(AM-2001) Proceedings of the 26th Annual Members' Conference, 2001, St. Louis, MO
Designing Deep ~ Building Deep

article# description author(s)
942 KEYNOTE: Axial Capacity of Drilled Foundations in Soft Rocks and Intermediate Geomaterials - Presentation Notes Michael W. O'Neill
941 Minipiles and Compaction Grouting for Seismic Retrofit of Transportation Structures in the New Madrid Fault Zone Steven D. Scherer, Jeffrey R. Hill
940 New Outfall Bridge Structures At Bonneville Dam: Design, Construction, and Lateral Testing Lance Helwig, Amir Asaidali, Katzenberger
939 Approach Wall Foundations Olmsted Locks and Dam Project Jeffrey A. Schaeffer, Troy S. O'Neal
938 Seismoacoustic Effects of Driving Large Diameter Piles Barry C. Roth
937 Effects of Permanent and Temporary Loads on Allowable Bearing Capacity of Piles Subjected to Negative Skin Friction Mohammad T. Izadi
936 Drilled and Grouted Pipe Pile Foundation for Department of Energy Spallation Neutron Source Target Building, Oak Ridge, Tennessee Ronald E. Walkington, Gilela P. Reddy, Anthony K. Chargin
935 Dynamic Load Testing of Augered Cast-in-Place Piles Frank Rausche, Brent Robinson, Garland Likins
934 Multiple Foundations Types for Bridges over the Same Coal Mine Kenneth M. Berry, Mary Lamie, Ahmad Hasan
933 Access and Riser Shafts - Detroit River Outfall #2 Edmund J. Cardoza Jr, John E. Luebbe
932 Evolution of Piling Design and Techniques in Mudstone at Manchester Airport Colin Curtis