(AM-2007) Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2007, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

article# description author(s)
1498 Ground Improvement Resulting from Installation of Drilled Displacement Piles Timothy C. Siegel; Willie M. NeSmith; W. Morgan NeSmith; P. Ethan Cargill
1510 Bending Strength of Threaded Micropile Connections Steven R. Musselman; J. H. Long; N. Carroll; S. Farr
1509 Innovative Micropile Retrofit of Two Existing Structures Terence P. Holman; Kenneth R. Chadwick; Thomas J. Tuozzolo
1508 Horizontal Resistance Behavior of Pile with Wings in Sand Wen Songlin
1507 Surprises and Solutions when Driving Piles in Mountain Valleys of Vermont John E. Lens; Christopher C. Benda
1506 Design of Drilled Pier In Expansive Soils G.T. Hong; C.P. Aubeny; R.L. Lytton
1505 Resistance Factors for Lateral Design of Drilled Shafts Supporting Sound Walls Ke Yang; Robert Liang
1504 A Numerical Study on Behavior Characteristics of Steel-Concrete Composite Drilled Shafts Hyu-Soung, Shin; Juhyung, Lee; Min-Kyung Park; Jaehyun Park; Kiseok, Kwak
1503 Engineering Foundation Support for Las Vegas Strip's Tallest Hotel Casino Nicholas P. Gura;Michael E. McGettigan; Roger A. Archabal
1502 Design of Drilled Shaft Supported Mat Moscow Towers Issa S. Oweis; V.A. Lllichov; Leonid B. Zborovsky; Luma J. Oweis; Jeaan Hwang
1501 Load Transfer and Capacity of Drilled Shafts with Full-Depth Casing Rolf Katzenbach; Helmut Hoffmann; Matthias Vogler; Michael W. O’Neill; John P. Turner
1487 Osterberg Cell Tests Confirm In-Situ Pier Capacity in Coloraod William Siegel; Samantha Sherwood
1499 Foundations for the M25 Motorway near to Heathrow Airport John F. Spence; Tony P. Suckling; Colin J. Serridge
1513 Piled Raft Floats on Moraine Terence P. Holman; Marc J. Gallagher; Marc Khoury
1497 The Monroe St. Viaduct: A Case History of MSE Vibro-Concrete Column Supported Embankment Paul J. Lewis; James E. Parkes; Joe Cavey; James G. Collin; Richard Chen
1496 Design, Construction, and Instrumentation of an Atypical A-Frame Micropile Wall in Aspen, Colorado Kyle Kershaw; Tom Szynakiewicz
1495 A Simple Solution for Slope Stabilization using Micropiles Dan Brown; Erik Loehr
1494 Practical Soil Nail Wall Design and Constructability Issues Walter J. Kutschke; Fred S. Tarquinio; William K. Petersen
1493 Numerical Analysis of Load Bearing Capacity of Drilled Shafts with Defects Khamis Y. Haramy; Alan Rock; Nien Yin Chang
1492 Axial Load Tests in Drilled Shafts and Piles in a Refinery: Comparison Between Design and Experimental Results Walter I. Paniagua; Enrique Ibarra
1491 Load Tests of Bored Piles in Weathered Bedrock James C. Scott; Dennis Riley; Stephen Newman; Chris Dann
1490 Sonar Calipering of Slurry Constructed Drilled Shafts – Providing Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Deep Foundations Denton A. Kort; Jack A. Hayes; John S. Hayes
1489 Load Test Analysis on Augered Pressure Grouted Displacement Piles Wei Zheng; Thomas P. Hart; Rodrigo A. Roldan
1488 Capacity Prediction vs. Performance of Driven Pre-Cast Pre-Stressed Concrete Piles in Chesapeake, Virginia Emad Farouz; Paul Landers
1500 Jet Grouting as Soil Improvement in Southeast Florida Evelio N. Horta; Rafael Diner
1524 Static and Dynamic Approaches for Bearing Capacity Evaluation of Driven Piles in Two Dry Docks Project N. Shariatmadari; A. Noorzad; M. Karimpour; K. Rokneddin
1536 Bearing and Friction Design Capacity Software for Helical Anchors and Piles Gary L. Seider; Richard E. Thorsten
1535 Testing and Evaluation of Driven Plate Piles in a Full Size Test Slope: A New Method for Stabilizing Shallow Landslides Richard Short; Brian D. Collins; Jonathan D. Bray; Nicholas Sitar
1534 Structure Monitoring During Underpinning Barry C. Roth
1533 Full-Scale Tests to Evaluate Lateral Pile Resistance at the Edge of a Slope Artak D. Mirzoyan; Kyle M. Rollins
1532 Unknown Bridge Foundation Investigation with Nondestructive Methods –The Combined Parallel Seismic/Seismic Cone Penetrometer Method Larry D. Olson; Dennis A. Sack
1531 Design and Construction of Tower Foundations for 345kv Youngheung Marine Transmission Line Suk han Jang; Hee kwang Kim; Bong hee Lee; Byeong soo Kwon; Jong hyeok Kim
1530 Experiences from a Large Scale Driven Precast Piling Project in India Rajesh A. Vaidya; K.S. Rama Krishna; D.V. Karandikar; J.J. Asirvatham
1529 Ralston Dam Spillway Stability over Pierre Shale Gokhan Inci
1528 Realizing The Benefits of LRFD for Deep Foundations Bernard H. Hertlein; Chia K. Tan; Clyde N. Baker, Jr.
1527 Temperature, Velocity, Density, and Moisture in Drilled Shafts Khamis Y. Haramy; Nien Yin Chang; Alan Rock
1511 Installation and Testing of 260 Hollow Core Bar Micropiles Jesús E. Gómez; Carlos J. Rodriguez; Helen D. Robinson; Johanna Mikitka
1525 The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NY Specialty Foundation Work Under Extreme Conditions Lawrence Piccagli; Franz-Werner Gerressen
1512 Hollow Core Bar Micropiles – Design Parameters Interpreted from 260 Load Tests Jesús E. Gómez; Carlos J. Rodriguez; Helen D. Robinson
1523 Torque Correlation Factors for Round Shaft Helical Piles Donald A. Deardorff
1522 Nonlinear Spring Functions for 3-D Seismic Responses of Structures on Piles Nien-Yin Chang; Hien Nghiem
1521 Detailing for Cast-In-Place Pile-Column Ductility Andrew Budek
1520 The Emerging Technology of EHDE as Applied to Deep Foundations Jerold Bishop; Grant Bearss; Aleksey Egorov
1519 Ground Improvement Utilizing Vibro Probes Eliminates Liquefaction Concern for a Bridge Foundation Aly M. Mohammad; Karen C. Armfield
1518 Design and Construction Considerations for the Use of Slurry Walls to Construct Water Reservoirs in the Denver Formation Ken Andromalos; Michael Fisher; Michael Beardsley
1517 Compressibility Behavior of Tropical Peat Reinforced with Cement Column Y. Duraisamy
1516 Transverse Isotropy Effects on P-Y Curves for Rock Ehab S. Shatnawi
1515 High Capacity Minicaissons in Nyc Lawrence F. Johnsen; Joseph A. Pastore; Felix E. Ferrer
1514 Design, Specification and Installation of Square Shaft Helical Piers in Expansive Soils John S. Pack
1537 Influence of Diameter on the Bearing Capacity of Lateral Loaded Drilled Shaft Bin Zhang; Xiong (Bill) Yu
1526 Investigation of Bearing Behavior of Pile Raft Foundation Using Numerical Modeling A. Ghorbani; M. H. Baziar