Universita dell Aquila, Italy
475 The Gravel Piles as an Alternative Method of Deep Foundations Z. Grabowski & Z. Szwech
476 Field Tests of Soft Clay Stabilized by Stone Columns in Coastal Areas in China Jie Han & Shulin Ye; Department of Geotechnical Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
489 Oslo City: Deep Basement with Permanent Sheet Pile Walls. High Strength Concrete Piles O. Bruskeland; Noteby Norsk teknisk byggekontroll A/S, Norway
478 38 Increased Project Economy by Field Montoring of Deep Soil Compaction B. Lindberg; Hercules AB, Gothenburg, Sweden K.R. Massarsch Geo Engineering SA, Waterloo, Belgium
465 24 Bearing Capacity of Large Diameter Piling by the Internal Boring and Bottom Enlarging Installation Method: NAKS Method I. Yanashima; Concrete Pile Installation Technology Association, Nippon Concrete Industries Co. Ltd, Japan
480 Bearing Capacity of Precast Concrete Piles with Step Tapered Base H. Murakami; Asahi Chemical Construction Materials Co. Ltd, Japan A. Ohshima; Nippon Concrete Industries Co. Ltd, Japan
481 Construction of Piled Raft Foundation for High Rise Building Using Precast Concrete Piles K. Nishio; Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc., Japan K. Maehara; Asahi Chemical Construction Materials Co. Ltd, Japan
482 42 Founding in Dolomitic Formations in Southern Africa with a History of the Development of the Design and Installation of Predrilled Precast Piles H.G. Norton; Esor Geotechnical Engineering Pty Ltd, South Africa\ G.S. Paterson; Transline Pty Ltd, South Africa
483 43 A New Deep Foundation Composed of Soil-Cement Mixture and Steel Tubular Pile T. Okamoto, T. Tamura, K. Takano & M. Hayashi Civil and Building Technology Research Department, Steel Research Center, NKK Corporation, Japan H. Shimaoka & T. Homma Business and Construction Products Development Department, Building a
484 Tubex Grout Injected Pile & Loading Test E. Revoort; Funderingstechnieken Verstraeten B.V., Oostburg, Netherlands E. Janse; Delft Geotechnics, Delft, Netherlands
485 Instrumented Loading Tests to Failure on a Very Long, Steel, Driven, Cast in Situ Multiton Pile G.F. Rocchi, L.F. Albert & O. Vacca Studio Geotecnico Italiano Srl, Milan, Italy G. Totani Universita dell'Aquila, Italy
486 Bearing Capacity of Precast Nodular Piles in Tianjin Soft Clayey Soil Xu You-zai; Central Research Institute of Building and Construction, MMI, Beijing, People's Republic of China S. Yabuuchi; Takechi Engineering Co. Ltd, Osaka, Japan
487 Analysis of Seawalls on Pile Foundations Subject to Dynamic Breaking Wave Forces A.F. Abouleid, H.H. Elmamlouk & T.M. Hassan; Cairo University, Egypt
443 1 Probabilistic Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Drilled Piles in Clay C. Cherubini; Institute of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, Faculty of Engineering, Bari, Italy
477 The Use of High Strength H Bearing Piles in Hong Kong J. Ho; Gammon Construction Ltd, Hong Kong L. Weber; Tradearbed Pte Ltd, Singapore
455 15 Large Diameter, Rock Socket, Base Grouted Piles in Bristol M.S. Mojabi & M.J. Duffin; Ove Arup & Partners, Bristol, UK
444 2 Design Values for Bearing Capacities of Piles Derived by use of Statistical Methods H.E. Eriksson Hercules Grundlaggning, AB, Kista, Sweden
445 3 EUROCODE Safety Approach as Applied to Single Piles E. Franke Technical University Darmstadt, and Franke-Meibner-Consultants, Wiesbaden-Delkenheim, Germany
446 4 Risk Model for Pile Capacity Analysis V.R. Greco; University of Calabria, Rende (Cs), Italy F. Politi; Geoconsult Srl, Rome. Italy
447 5 Hazards and Safety in Piling and Drilling K. Waninger; Tiebau-Berufsgenossenschaft, Mainz, Germany
448 Design and Construction of Drilled Shafts in Coarse Gravel and Cobble Deposits G.H Beckwith & A. Hirany; Sergent, Hauskins & Beckwith Geotechnical Engineers Inc., Phoenix, Ariz.
449 7 Quality Aspects of Reinforced Augercast Piles M. Bottiau; Socofonda SA, Brussels, Belgium K.R. Massarsch; Geo Engineering SA, Waterloo, Belgium
450 9 Testing and Analysis of Preliminary Test Piles in Very Weak Chalk S.P. Corbet & D.S. Culley; G. Maunsell & Partners, Consulting Engineers, UK D.E. Sherwood & J.E.M. Cockcroft Bachy Group, UK
451 10 The Deep Foundation of the Extension of the 'Nederlandsche Bank Building' in Amsterdam H.J. Everts, E. Janse & J. Kruizinga; Delft Geotechnics, Delft, Netherlands
452 11 Construction Debris Landfill Offers Challenge for Foundation Support J.H. Gould; RUST International Corporation, Birmingham, Ala. T.F. Mullin; Dames & Moore, Boca Raton, Fla.
467 The Development of a New Type Precast Concrete Pile R.A. Bullivant; Roger Bullivant Ltd., Burton-on-Trent, UK
454 14 The Performance of Bored Piles, used as Foundation and Retaining Walls, in the Middle Coal Measures H. Mirzabaigian & D.C. Curtis; Ove Arup & Partners, Manchester, UK
466 Deep Mixing Technology to improve the Bearing Capacity of a Very Soft Clayey Soil Under an Earth Embankment A. Balossi Restelli; Milan, Italy M. Bertero; Design Department, Trevi SpA, Cesena, Italy E. Lodigiani, SpA, Milan, Italy
456 16 Analysis of CFA-Pile-Behavior with DMT-Results at Geel Test Site H. Peiffer & W.F. Van Impe; Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Ghent State University, Belgium G. Cortvrindt; Socofonda SA, Brussels, Belgium M. Van den Broeck; ASTE, Ghent, Belgium
457 17 Establishing an Island and a Dry Excavation in the Sea Bottom for a Tunnel Crossing M. Porsvig; Danish Geotechnical Institute, Denmark L. Lovgren; MT Group, Denmark
458 18 Post Office Square Garage, Boston, USA: A Challenging 'Top Down' Project in a Congested Urban Area A. Ressi di Cervia; ICOS Corporation of America, Englewood, N.J. G.J. Tamaro; Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, N.Y.
459 19 Construction of Pile Foundation of the 'Postal Cittadel' in the Direction Center of Naples M. Santosuosso; Mededil SpA, Naples, Italy G. Rizzi; Giglio SpA, Naples, Italy L. Diamanti; Geosonda SpA, Rome, Italy
460 Diaphragm Walls, Load Bearing Piles and Piled Soil Reinforcement for a Deep Top Down Basement Construction J.R. Hollingdworth; Cementation Piling & Foundations Ltd., UK
461 Circular Slurry Wall Sets Record in Africa J.M. Seitz; Bilfinger & Berger, Bauaktiengesellschaft, Mannheim, Germany
462 21 Messe Turm, Foundations for the Tallest Building in Europe H. Sommer; Grundbauinstitut Sommer & Partner, Darmstadt, Germany G. Tamaro; Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, N.Y., USA C. DeBenedittis; Tishman Speyer Properties, N.Y., USA
463 22 Farmers Avenue Road Crossing, Castle Mall Development, Norwich D. Twine; Ove Arup & Partners, London, UK R.H. Wright: Fairclough Piling & Marine, UK
464 Measures on the Application of Concrete Filling Pile in the Cold Areas of China Wang Li-hua; Heilongjiang Province Low Temperature Construction Science Research Institute, People's Republic of China
490 A Study on Compression of Shaft of Individual Pile Chen Zhuchang & Song Rong
453 13 Strengthening the Foundation of the Church at Skien, Norway by the Root-Filling Method B.E. Lundahl; Stabilator AB, Danderyd, Sweden
526 Centrifugal modeling of stress-reducing piled foundations on sand A. Lyndon & M.J. Wei Liverpool University, UK J.G. Turner Bierrum and Partners Ltd, UK
515 Study of the load bearing capacity of a pile of considerable length bored using bentonite mud M. Bustamante & L. Gianeselli Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, France M.Bertero & A. Paviani Design Department, Trevi SpA, Cesena, Italy
516 Behavior of large diameter bored piles in overconsolidated cohesive soils V. Cotecchia & L. Monterisi Institute of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, Bari University, Italy
517 Load-deflection prediction for laterally loaded piles based on N-SPT values L. Decorate; Lucian Decorate Engenheiros Consultores Ltda, Sao Paulo, Brazil
518 Stress-wave analysis of large steel pipe piles and construction of underwater pile caps for bridge piers K. Fujita Science University of Tokyo, Japan Y.Fuse Kansai International Airport Co. Ltd, Japan Y. Yamaguchi, A. Uchida & I. Sandandata Technical Research Institute, HAZAMA Corporation, Japan
519 83 Stress development in sand due to installation and uplifting of screw anchors A. Ghaly & A. Hanna Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
520 Determination of the bearing capacity of screwed-in piles by dynamic pile testing P. Gilles Laboratoire du Genie Civil, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium E. Tancre & F. De Cock Franki Company, Division Foundations, Belgium E. Lousberg Unite Genie Civil, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
521 Short and long term shaft resistance of driven instrumented pile in soft clay M.M. Hamza; Suez Canal University, Egypt
522 Stansted Airport vertical and lateral load tests on bored pile elements to be used in a retaining wall S. Hope & K. Ho Ove Arup & Partners G. Price & I.F. Wardle
523 Shape estimation method for cast in-situ piles based on the stress wave theory M. Honma; Nippon Concrete Industry Co. Ltd, Shimodate, Ibaraki, Japan T. Sakai; Public Works Research Institute, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan H. Murakumi; Asahi Chemical Construction Materials co. Ltd, Japan N. Koyama; Nippon Hume Pipe Co. H. Inaga
488 Use of Highly Stressed Piles to Control Settlement C.N. Baker, Jr; STS Consultants Ltd, USA B.E. Smith; SKS Associates, USA H. Nielsen; Uzun Structural Engineering Inc., USA
525 Bearing capacity of driven piles from tests on site D. Levacher; Universite du Havre, France J.P. Levillain; Laboratoire Regional des Ponts et Chaussees, Angers, France
512 Underwater bracing without submergible maneuvers of driven piles M.B. Wechsler; Downey, Calif., USA
527 Dynamic pile tests on in-situ concrete displacement piles K. Meier; Institute of Ground and Soil Mechanics, Braunschweig, Germany H. Meseck; Philipp Holzmann AG, Dusseldorf, Germany
528 Faults detecting in foundation piles and sheet pile walls with ultrasonic investigations G. Mor; Controls SpA, Cernusco s/N, Milan, Italy
529 Negative skin friction on coated and uncoated model piles V.K. Puri & B.M. Das Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Ill., USA U. Karna Lippincot Engineering Associates, Riverside, NJ., USA
530 Interpretation of Sonic Coring results: A research project R.T. Stain & H.T. Williams Testconsult CEBTP Ltd, UK
531 Some practical experiences with low strain integrity test on driven and bored piles G. Strnisa & I. Lesjak GIP Gradis Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia
532 Model pile tests to determine the effects of installation method and form on load transfer under static load L. Stuckrath & F. Descoeudres Laboratoire de mecanique des roches, Ecole Polytechniqu Federale de Lausanna, Switzerland
533 Optimal pile driving H.V. Koten; Flow Engineering B.V., Rijswijk, Netherlands
534 Bearing capacity of large diameter steel pipe pile determined by static loading test and dynamic testing G. Vogrincic; IMFM, University of Ljubljana, Yugoslavia G. Strnisa; GIP Gradis Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
535 Dynamic testing of H-piles and HDB sites J. Wei, Y.S. Heng, C.S. Lok & M.K. Chong Housing and Development Board, Singapore
524 Prediction of bearing capacity of piles by pile dynamics N. Kawabata; Nippon Steel Corporation, Tokyo, Japan T. Sakai; Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan S. Kondo; Public Works Research Center, Tokyo, Japan H. Kanai; NKK Corporation, Tokyo,
502 Laterally Loaded Pile Under Large Deflection M. Okahara & S. Nakatani Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction, Tsukuba, Japan T. Asama, M. Miki, S. Koyama & R. Ueno Japanese Association for Steel Pipe Piles, Tokyo, Japan
491 Reinforced Concrete Pile Design for Lateral Loading T.G. Davies; Department of Civil Engineering, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK M. Budha; Department of Civil Engineering, State University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz., USA
492 Construction of a Deepwater Bulk Terminal in the Port of Rotterdam: Pile Installation Aspects J.G. de Gijt, C.N. van Schaik & R.E. Roelfsema; Harbour Engineering Division, Rotterdam Public Works, Rotterdam, Netherlands
493 53 Solution Methods for Deep Foundations in the Vistula River Delta E. Dembicki & F. Loska; Technical University of Gdansk, Poland
494 Analysis of Changes in the State of the Capacity of Soils Consolidated by injections in the light of numerical studies W. Domski; Consulting and Research Service 'Geocomp', Cracow, Poland
495 55 Channel Tunnel: Foundation Engineering at the UK Portal J.C. Duggleby Transmanche Link, Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd, UK P.J. Avgherinos & A.J. Powderham Mott MacDonald Consulting Engineers, UK
496 Behavior of Driven Piles Estimated from Stresswave Measurements on Dynamic Probes H.E. Erikson; Hercules Grundlaggning AB, Kista, Sweden
497 57 Royal Christianina Hotel: Basement with Permanent Sheet Pile Wall, 'Up-and-Down' Method J.A. Finstad; Noteby Norsk teknisk byggekontroll A/S, Norway
498 Prediction of Load-Settlement Curve of Pile Groups in Egyptian Soils M.M. Kurkur; Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
499 Load-Displacement Behavior of Laterally Loaded Rigid Drilled Shafts in Clay P.W. Mayne; Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga., USA F.H. Kulhawy; Cornell University, Ithaca, NY., USA
514 Simplified modeling of the dynamic behavior of berthing structures A. Alem & J.-G. Sieffert Laboratire de Genie Civil, ENSM, Nantes, France
501 A Three Dimensional Model for Single Piles in Sand T.Q. Nguyen & A.M. Hanna Department of Civil Engineering, Concordia University, Canada
513 76 The world's largest hydraulic vibratory hammer/extractor R.H. Whisler Jr; Mississippi Valley Equipment Company, St. Louis, Mo., USA
503 The Effect of Wall Stiffness on Bending Moments D.M. Potts & R.A. Day Imperical College of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of London, UK
504 Quay Walls for Deep Water H.-H. Sass; Fachhochschule Hamburg, Germany
505 Pile Bearing Capacity Prediction with Cone Penetration Test and Dynamic Loading Test G. Strnisa & I. Ajdic GIP Gradis Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia
506 A Finite Element Model for the Design of Pile Foundations M. Tanzini; ELC Electroconsult, Milan, Italy
507 68 Settlement Behavior of the Raft Foundation with Friction Piles K. Yamashita & M. Kakurai Takenaka Technical Research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan
508 The use of 'Bounded Fluid' Preloading Cells for the Foundation Piles of a Viaduct on the High-speed Freeway in Naples A. Bellini, R. De Domenico, L. Gagliardi & P. Polenghi
509 70 A new model of LPC removable extensometer M.G. Bustamante & B. Doix Laboratories Central des Points et Chausses, Paris, France
510 72 Geotechnical instrumentation for a full-scale study of negative skin friction in soft clay J.A. Little & K. Ibrahim Department of Civil Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK G. Price Geotechnics Division, Building Research Establishment, Garston, Watford, UK
511 Ground vibrations caused by pile installation A.R. Selby; University of Durham, UK
536 The prediction of load-displacement characteristics for axially loaded piles Xu He & Chen Zhuchang Department of Geotechnical Engineering, Tongji University, People's Republic of China
500 Steel Sheet Piling used in the Combined role of Bearing Piles and Earth Retaining Members G. McShane