(GRT-2003) Grouting and Ground Treatment: Proceedings of the Third International Conference

article# description author(s)
1114 Base grouted bored pile on weak granite Chu Eu Ho
1099 Design and Construction Aspects of Soil Cement Columns as Foundation Elements Gyimah Kasali, Osamu Taki
1100 Mass Stabilization of Organic Soils and Soft Clay Nenad Jelisic, Mikko Leppänen
1101 Effects of Lime-cement Soil Stabilization against Train Induced Ground Vibrations Mehdi Bahrekazemi, Anders Bodare
1102 Soil Mixing to Stabilize Organic Clay for I-95 Widening, Alexandria, VA J.R. Lambrechts, M. A. Ganse, C.A. Layhee
1103 Laboratory Tests on the Long-Term Strength of Cement Treated Soil M. Kitazume, T. Nakamura, M. Terashi, K. Ohishi
1104 Field Observation of Long-Term Strength of Cement Treated Soil H. Hayashi, J. Nishikawa, K. Ohishi, M. Terashi
1105 Measured and Predicted Five-Year Behavior of Soil-Mixed Stabilized/Solidified Contaminated Ground A. Al-Tabaa, B. Chitambira, R. Perera, N. Boes
1106 Measured Permeability in Stabilized Swedish Soils Helen Åhnberg
1107 Evaluation of Property Changes in Surrounding Clays due to Installation of Deep Mixing Columns Shui-Long Shen, Norihiko Miura, Jie Han, Hirofumi Koga
1108 Strength Properties of Soil Cement Produced by Deep Mixing Osamu Taki
1109 Prediction Method for Ca Leaching and Related Property Change of Cement Treated Soil T. Nishida, M. Terashi, N. Otsuki, K. Ohishi
1110 Coring Soil-cement Installed By Deep Mixing at Boston’s CA/T Project J. R. Lambrechts, Scott Nagel
1111 Column penetration tests for lime-cement columns in deep mixing-experiences in Sweden Morgen Axelsson, Stefan Larsson
1066 Fifty Years of Low Mobility Grouting James Warner
1120 Rehabilitation of Union Pacific Railroad Tunnel, Ryndon, Nevada F. B. Gularte, G. Millar
1127 Compaction grouting for Sinkhole Repair at WAC Bennett Dam J. Warner, M. Jefferies, S. Garner
1126 A Retrospective on The History of Dam Foundation Grouting in the U.S K.D. Weaver
1125 Effect of Injection Rate on Clay-Grout behavior for Compensation Grouting K. Soga, S.K. A. Au, M.D. Bolton
1124 Compensation Grouting to Reduce Settlement of Buildings During an Adjacent Deep Excavation Jinyuan Liu
1123 Frac Grouting – A Case History D. M. Heenan, J. W. Vataja, T. L. Dreese
1112 In Situ Techniques for Quality Assurance of Deep Mixed Columns Ali Porbaha, Anand J. Puppala
1121 Railroad Embankment Stabilization Demonstration for High-Speed Rail Corridors A. Sluz, T. R. Sussmann, G. Samavedam
1113 Study on Bearing Capacity of Bored Cast-in-Situ Piles by Post Pressure Grouting Xudong Fu, Zhengbing Zhou
1119 Grouting of Micropiles in Scandinavia J. Lehtonen, S. Aronsson
1118 Reliability of Estimated Anchor Pullout Resistance Yasser A. Hegazy
1117 The Basics of Drilling for Specialty Geotechnical Construction Processes Donald A. Bruce
1116 Underpinning of a Pier by Microfine Cement Grouting and Compensation Grouting G. Breitsprecher, P. S. Tóth
1115 Pile Foundation Improvement by Permeation Grouting Almer van der Stoel
1096 Ground Stabilization in the United States by the Scandinavian Lime Cement Dry Mix Process M. I. Esrig, P. E. MacKenna, E. P. Forte
1122 Active Settlement Control with Compensation Grouting - Results from a Case Study C. Kummerer, H. F. Schweiger, R. Otterbein
1073 A Ten-Year Perspective of Jet Grouting: Advancements in Applications and Technology G. T. Brill, G. K. Burke, A. R. Ringen
1098 Guidelines for design and Installation of Soil-Cement Stabilization David Druss
1079 Development Oversized Jet Grouting M. Shibazaki, M. Yokoo, H. Yoshida
1078 Construction and Quality Control of Jet Grouting Application in Turkey Rasin Düzceer, Alp Gökalp
1077 Stabilization of Deep Open Excavations in Soft Soil by Jet Grouting Chu Eu Ho, Chin Gee Tan
1076 Jet Grouting Soft Clays for Tunneling and Deep Excavations – Design and Construction Issues J. Nick Shirlaw
1081 Jet Grout Stabilization of Steeply Excavated Soil Slope John Meyers, Tim Myers, Kerry Petrasic
1074 QA/QC for Jet Grouting in Deep Boston Blue Clay Central Artery/Tunnel Project Justice J. G. Maswoswe
1082 Super Jet Grouting Repairs and Extends the Life of Ailing Coastal Front Structure D. W. Boehm, T. A. Posey
1072 State of Practice of Jet Grouting Mitsuhiro Shibazaki
1071 Grouting of Rock Masses Giovanni Lombardi
1070 State of Practice in Dry Deep Mixing Methods Göran Holm
1069 The Development of Practice in Permeation and Compensation Grouting A Historical Review (1802-2002): Part 2 Compensation Grouting Stuart Littlejohn
1068 The Development of Practice in Permeation and Compensation Grouting: Part 1 Permeation Grouting A Historical Review (1802-2002 Stuart Littlejohn
1067 The State of Practice in Deep Mixing Methods Masaaki Terashi
1075 Specialist Foundation Construction Techniques used in the Reconstruction of the University Library “Bibliotheca Albertina”, in Leipzig, Germany Wolfgang G. Brunner
1089 Jet Grouting Experience at Posey Webster Street Tubes Seismic Retrofit Project U. Dash, T.S. Lee, R. Anderson
1130 Flexibility in Grouting: Solutions for Old Dams A. Cadden, J. Gómez, G.C.G. Smith, R. Traylor
1095 Deep Mixing: An Owner’s Perspective D. P. Shiells, T. W. Pelnik III, G. M. Filz
1094 The Practitioner’s Guide to Deep Mixing Donald A. Bruce, Mary Ellen C. Bruce
1093 North Airfield Drainage Improvement at Chicago-O’Hare International Airport: Soil Stabilization Using Jet Grouting D. A. Lewis, M. G. Taube
1092 A Case History of Ground Treatment with Jet Grouting Against Liquefaction, for a Cigarette Factory in Turkey H.T. Durgunoglu, H.F. Kulac, K. Oruc, R. Yildiz, J. Sickling, I.E. Boys, T. Altugu, C. Emrem
1080 Microtunneling and HDD Performance in Jet Grouted Soil James Kwong, Mathew Francis
1090 Jet Grout Foundations to Resist Compressive, Uplift and Lateral Loads at an Operational Power Plant A.F Brengola, B. W. Roberts
1097 The Application of Various Deep Mixing Methods for Evacuation Support Systems Kenneth Andromalos, Eric Bahner
1088 Case Histories of Ground Treatment with Vertical Her Grouting Solutions A. Pinto, J. Falcão, C. Barata, S. Ferreira, D. Cebola, J. Pacheco
1087 Jet Grout Columns in Mixed Profile to Control Foundation Settlement Gerald Ratner Athletics Center Raymond J. Franz, Kyle E. Camper
1086 Case History for Soil Improvement of SETAT 2002 HIGH Rise Residential by Jet Grouting in Istanbul H.T. Durgunoglu, H. F. Kulac, S. Yilmaz, D. Kocak
1085 Jet Grout Columns Partially Support Natural Draft Cooling Tower J. Davie, M. Piyal, A. Sanver, B. Tekinturhan
1084 SuperJet Grouting Reduces Foundation Settlement For La Rosita Power Plant in Mexicali, Mexico K. R. Bell, J. L. M. Clemente, F. B. Gularte, R. A. Lopez
1083 Ground Treatment Associated with the Construction of Cross-Passages for the KCRC West Rail Phase1, Kwai Tsing Tunnels in Hong Kong R. B. Storry, A. Richely, E. Nelson, D. O. Licuannan
1091 Improving Deep-Seated Soft Clays Using Super-jet Grouting H. Senapathy, J.R. Davie, D. Boehm
1168 Soil Solidification with Ultrafine Cement Grout James Warner
1161 Wet-Dry Cyclic Behavior of a Hydrophilic Polyurethane Grout A. Vipulanandan, Y. Mattey, D. Magill, S. Hennings
1174 Seepage Control by Grouting Under an Existing Earthen Dike H. Abedi, G. Simard, D. Lohman
1173 Performance Monitoring of Grout Curtains in Slovakian Flysh and Volcanic Rocks J. Hulla, D. Chlapik, R. Hok
1172 Grout Curtain Effectiveness in Fractured Rock by the Discrete Feature Network Approach A. A. Shuttle, E. Glynn
1171 Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant Repair Project Monica M. Rourke
1176 Numerical Simulation of Chemical Grouting in Heterogeneous Porous Media T. Bolisetti, S. Reitsma
1169 The Groutability of Sands – Results from One-Dimensional and Spherical Tests Jens Mittag, Stavros A. Savidis
1177 Some Aspects of Grout Time Modeling T. Dalmalm, H. Stille
1167 Soil Grouting: Means, Methods and Design Daniel Lees, Marcelo Chuaqui
1166 Selection Criteria of Polyurethane Resins to Seal Concrete Joints in Underwater Road Tunnels in the Montreal Area J. P. Vrignaud, G. Ballivy, S. Perret, E. Fernagu
1165 A Method for Measuring and Evaluating the Penetrability of Grouts M. Eriksson, H. Stille
1164 A Study on the Optimal Mixture Ratio for Stabilization of Surface Layer on Ultra-Soft Marine Clay Byung-Sik Chun, Jin-Chun Kim
1163 Liquefaction Resistance on a Colloid Silica Grouted Sand H. J. Liao, C. C. Huang and B. S. Chao
1128 Quantitatively Engineered Grout Curtains D.B. Wilson, T. L. Dreese
1170 Grouted Cofferdam for an Intake Structure in Mixed Rock and Gravel Environment K. Ramachandra, A. Wern, R. J. Kapadia, S. K. Shim
1184 Design of Grouting Procedures to Prevent Ground Subsidence over Shallow Tunnels Ross T. McGillivray
1191 Long-Distance Grouting, Materials and Methods C. Ryan, S. Day, D. McLeod
1190 Large-Scale Field Investigation of Grouting in Hard Jointed Rock Thomas Dalmalm, Thomas Janson
1189 The Toronto Transit Commission’s Subway Tunnel and Station Leak Remediation Grouting Program L. Narduzzo
1188 Injection of a Ventilation Tower of an Underwater Road Tunnel Using Cement and Chemical Grouts A. Palardy, G. Ballivy, J. Vrignaud, C. Ballivy
1187 Principles of Ground Water Control Through Pregrouting in Rock Tunnels Orjan A. Sjostrom
1175 State of the Art in Computer Monitoring and Analysis of Grouting T. Dreese, D. Wilson, D. Heenan, J. Cockburn
1185 Use of Grouting to Reduce Deformations of an Existing Tunnel Underpassed by Another Tunnel S. A. Mazek, K. T. Law, D. T. Lau
1160 Irreversible Changes in the Grouting Industry Caused by Polyurethane Grouting: An Overview of 30 Years of Polyurethane Grouting Alex Naudts
1183 Grouting to Minimize Settlements Prior to Tunnel Excavation – A Case Study D. Heenan, M. Xu
1182 Grouting Techniques as Part of Modern Urban Tunnelling in Europe A. Falk, G. Burke
1181 Ground Treatment for Tunnel Construction on the Madrid Metro P. Sola, A. Monroe, L. Martin, M. Blanco, R. San Juan
1180 Electro-Osmotic Grouting for Liquefaction Mitigation in Silty Soils S. Thevanayagam and W. Jia
1179 Geophysical Investigations to Assess the Outcome of Soil Modification Work A. Gemmi, G. Morelli, F. A. Bares
1178 Model Testing of Passive Site Stabilization: A New Grouting Technique Patricia M. Gallagher, Alyssa J. Koch
1186 Soil Stabilization Grouting Under a Railway for Micro-Tunneling for a Sewer Crossing M. Chuaqui, R. P. Traylor
1136 Nittany Lions’ New Convocation center: Rock Solid with LMG A. W. Cadden, R. H. Wargo
1162 Hot Bitumen Grouting: The Antidote for Catastrophic Inflows A. Naudts and S. Hooey
1142 Effect of Soil and Grouting Parameters on the Effectiveness of Compaction Grouting A. M. El-Kelesh, T. Matsui
1141 Low Strain Testing of Compaction Grout Columns L. F. Johnsen, Andy Anderson, J. J. Jagello
1140 Compaction Grouting Used for a Water Treatment Plant Expansion M. W. Oakland, M. L. Bachand
1139 Grouting and Ground Treatment Case Studies in Applications of Grouting and Deep Mixing Use of Compaction Grout Columns to Stabilize Uncontrolled Loose Fill and to Lift a Second Tunnel: A Significant Case History R. Boghart, P. S. Hundley, J. R. Hill, S. D. Scherer
1144 Characterization of Fractured Rock for Grouting Design Using Hydrogeological Methods Åsa Fransson, Gunnar Gustafson
1137 Using the Grouting Intensity Number (GIN) to asses Compaction Grouting Performance S. W. Perkins, J. Harris
1145 Rock Mechanics Effects of Cement Grouting in Hard Rock Masses S. Swedenborg, L.O. Dahlström
1135 Grouted Seepage Cutoffs in Karstic Limestone A. H. Walz, D. B. Wilson, D. A. Bruce, J. A. Hamby
1134 Grouting in Karst Terrane – Concepts and Case Histories J. A. Fischer, J. J. Fischer, R. S. Ottoson
1133 Shallow Foundations in Karst: Limited Mobility Grout or Not Limited Mobility Grout J. E. Gómez, A. W. Cadden
1132 Curtain Grouting for the Antamina Dam, Peru Part 2 – Implementation and Field Modifications D.G. Ritchie, J. P. Garcia, F. Amaya, M.G. Jefferies
1131 Curtain Grouting for the Antamina Dam, Peru Part 1 – Design and Performance T.G. Carter, F. Amaya, M.G. Jefferies, T. L. Eldridge
1192 The Effect of TAS Method by a Supplementary Method to Tunnel B. Chun, Y. Yeoh
1138 Case History: Broadcast Tower Anchor Stabilization, Portland, Oregon Rajiv Ali, Jeffery Geraci
1152 Additives and Admixtures in Cement-based Grouts A. Naudts, E. Landry, S. Hooey, W. Naudts
1159 Sealing of Dilation Joints with Polyurethane Resins J. Hulla, P. Slastan, D. Janicek
1158 Formulation of high-performance cement grouts for the rehabilitation of heritage masonry structures S. Perret, G. Ballivy, D. Palardy, R. Laporte
1157 Treatment of Medium to Coarse Sands by Microcem H900 as an Alternative Grouting to Silicate-Ester Grouts Murat Mollamahmutoglu
1156 Experimental Investigation of Factors affecting The Injectability of Microcement Grouts M. C. Santagata, E. Santagata
1155 Characterization of a Mon-Shrinkage Cement Grout Used for Water Pipe Joints C. Vipulanandan, Y. Mattey
1143 Design Considerations for Inclusions by Limited Mobility Displacement Grouting Michael J. Byle
1153 Evaluation of Fly Ash and Clay in Soil Grouting S Akbulut, A. Saglamer
1129 California Aqueduct Foundation Repair using Multiple Grouting Techniques T. M. Wehling, D. C. Rennie
1151 Fly Ash Utilization in Grouting Applications A. Pekrioglu, A. G. Doven, M. T. Tumay
1150 Mix Design and Quality Control Procedures For High Mobility Cement Based Grouts M. Chuaqui, D. A. Bruce
1149 Long term performance of grouts and the effects of grout by-products Stephan A. Jefferis
1148 Innovative Grouting Solves Geotechnical Issues: Five Case Histories H. C. Griffin, R. M. Berry
1147 Mining Grouting: a rational approach W. F. Heinz
1146 Subsidence Mitigation Using Void Fill Grout D. V. Holmquist, D. B. Thomas in conjunction with Kent Simon
1154 New On-site Wet Milling Technology for the Preparation of Ultrafine Cement-based Grouts Alex Naudts, Eric Landry