(MWO-2004) Proceedings from the Michael W. O'Neill ACIP Pile Sessions of the 83rd Annual TRB Meeting 2004: Recent Experiences & Advancements in the US and Abroad on the use of Auger Cast-in-Place Piles

article# description author(s)
235 Monitoring of Drilling Resistance for Augered Cast-In-Place Piles Tracy Brettmann, P.E.
234 A Study of Design Procedures for Augered Cast-in-Place-Piles in Clay Jess Moss, Richard W. Stephenson
233 New Concept for Monitoring the CFA Casting Phase Shachar Magali
232 Economy, Benefits and Limitations of NDT for Augured-Cast-In-Place-Piles Frank Rausche, Brent Robinson, Garland Likins
231 The Development and Testing of the ScrewSol Rotary Displacement Pile N.J. Wharmby
230 Automated Inspection Control of Augercast Piles George Piscsalko, Garland Likins
229 Augured Cast-In-Place and Driven Pre-stressed Concrete Pile Field Performance Comparison Rudolph P. Frizzi, P.E., Ramakumar V. Vedula, P.E.
228 The Development of ACIP Piling Systems and Equipment and the new B- Tronic Quality Control System Wolfgang G. Brunner