(AM-2004) Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Emerging Technologies

article# description author(s)
1264 The Construction and Performance of Post-Grouted Micro-Piles for Vancouver International Airport Domestic Terminal Building Ernest Naesgaard, Mustapha Zergoun, William Auyeung
227 Non-Destructive Geophysical Evaluation of Deep-Mixed Soil: A Computer Modeling Study David A. Staab, University of Wisconsin-Madison DFI Student Paper Competition Runner-Up
1252 Design and Construction of Integral Drilled Shaft – Columns for the Boscawen-Canterbury Bridge Frederick C. Rhyner, John Byatt, Erin F. Wood, Jeffrey Cicerello, John R. Roma
1253 New Tacoma Narrows Bridge Caissons R. Bruce Patterson
1254 Murphy’s Law and the Pile Prediction Event at the 2002 ASCe Geoinstitute’s Deep Foundations Conference Bengt H. Fellenius, Moh Hussein, Paul Mayne, Ross T. McGillivray
1255 Vertical Load Carrying Capacity of Concrete Expanded Base Piles Mustapha Zergoun, Derek Harris
1256 PVC and Steel Access Tube Debonding During Sonic Logging Testing for the SC 170 Bridge Replacement Project Edward L. Hadjuk, Donovan L. Ledford, William R. Christopher
1257 Evolution of Deep Foundation Systems used at the Port Ivory Intermodal Facility Site: 1906-2004 Aly M. Mohammad PhD PE, Karen C. Armfield PE, Raymond Sandiford PE
1258 Load in a Drilled Foundation-Where did it go & when did it get there? Walter E. Vanderpool
1259 Improvements in Deep Compaction Using Vibratory Pile Hammers Dennis Nottingham PE
1260 Advantages and Limitation of Integrity Tests for Large Diameter Bored Piles in Bangkok Subsoil Narong Thasnanipan, Zaw Zaw Aye, Thayanan Boonyarak, Natamon Kampananon
1261 Design and Installation of Pretensioned Spun Concrete Piles to Support a Large Diameter Sewer Naresh Koirala, Paul Wilting, Entzu Hsieh
226 Dynamic Characterization of Drilled Shafts of Doremus Avenue Bridge Martina Balic, Rutgers University 2004 Student Paper Competition Winner
1263 St. Joseph Hospital of Bellingham, Washington Addition Supported on Helical Pulldown Micropiles J.L. Goen PE, C.M. Davis, R.A. Vickars
1276 Behavior of Large Bored Piles with Grouted End Zhang Yaonian, Liu Xi-an
1265 Design and Construction of a Micropile Wall to Stabilize a Railway Embankment Jim Bruce PEng, Nadir Ansari PEng, Matthew Janes, Peng
1266 Design Construction and Testing of Micropiles used to Support a Concrete Arch Bridge William Auyeung PEng, Trevor Fitzell Peng
1267 Design, Prediction and Performance of Tied Back Shotcrete Walls Supporting Masonry Hospital Structures Frank Borda CET, Carol Domitric PEng, Matthew Janes PEng, Martin Halliwell Peng
1268 Permanent Soil Nail Earth Retention System, Stanley Hall Replacement Project, UC Berkeley Pirooz Barar SE, Toorak Zokaie PE
1269 The First Cut-Off Wall in the Indian Himalayas for the Dam of Dhauliganga Hydroelectric Project Wolfgang G. Brunner
1270 Underpass Support Using Secant Pile Walls and Cement Deep Soil Mix Bottom Seal Carole L.B. Mitchell PE, Ming-Jium (Jim) Wu PhD PE
1271 Anchored Pile Foundations In British Columbia Cory J.E. Yacyshyn Peng
1272 Approach to Reliability Based Design on Deep Mixing Improved Ground Masaki Kitazume
1273 Seven Mile Dam Retrofit – A Global Challenge Arvindh Gupta PEng, Eberhard Heinzemann, Horst Aschenbroich
1274 Laterally Loaded Piles in Jointed Soft Rock Masses B. Francis MSc student, J. Kodikara, C. Haberfield
1275 A Case Study of a Vibratory Pile Installation Monitoring of a Precast Prestressed Concrete Pile K. Viking, R. Dietel, T. Roberts
1262 Micropiles to Support Electric Power Transmission Towers Wendy L. Mathieson PE, Carole L.B. Mitchell PE, Christopher A. Robertson PE, Jim Rustvold PE