(IC-1987) Proceedings - Second International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1987, Luxembourg

article# description author(s)
602 Ground Improvement for the Deep Foundation of a 650m long Quay Wall in the Port of Hamburg Ing. Peter Arz; Bilfinger + Berger Bau AG, Mannheim, FRG
592 Depth of Borings, Length of Piles, Landslides, Erosion, and a Moose Hunt (A Case History of a Comedy of Mistakes) Bengt H. Fellenius
593 Wharf Reconstruction at Gaspe Sandy Beach Andre Moison, E. Jacoby
594 Analysis of Vibratory Driven Pile Sherril Gardner; Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme, California
595 Application of, and Experience with, an Electronically-Controlled Hydraulic Piling Hammer D. Arentsen; IHC Hydrohammer, The Netherlands
596 Comparison of Static Load Test and Dynamic Pile Testing Results Patrick J. Hannigan; STS Consultants, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia, USA Scott D. Webster; STS Consultants, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia, USA
597 Computation of the Load/Settlement Behavior of HP-Bearing Piles Dr.Ir. E.E. de Beer; State University Ghent/Belgium Ir. L. Weber; TradeARBED/Luxembourg
598 Current Pile Driving Practices in The United States Alan G. Mackinnon; The Foundation Equipment Corporation, Dover, Ohio
599 Deep Foundation Construction using "Top/Down" Building Techniques in The United States David C. Lager Edward Jacobsen James Cahill
591 American Practice in Design and Installation of Driven Piles for Structure Support Hal W. Hunt
601 Dynamic Testing for Bored Pile Bearing Capacity Jorn M. Seitz; Bilfinger + Berger Bau AG, Mannheim, FRG Frank Rausche; Goble Rausche Likins and Associates, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio
612 The Theory of the Expansion of Cavities Applied to Pile Installation D.A. Ponniah; University of Edinburgh, UK R. McAnoy; Taywood Engineering Ltd., UK
603 Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations R.T. Stain; CEBTP Limited D. Johns; Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Partners
604 Laboratory Validation of In-Situ Tests R. Bellotti, V. Crippa, P. Morabito, & S. Pedroni; ENEL-CRIS, Milan, Italy G. Baldi, C. Fretti, D. Ostricati; ISMES, Bergamo, Italy V. Ghionna, M. Jamiolkowski, E. Pasqualini; Technical University of Torino
605 Uplift Capacity of Drilled Piers in Clay Braja M. Das, Professor, The University of Texas at El Paso
606 Bearing Capacity of Piles Using Cavity Expansion Theory R. Bellotti; ENEL-CRIS, Milan, Italy V.N. Ghionna; Technical University of Turin, Turin, Italy R.D. Holtz; Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana and Studio Geotecnico Italiano, Milan, Italy M. Jamiolkowski; Technical University of Tur
607 Mathemetical Background for the Design of Rotating Machinery Foundations with Deep Piles Marius B. Wchsler; Consulting Engineer, Downery, California
608 In Luxembourg-Walferdange 2 Problems Concerning the Geodynamic Motions for the Planet Earth are Studied Since 1963 J.A. Flick
609 Renovation of the Amsterdam Concert Hall Alexander J. Verstraeten; Fundex Piling, The Netherlands
610 Sonic Integrity Testing A.F. van Weele; Institute TNO for Building Materials and Structures, Delft, The Netherlands
611 Steel Pile Foundations for Transmission Line Towers, as used in Western Europe Alexander J. Vertraeten; Fundex Piling, The Netherlands
600 Driving and Testing of 75m long H-Piles in Shanghai Lucien Weber; TradeARBED, Luxembourg