(AM-2008) Proceedings of the 33rd Annual and 11th International Conference on Deep Foundations, 2008, New York, NY, USA

article# description author(s)
1576 An Approximate Nonlinear Analysis of Vertically Loaded Piled Rafts in Layered Soils Seung-hoon Lee; Young-ho Park; Joon-shik Moon
1568 Skin Friction is Shale: Results of the Hwy. 81 Bridge, Yankton, SD Drilled Shaft Load Test Scott M. Mackiewicz; Omar Qudus; Jordan Larsen
1569 Foundation Construction Challenges at 100 11th Avenue in Manhattan – Osterberg Cell Load Test in Mica Schist Cem Altuntas; Matthew J. Bryant; Alan R. Poeppel; Alfredas Daugiala; Thomas Trochalides
1570 Unusual Geology at Brooklyn’s Edge and Its Influence on Design and Installation of Piles Hiren J. Shah; Alfred H. Brand; Cheryl J. Moss
1571 Using Dynamic Pile Testing to Overcome Surprising Soil Variations H. (Sam) Salem; Bengt H. Fellenius; Hector Lavergne Ramirez
1572 2008 Young Professor Paper Competition Winner – LRFD for Deep Foundations: Replacing the Traditional Factor of Safety in Design – Lance A. Roberts
1573 2008 Young Professor Paper Competition Runner-Up – Predicting the End Bearing Capacity of Rock Socketed Shafts Lianyang Zhang
1584 Case Study: Design, Installation and Quality Assurance Testing of High Capacity Socketed Piles in a Complex Geologic Environment Thomas M. Caruso; Melissa L. Gillespie; Craig H. Olson
1575 A Realistic Approach Toward Stray Current Induced Corrosion Affecting Steel Sheet Piling Anne Fagot; Alex Schmitt
1565 Ground Energy Systems in London – A Best Practice Approach Ryan Law
1577 An Investigation of Pile Foundations Installed During the Late 19th and Early 20th Century for Re-Use in Building Support Scott M. Doehla; Mark A. Stier;
1578 Application of Deep Foundation Structures to Great Bridges in Vietnam Cau T. Bui; Huu D. Pham; Dinh V. Dao
1579 Apportioning Risks on an Urban Deep Foundation Project Michael P. Balducci; Brian S. Wood
1580 Argosy Casino Expansion: Open Cell Sheet Pile Harbor Project Michael Lane; Todd Nottingham; Peter Chou; Richard Fifield
1581 Automated Pile Load Test Monitoring Joel L. Volterra; Kathleen Schulze; Alex Ciamei
1582 Behavior of Step Tapered Bored Piles in Sand Under Axial Loading Nabil F. Ismael
1548 2008 John Mitchell Lecture: Review of Major Developments in Ground Engineering Over the Last 20 Years and Current Trends David Sherwood
1574 2008 Student Paper Competition Runner-Up – Application of Electro-Kinetics to Expedite Pile Setup in Kaolinite Clay Susheel R. Kolwalkar
1558 Limited Access Underpinning and Re-Levelrock anchor, rock socket, installation, construction challenges, quality control, Wissahickon Formating of a Six-Story Office Building using Jet Grouted Micropiles Tom Szynakiewicz; Dennis Boehm
1549 Diaphragm Wall for Deep Basement Provides Efficient Use of Waterfront Property at Harbor East in Baltimore S.Y. Fantaye; D. Iliadelis; R. J. Poletto; D. W. Christie
1550 Introducing VCEs: Support of Excavation without Tie-Backs Richard Deschamps; Dino Kartofilis; (John) Bonita
1551 Ground Freezing in Urban Areas and Under Special Conditions Frank Haehnig;Boris von Luebtow
1552 In-Situ Permeability Testing for Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall – Lesson Learned Francois Bernardeau;Xiaohai Wang;Jean-Claude Younan
1553 Peribonka Dam in Canada: A Showcase of Advanced Ground Engineering Techniques Mazin Adnan;Sebouh Balian
1554 2008 Student Paper Competition Winner: Design, Construction, and Testing of a Precast UHPC Pile Thomas L. Vande Voort
1555 Underpinning the Existing No.1 Subway Line at the World Trade Center Richard Crockford; John Wise; John S. Lizzo
1567 Foundations for Arsenal Emirates Stadium, London Jim Cook; Max A. Gwynn; Tony P. Suckling
1557 New Technology for an Old Seawall: Micropile Installation at Ellis Island National Park in New York Harbor Helen D. Robinson; Jesús E. Gómez
1566 Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Osterberg Load Tests on Large Bored Piles in Sand Roberto Nova; Bruno Becci
1559 Open Well Caissons of a 1917 Railroad Bridge: How 19th Century Construction Can Influence 21st Century Construction Alan Fisher
1560 The Bow, EnCana: Design, Monitoring, and Results of a Deep Excavation in Downtown Calgary Matthew Janes; Thomas Lardner
1561 An Innovative Use of Bored Tension Piles in Embedded Retaining Wall Design & Construction Abid O. Adekunte
1562 Cooperative Effort Overcomes Problems with Pier and Cofferdam Construction Caused by Rock Slope Herbert F. “Buck” Darling, III; Richard J. Hartman
1563 The Resonant Driver: Ultra High Frequency Pile and Casing Installation Matthew Janes
1564 Piled-Raft Foundation (PRF) Optimization Design with Connected and Disconnected Piles A. Eslami; M. Veis Karami; M.M. Eslami
1585 Challenges and Recommendation for Quality Assurance of Deep Foundations Frank Rausche; Garland Likins; Liqun Liang
1556 Settlement Monitoring of a Building Underpinned With Micropiles and Soil Nails Bill Zietlow; Jeff Hammer; Cary Lange
1613 Stone Columns at Trenton Water Treatment Facility – Suitable Alternative to Remove and Replace for Mat Foundation Darrell Wilder; Johanna Mikitka; Jesús E. Gómez
1605 Oakland Turning Basin Bulkhead Spin Fin Pile Todd Nottingham; John Olson
1606 Open Cell Sheet Pile Dock in Remote Alaska Provides Innovative and Cost-Effective Solution Dempsey S. Thieman; Bradley West
1607 Pindersfield Hospital – An Innovative Piled Scheme James N. Mure; Michael Snee
1608 Probabilistic Development of Load and Resistance Factor Design for Driven Pipe Piles in Sands: Lessons Learned K.C. Foye; R. Salgado
1609 Reconstruction of Hudson River Pier 86 – Home of the USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Michael Quadagno; Alan Larson
1610 Retaining Wall Installation Beneath an Existing Structure Kenneth W. Braun; Bryan K. Hudson; Andy Romine
1583 Bi-Directional Load Testing of a Pile Bored Using Bentonite Mud in Guinea Bissau Frédéric Rocher-Lacoste; Michel Bustamante; Melvin England
1612 Shear Walls Used for Liquefaction Stabilization of Earthen Dam Embankments Peter J. Nicholson
1602 “Limiting” Damage to Historic Structures in New York City, 1981 to Present Andrew J. Ciancia
1614 The Effects of Heating and Cooling Energy Piles Under Working Load at Lambeth College, UK Tony Amis; Peter Bourne-Webb; Chris Davidson; Binod Amatya; Kenichi Soga
1615 The Practical Application of Pile Reuse at Bow Bells House, City of London Justin Phillips
1616 Time-Dependent Increase in Load Capacity of Tapered Piles Jeongbok Seo; Lloyd W. Young; Cem Altuntas; Alan R. Poeppel
1617 Toward a Unified Design Standard for Steel Sheet Piling Michael J. Garlich
1618 Underpinning and Micropiling to a Four Storey Apartment Building in Hamilton, Scotland Clifford J. Wren
1619 University of Minnesota Football Stadium Down Hole Pile: Innovative Solution for Difficult Conditions Eric J. Pederson
1620 Up-Down Construction Utilizing Steel Sheet Piles and Drilled Shaft Foundations Nathan A. Ingraffea
1611 Rigid Inclusions for Soil Improvement in a 76 Building Complex Walter I. Paniagua; Jose A. Valle; Enrique Ibarra
1595 Foundation Construction Challenges at 100 11th Avenue in Manhattan – Secant Pile Wall Andrew Cushing; Stephen Young; Alfredas Daugiala; Fabio Liscidini
1586 The Impact of Vibro Compaction Adjacent to Large Vertical Maritime Retaining Structures Barry C. Slocombe; Peter Smith
1587 Stemmers Run Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam and Trestle Jenniver Peirce Brandt; John J. Peirce; Frank M. Vibbert
1588 Design and Construction of Micropiles Each Subject to 110 Kips of Lateral Load Andrew Baxter; Jesús Gómez
1589 Design and Construction of Open Cell Sheet Pile Abutments under an Existing Bridge Dempsey S. Thieman; Derrick D. Honrud
1590 Estimating Axial Displacements of Driven Piles in California Soils Cem Akgüner; Roy E. Olson
1591 Estimation of Horizontal Deformational Property Using a Pressuremeter Test for the Evaluation of Lateral Bearing Capacity of a Pile Hyung-Min Kwon; Tae-Gyun Ha; Choong-Ki Chung; Hong-Jong Kim
1592 Evolving Micropiles: Optimizing Foundations for Seismic Retrofit Robert Jameson; Leo Panian; Bill Rudolph
1604 A Numerical Study on the Lateral Resistance of Steel-Concrete Composite Drilled Shafts for Long-Span Bridges Juhyung Lee; Hyu-Soung Shin; Sangho Choi; Jaehyun Park; Moonkyung Chung; Kiseok Kwak
1594 Formation of Interlocking Jet Grout Columns at Large Depth Chu E. Ho
1603 Micropiles for Rehabilitation of Two Existing Structures Jeffrey R. Hill; Shane J. Farr
1596 Foundation Retrofitting Using Micropiles – A Case History Mohammad Nasim; Joan Bentel; Victor Omelchenko
1597 High and Low Strain Testing of Bouncing Piles Kyle L. Murrell; Gregory J. Canivan; William M. Camp, III
1598 Hollow Core Bar Micropiles – Design Parameters Interpreted from 404 Load Tests Jesús E. Gómez; Javier Rodriquez; Johanna Mikitka; Helen D. Robinson
1599 Use of Installation Effort to Evaluate and Design Drilled Displacement Piles in Fine-Grained Soils W. Morgan NeSmith; Pete Burton
1600 King’s Cross Station Re-Development: Passive and Active Mitigation of Tunnelling-Induced Settlement Clif Kettle; Richard J. Totty; Peter V. McLachlan
1601 Large Scale Jet Grouting and Deep Mixing Test Program at Tuttle Creek Dam Mario Mauro; Fabio Santillan
1621 Use of High Capacity Grouted Tension Piles Installed Vibration Free and Soil Displacing Peter de Kort
1593 First Use in the USA of the CSM Method for use as Microtunnel Sending and Receiving Shafts Brett K. Mainer; Franz-Werner Gerressen