(IC-2002) Proceedings - Ninth International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, 2002, Nice, France

article# description author(s)
995 Design And Instrumentation Results Of A Reinforcement Concrete Piled Raft Supporting 2500 Tons Oil Storage Tank On Very Soft Alluvium Deposits Shaw-Shong Liew, See-Sew Gue, Yean-Chin Tan
1005 Urban Legends: Two Case Studies That Redefine “Impossible” Grant R.J. Bearss, Maral Papazian Bedian, Takahiko Ikeda, Michael W.T. Carter
985 Design Methods For Earthquake-Induced Pile Bending George Mylonakis, Sissy Nikolaou
986 Designed, Dynamically Load Tested And Installed Pile Foundation In Southwest Florida – A Case History Christopher J. Pacitto, Hiram F. Murati, D.S. Saxena
987 Effective Analysis Of Soil-Pile Interaction Under Dynamic Loads Inn-Joon Park, Yeong-In Baek, Jeong-Hark Lee, Soo-Young Kwon, Young-Hoon An
988 Displacement Dependent Stiffness And Damping Constants Of Pile Groups Shamsher Prakash, Yulman Munaf
989 Dynamic Analysis Correlation Of Standard Penetration Resistances With The Adhesion Of Very Stiff To Hard Clays On Driven Piles Chris D. Thompson, Anthony D. Maini
990 Numerical Analysis Of The Pile-Enhanced Raft Of The Queen Elizabeth Ii Conference Centre In London, UK Trevor I. Addenbrooke, Felix C. Schroeder
991 The Behavior And Design Of Piled-Raft Foundations Under Lateral Loading Serge Borel
992 Conventional And Box-Shaped Piled Rafts Heinz Brandl, Robert Hofmann
983 Dynamic Behavior Of Pile Foundations Yingcai Han
994 Estimation Of Settlements Of Pilers In Group Kazimierz Gwizdala, Ireneusz Dyka
982 Analyses Of Dynamic Increasing Energy Load Test In Deep Foundations Silvana B. Foa, Renato P. Cunha, Sergio C. Paraiso, Claudia M.C. Costa
996 Piled Raft Design For High Rise Buildings In East London, UK D.P. Nicholson, P.R.J. Morrison, A.K. Pillai
997 Piled Raft On Layered Soils Luca de Sanctis, Gianpiero Russo, Carlo Viggiani
998 A Proposal Of Calculation Of Piled Raft Foundations Andrzej Tejchman, Adam Krasinski, Andrzej Slabek
999 A Pile-Supported Mat Foundation For A 27-Story Building In Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) Alan B. Wagner, Walter Borgogno
1000 Diesign Of Axially Loaded Compression Piles According To Eurocode 7 Bauduin C Besix
1001 Overview Of Design Methods Of Axially Loaded Piles In Europe Flor De Cock, Christian Legrand, Barry Lehane, Alessandro Mandolini
1002 Comparative Analysis Between Traditional And Ec7 Criteria Applied To The Design Of Diaphragm Walls Concerning The Ultimate Limits States J. Matos e Silva
1003 Gallery Towers, Melbourne: Successful Approach To Difficult Piling Contract Management Mario Aiezza, Charles Pol Vuillier
960 Innovations In Diaphragm-Wall Construction Plant Maurice Guillaud & Jean-Pierre Hamelin
993 Parametric Analysis Of Piled Rafts Founded On A Tropical Clay Of Brazil Renato P. Cunha, John E. Bezerra, John C. Small, Honghua H. Zhang
972 Underpinning Based On Preloaded Micropiling For Construction Of Additional Underground Floors Wolfram Groh
961 Information Technology and the Foundation Industry Andreas Massarsch & K. Rainer Massarsch
962 The Settlement of Buildings on Pile Foundations Mait Mets & Hardi Torn
963 Instrumentation Of Construction Vibrations Mark R. Svinkin
964 Jet Grouting Underpinning of a Building in the U.S. Gustavo E. Armijo
965 The "DSEI" Joint: A Destructible Diaphragm Wall Joint (Patented process) Christian Besson
966 The Challenges of Construction in Karstic Limestone: Three Major Case Histories Donald A. Bruce, Allen W. Cadden, Marcelo Chuaqui & Robert P. Traylor
967 The State of the Art of Jet Grouting in the United States George K. Burke, PE
968 Foundation Behaviour of a Large HS-Train Viaduct after 4 years' Operation Michel Bustamante, Serge Borel, Luigi Gianeselli, Iwan Couchard, Henri Detandt & Bernard Dethy
969 Underpinning of a 16th Century Cistercian Abbey Foundation Michel Bustamante, Luigi Gianeselli & Dominique Ferrand
984 The Use Of Stone Columns On Settlement And Liquefaction Susceptible Soils Ivan Jackson Maduro, Carlos Rodriguez Molina, Luis Vazquez Castillo, Bruno Renoud-Lias, Gilbert J. Salvi
971 Ground Improvement by jet grouting technique for a natural gas combined cycle power plant in Turkey Alp Gokalp & Rasin Duzceer
1006 Using Large Pile Driving Hammers For The Foundation Of Bridges And Windparks Bernhard Bruggaier, Peter van Luipen
973 Port Said East Port Project – Deep Diaphragm Walls For The Quay Wall Construction Mamdouh Hamza, Bruno Vingiani, Fabrizio Leoni
974 Deep Foundation Underpinning Support For Fort Monroe, Virginia YMCA Historic Building Renovation David C. Kraft, David B. Raaf
975 Micro-Biological Attack On Deep Foundation Concrete Piotr D. Moncarz, Naysan Khoylou Emami, Jon Wren
976 Partnering And Technical Innovation Used To Stabilize Slurry Trench Walls Under Commuter Rail Station For Boston’s Big Dig Paul Pedini
977 Geojet-Turbo - A Deep Mixing Method For The Solution Of Geotechnical Problems Maurizio Siepi, Alessandro Bertero
978 Micropile Performance Variability: A Fundamental Case Study Walter E. Vanderpool, Donald A. Bruce, Edward E. Rinne, Fred H. Kulhawy
979 Lateral Vibration Response Of Full Scale Single Piles A. Boominathan, $. Ayothiraman, J. Elango
980 Ground Improvement By Stone Columns At Formosa Plant Taiwan And Its Earthquake Response Wolfgang G. Brunner, Arthur Bi, Yan-Lian Chen
981 Axial Pile Analyses For The New East Span Of The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Jacob Chacko, Saba Mohan
970 Settlement Of A Building After Cutting-Off Pile Tips Due To Tunnelling Richard A. Forth
1041 Instrumented Pile Load Tests In The Area Of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii John Y L Chen, Clayton S. Mimura
1004 Pile Foundations For Algiers New Airport Terminal Ramdane Bahar, Said Kenai, Mustapha Benredouane
1031 Design Of Laterally Loaded Single Pile In Sand Near Slope—A Proposal For Subgrade Reaction Factors Salim Mezazigh, Daniel Levacher
1032 Design And Installation Of Pressure-Grouted, Drilled Displacement Piles W.M. NeSmith
1033 Design Of Bored Piles In Chalk At The New Medway Crossing Based On Instrumented Load Tests David J. Puller, Stephen P. Corbet, David Patterson
1034 Use Of Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Results For Accurate Assessments Of Pile Capacities Anand J. Puppala, Laureano R. Hoyos Jr., Raghu Satyanarayana
1035 Reinforcement Project For The Shopping Centre “Grand Littoral” In Marseilles J.-M. Rescoussier
1036 Improvement Of Bearing Capacity Of Bored Piles By Grouting Method Andrzej Tejchman, Kazimierz Gwizdala
1037 Safe Execution Of Special Foundation Works Walter Ensinger
1038 Application Of The Dynamic Increasing Energy Test (Diet) In Load Transfer Analysis Of Precast Piles Driven In Soft Clay Foundation Jean Balech, Nelson Aoki, Jose Carlos A. Cintra
1029 Behavior Of Friction Piles In Soft Clays Safwan Labanieh
1040 Kinematic Load Tests On A Model Pile In Clay Michael J. Brown, Adrian F.L. Hyde, William F. Anderson
1028 A Small Diameter Vibration Pile With Soil Compaction Miklós Kovács, Antal Kesmarki, Emoke Imre
1042 Load Tests On Belled Piles With Polystyrene Foam Between The Shaft And The Base José Carlos A. Cintra, Tulia R.S. Santos, Mauro L. Menegotto, Nelson Aoki
1043 Evaluation Of Pile Load Test Results Rasin Duzceer, Ahmet Saglamer
1044 Comparison Between Statnamic And Static Load Testing Of Drilled Shafts In Varved Clay Carl Ealy, Magued Iskander, Mike Justason, Danny Winters, Gray Mullins
1045 Enhancements To The FHWA Deep Foundation Load Test Database Carl D. Ealy, Shesh Kalavar, Raghavendra Satyanarayana
1046 Easy Static Load Tests: Expert Results M. England
1047 Interpreting Strain Measurements From Load Tests In Bored Piles Jack Hayes, Tony Simmonds
1048 Simbat: High Strain Dynamic Test Of Piles Dominique Vié
1049 Piling The Gateway To Europe Howard Roscoe, Adam Chodorowski, Paul Wiltcher
1050 Recovery Efforts At The World Trade Center “Bathtub” George J. Tamaro
1039 Interpretation Of Full-Scale Horizontal Pile Loading Tests In Sand Analysis Of P-Y Curves Ali Bouafia
1018 Performance Of Toe-Grouted Large Bored Pile In Sand-Gravel Formation Of Chiang Mai City, Northern Thailand Narong Thasnanipan, Zaw Z. Aye, Chanchai Submaneewong, Wanchai Teparaska
1007 Double Rotary CFA Piles: Performance In Cohesive Soils Michel Bustamante, Luigi Gianeselli, Henri Salvador
1008 Performance Of Non-Displacement And Displacement Piling, Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia Felix Cheng, Peter Mitchell, Slav Tchepak
1009 Piling In Coal Measures At The City Of Manchester Stadium For The Commonwealth Games 2002 Colin Curtis, Andrew Law, Lee Jordan
1010 Problems Encountered For Deep Caissons For The Second Bassein Creek Bridge At Mumbai, India D.B. Deshpande, D.J. Patel
1011 Plastic Piling Magued Iskander
1012 Deepest Ever Large Diameter Pipe Pile Installation Demonstration Project New East Span San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Saba Mohan, Reid Buell, Robert Price, Robert F. Stevens, Roger Howard, Anthony R. Dover
1013 Foundation Design And Construction In Variable Rock Joel Moskowitz, George J. Tamaro
1014 Starsol Piles Foundation Of A Steel Structure At The San Martin De La Vega Resort Park (Madrid) Claudio Olalla, Leoncio Prieto
1015 “Value Engineering” In United States Of America Maral Papazian Bedian
1030 Axial Pile Response Evaluation By Geophysical Piezocone Tests Paul W. Mayne, Amr Elhakim
1017 Remedial Work On Large Pile Deviation In The Very Thick Marine Swamp Clay Deposit Dr. Wanchai Teparaksa
1051 Construction Of A Pre-Founded Anchored Wall, Monitoring Of Execution Based On The Eurocode 7 Observation Method, And Taking Account Of The Transmission Of Seismic Forces In The Retaining Structures Towards The Building’s Structure Denis Huber, Alain Bultel
1019 Design And Performance Of Helical Screw Piles In Collapsible And Expansive Soils In Arid Regions Of The United States David R. Black, John S. Pack
1020 Jetting-Assisted Sheet Pile Driving Marie-Pierre Bourdouxhe-Barnich, Dominique Piault, Paul Ursat, Sebastien Herve
1021 Analysis Of The Settlement Of A Single Axially Loaded Soil-Cement Pile Jiwei Duan, P.K.K. Lee
1022 Analogy Between Analyze Of Pile And Penetrometer Tip Resistance By Cavity Expansion Method Farhad Elmi, Jean L. Favre
1023 Behavior Of Pile Foundation Under Impact Lateral Loads M. Bonab Hajialilue, J.L. Chazelas, D. Levacher
1024 Design Strategy For Deep Slurry Stabilized Bored Piles In Compression Chu E. Ho
1025 Modelling For Consolidation Around The Pile Tip Emöke Imre, Pal Rozsa
1026 On The Ultimate Capacity And Radial Stress Distribution Of Driven Piles In Sand E. Ulrich Klotz, Matthew R. Coop
1027 Practice Of Arranging Drilling Piles In Subsiding Grounds Vladimir M. Korolev, Edgar S. Argal, Vyacheslav A. Ashikhmen, Larisa E. Pronina
1016 Environmentally Friendly Geothermal Piles At Keble College, Oxford, Uk Tony P. Suckling, Peter E.H. Smith