(AM-2006) Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2006, Washington, DC, USA

article# description author(s)
1447 Experiences with Heavy Drop Hammer Testing of Rock-Socketed Shafts Frank Rausche; Michael Morgano; Pat Hannigan; Marty Bixler; Jorge Beim
1459 Video Inspection of Rock Sockets for a Piling Project Ali Ameli
1458 Underpinning a Crane Foundation Donald R. McMahon; Andrew J. Nichols; John L. Walker
1457 Micropiles and Anchor Piles - The Liberty Bridge Daryl W. Wurster
1456 Large Diameter Steel Pipe Piles Running Under Self Weight in Soft Clay – Predicted Vs. Observed Behavior – Richmond San Rafael Bridge Seismic Retrofit A.R. Dover; J. Davidson;
1455 Deep Foundations in Karst - Lessons Learned from I-40 Corridor Widening in Knoxville, Tennessee James L. Vinson; Harry L. Moore
1454 Micropiles Prove Advantageous over Drilled Shafts for Merchants Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation Jeffrey R. Hill
1453 RC Harris Water Filtration Plant Expansion Excavation Support Design, Installation and Performance Matthew Janes; Nadir Ansari; Michael Cianchetti
1452 Case History: Multiple Axial Statnamic Tests on a Drilled Shaft Embedded in Shale Paul J. Axtell; J. Erik Loehr; Daniel L. Jones
1451 Micropile and Soil Nail Load Transfer Rates in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State Carole L.B. Mitchell; Wendy L. Mathieson; Kristopher P. Koski; Theodor W. Hopkins; Stanley R. Boyle; Thomas M. Gurtowski,
1450 Evaluation of Achievable Column Diameter in Jet Grouting Chu E. Ho
1436 Deep Foundations in Washington, DC Douglas W. Christie; Hugh S. Lacy
1448 Intelligent Pile-Driving with a Diesel Impact Hammer Michael D. Justason,
1462 Analysis of Piles Reinforced by Jet-Grouting Method JO Choi; YH Park; JH Yook
1446 Secant Pile Walls - Design, Construction and Case History Ketan H. Trivedi; Anthony Mazzo
1445 Study of Hammer Selection for Driven Steel Pipe Pile Jiwei Duan; Steven Diggins
1444 Port Mackenzie, Alaska - Deep Soil Compaction Spin Fin™ Pile Tension Test and Dock Construction Garth Howlett
1443 Construction of a Deep Slurry Wall in a Restricted City Centre Site using a Hyrdraulic Grab and Rotator System P.M. Wiltcher; Jimmy Lee
1442 Recent Advances in Large Diameter Diaphragm Wall Shafts Benoit Virolle; Christian Gilbert; Rick Deschamps
1441 Effect of Surcharge Pressures on Excavation Support - Inconsistencies between Design Calculations and Practice Darrell Wilder; Wanxing Liu; Jesús Gómez
1440 A Historic Capitol and a Deep Excavation Richard F. Sliwoski; Nasser Massoudi
1439 United States Capitol Visitor Center - Drilled Shafts, Utility Conflicts and Communication Giovanni A. Bonita; William Maher
1438 Case History of the Support of Excavation System at the Dulles Automated People Mover (DAPM) Tunnels and Stations Marlion T. McQuinn; Irvin J. Ragsdale; Arash Parham
1437 Soil Nail Support of Excavation System for the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in the United States Giovanni A. Bonita; Fred S. Tarquinio; Lars Wagner
1449 The Seven Steps to Foundation Retrofit Javier Rodriguez; Jesús Gómez; Carlos Englert; Allen Cadden
1473 Excavation Support at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington DC Harald Ludwig; Scott Chmielarski; Matt Niermann;
1485 Impact of Offshore Site Investigation Practice on Reliability of Axial Pile Design in Siliceous Sands James A. Schneider
1484 Design and Performance Evaluation of Bored Piles in Sand Ashutosh S. Dhar
1483 Increasing Lateral Pile Stiffness through Limited Soil Improvement Thomas J. Weaver; Bhaskar Chitoor
1482 Deep Foundation Design for Liquefaction Induced Lateral Spreads Zia Zafir
1481 Macropiles: Ultra-High-Capacity Micropiles for Foundation Support John R. Wolosick; Joseph A. Pastore; Michael L. Grant
1480 Regulations of Construction Vibrations Mark R. Svinkin
1479 Lateral Load Response of Two Identical Bridge Column Foundation Systems in Warm and Cold Conditions Muhannad T. Suleiman; Sri Sritharan
1478 Business Benefits of an Integrated CFA Rig Instrumentation System Jason N. Scott; Tony P. Suckling; Clifford J. Wren
1477 Case Studies in Mission Bay, San Francisco: Deep Foundations in Challenging Soil Conditions Lori A. Simpson
1476 Case History: Effect of Plastic Clays on the Behavior of APGD Piles In Central Florida Amr M. Sallam; Jim Jammal
1460 111,000m of Continuous Flight Auger Piling for LNG Tank Bases in Poor Alluvial Soils, Isle of Grain, UK Shane Baker; Ian J. Lovett; Paul D. Tester
1474 Case History – Augered Cast-In-Place Piling Installed into Weathered Sandstone Edwin W. Meyer
1461 Tied-Back Micropile Walls in Landslide Repair Kevin W. Cargill, P.E.; Stephen L. Dimino; Nilesh Surti; Matt Niermann;
1472 Once Again, Engineering and Contractor Tenacity Overcome Tough Geology John E. Lens; Harry W. Schnabel; Shawn P. Kelley
1471 Prediction of Settlement of Structure with Piled-Raft Foundation Using Nodular Piles Koichi Kobayashi; Yujiro Tanaka; Hitoshi Ogura; Sadao Yabuuchi
1470 Soil Nail and Jet Grouted Excavation Support Wall at Peirce Mill Dam Eric M. Klein; Kenneth B. Andromalos; Jennifer L. Trimble
1469 A New Approach to Estimate the Base Bearing Capacity of Driven Piles Based on SPT Data N. Shariatmadari; A. Eslami; M. Karimpour
1468 Design and Preliminary Investigations for Deep Foundations of the Charleroi Locks River Wall Project, Monessen, Pennsylvania Brian H. Greene; Kathleen Bensko
1467 Case History of the Support of Excavation System Used at the Atlantic Building Project in Washington, DC Joseph C. Gillen
1466 Case Study: Innovative Soil Nail Stabilization of a 100 Foot High Urban Slope Mike Fabius; Scott Tozer; Bernardo Villegas
1465 Response of a Pile in Soft Clay Under One-Way Cyclic Lateral Loading Padmavathi V. Sagi; Dileep M. Dewaikar; Govindraj K. Guptha
1464 Time Dependent Open-End Pipe Pile Capacity Assessment by Dynamic and Quasi-Static Methods Derrick D. Dasenbrock
1463 Sonic Drilling Offers Quality Control and Non-Destructive Advantages to Geotechnical and Construction Drilling on Sensitive Infrastructure Sites John P. Davis
1486 Incorporating Set-up into Reliability-Based Design of Driven Piles in Sandy Soils Luo Yang
1475 Seismic Retrofit of Bridges; Geotechnical Design Considerations and Case History Aly M. Mohammad; Anthony Crincoli; Karen C. Armfield