(AM-2003) Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2003, Miami Beach, FL
Deep Foundations in Compressible Soil and Soft Rock

article# description author(s)
1200 Brightman Street Bridge Replacement Project Arturo Ressi di Cervia
1193 The Geology of South Florida with Emphasis on Deep Foundations Edwin W. Hickey, Kirk A. McIntosh PE
1206 Augered Cast-in-Place Pile Installation Grand Forks, North Dakota Kyle A. Kershaw, Gregory R. Fischer PhD PE, Joe Brand, Kevin M. Johnson PE, Michael K. Yavarow PE
1205 Auger-cast Piles Founded in Compressible Bearing Stratum Alfred H. Brand PE, Douglas W. Christie PE
1204 Design and Construction Aspects of a Deep Basement in Dublin Philip J. Daynes, K. Pat McCann
1203 Cut-off Walls for Diamond Mining in the Arctic Wolfgang G. Brunner, Stefan K. Schwank
1208 Historical Evolution of Micropile “Palo Radice” Pier Luigi Iovino, Thomas M. Hurley
1201 7-Ft Diameter Drilled Shafts in Weathered Rock; Design, Load Testing, and Construction Aly M. Mohammad PhD PE, Karen C. Armfield
1209 Piled Rafts in Geotechnical Practice - An International Perspective Michael W. O’Neill
1199 Drilled Shaft Side Shear Capacity in Compressible Materials What Influences Capacity? J.A. Hayes, Robert Simpson
1198 Suwanne American Cement Plant, Branford, Florida: A Case Study of Large Diameter Continuous Flight Auger Design Build Foundations Gordon King, Ian Kinnear PE
1197 Post-Grouted Drilled Shafts: A Case History of the PGA Boulevard Bridge Project Gray Mullins PhD PE, Mike Muchard PE, Bud Khouri PE
1196 Designed, PDA Assisted Load Tested, and Constructed Pile Foundation provides an Economical Foundation Solution – A Case History Gregory A. Stephan PE, H. Frank Murati PE, D.S. “Sax” Saxena PE
1195 Deep Foundations in the Challenging Geology of Central Florida Gary Kuhns PE, Mohamad Hussein PE, Kathy Gray PE
1194 Settlement of Tall Buildings Supported on Deep Foundations in Southeast Florida, USA Rudolph P. Frizzi PE, Mathew E. Meyer PE
1202 Using Seismic Tomography to Evaluate Foundation Structures Ed Kase, Tim Ross
1216 Helical Pulldown™ Micropiles support Museum Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Roy Jennings PE, Donald Bobbitt PE
1223 The Micropile Network: Practice Precedes Theory Gary M. Weinstein
1222 Machine Foundation Repair Scott D. Thomson PE, Mike W. Terry PE, Tony D. Fagan PE
1221 Friction Piles in Boston Blue Clay, Suffolk County House of Corrections, Massachusetts Harry K. Weatherbee, Cetin Soydemir, Richard E. Bushnell
1220 Earth Pressure Acting on Single Driven Piles in Sand Adel Hanna, Mohab Sabry
1219 Historical Evolution of Deep Foundations Dean E. Mathews PE
1207 Micropiles in Soft Florida Limestone James D. Hussin
1217 Helical Piles with Grouted Shafts – A Case History Shawn Downey, Allen Brown
1224 Numerical Analysis of the Osterberg Cell Loading Test Brunella Recinto
1215 Helical Foundations and Tiebacks: Quality Control, Inspection and Performance Monitoring John S. Pack PE
1214 Lateral Pile Load Testing under Cyclic Loads Dan Brown, Guoming Lin, Wu Yang, Tyler MacKeod, Edward Hajduk
1213 Design of Pile Foundations for the Sand Creek Byway, Sandpoint, Idaho Dean E. Harris, Donald G. Anderson, Joshua J. Butler, Gregory S. Fischer, Bengt H. Fellenius, John Hinman
1212 Instrumented Load Tests on Closed – and Open-Ended Piles Junhwan Lee, Rodrigo Salgado, Kyuho Paik, Monica Prezzi
1211 Helical Piles with Grouted Shafts – A Practical Overview Gary L. Seider, Samuel P. Clemence, Richard E. Thorsten
1210 Use of Helical Piles Set into Soft Rock for 1500-Ton Screw Press Foundation David C. Kraft, James Davis, David B. Raaf
1218 Helical Pile Foundation Anchors as a Practical Alternative Dilip Khatri PhD SE, Shelton Stringer PE GE