(MRNE-2009) Deep Marine Foundations - A Perspective on the Design and Construction of Deep Marine Foundations

article# description author(s)
1632 Design and Construction of the Sutong Bridge Foundations Robert B. Bittner & Osama Safaqah, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc., Xigang Zhang HPDI, China, Ole Juul Jensen & Ole Rud Hansen, COWI A/S, Denmark
1623 Large Diameter Steel Tubular Piles for Optimum Seismic Performance Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. & Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick Inc.
1640 Caisson Foundations for Mississippi River Bridges in the New Orleans Area William B. Conway, Modjeski and Masters, Inc.
1639 Mooring Bridge Caissons During Construction Using Jetted-In Driven Plate Anchors Osama Safaqah, Marc Gerin & Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
1638 New Tacoma Narrows Bridge Caissons R. Bruce Patterson, Kiewit Pacific Co.
1637 Skirt Suction Foundation – Application to Strait Crossings Takashi Saito, Public Works Research Group, Japan, Yoichi Yoshida, Masato Itoh & Naoki Masui, Obayashi Co Ltd., Japan
1636 Construction of the Main Tower Pier Caissons for the Greenville Bridge in Mississippi F. Keith Jacobson, Massman Construction Co.
1635 Design and Construction of the Rion Antirion Bridge Foundations Alain Pecker, Geodynamique & Structure, France
1642 Marine Foundations of Bridges in the Northeastern USA James S. Graham, Norwalk Marine Contractors & Joel Moskowitz, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
1633 Large Diameter Shafts – Youghiogheny Reservoir Bridge Paul J. Lewis & David R. Scherer, Gannett Fleming, Inc.
1643 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Cofferdams Roderic A. Ellman, Jr., Museser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, Jim X. Zhang & Bill Spence, Tidewater Skanska, Inc.
1631 Design of the Drilled Shaft Foundations for the Cooper River Bridge Liang Shen, Osama Safaqah & Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
1630 Construction of Large Diameter Drilled Shafts: The 2nd Mike O’Neill Lecture Dan Brown, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Auburn University
1629 Underwater Sound Attenuation in Construction Projects: Applying Science to Pile Driving Permits Alan Christopherson & Jennifer Lundberg, PND Incorporated
1628 Installation Checklist for Driving Mega Piles Douglas L. Scaggs, MENCK GmbH
1627 Diameter Effects on p-y Curves Ignatius P.O. Lam, Earth Mechanics, Inc.
1626 Underwater Pile Hammers Douglas L. Scaggs, MENCK GmbH
1625 Installation of Marine Pile Foundations at the Skyway Project for the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Robb L. Swenson, General Construction Company-a Kiewit Company
1624 Design of the Marine Foundations for the Skyway Project of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Gerry Houlahan, Moffatt & Nichol
1634 Drilled Shaft Foundations for the Float-In Dam on the Monongahela River at Braddock, PA Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc. & William R. Miles, Bergmann Associates
1652 Marine Foundation Retrofit for the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Patrick E. Durnal & Henrik Dahl, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc
1661 Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations – In Denmark and Belgium Jørn H. Thomsen & Torben Forsberg, COWI A/S, Denmark & Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
1660 Geophysical Methods for Site Characterization for Marine Foundations Richard E. Sylwester, Golder Associates, Inc.
1659 Foundations for Offshore Wind Energy Converters – A Review of Some Current Scandinavian Development Projects K.Viking & Lars Johansson, Ramboll Sverige AB, Sweden
1658 Statnamic Load Testing of High Capacity Marine Foundations Mike Muchard, Applied Foundation Testing, Inc.
1657 Deep Compaction Using Vibratory Pile Hammers Dennis Nottingham, PND Incorporated
1656 Current State of Practice of Corrosion Protective Systems for Tierods and Tiebacks Used in Marine Applications Thomas A. Printz, John A. White and Tom Bird, Williams Form Engineering Corp.
1655 The Underwater Cut-Off at the Water F. George Dam Gianfranco Di Cicco & Riccardo Pertocelli, Treviicos Corporation
1641 Open Well Caissons of A 1917 Railroad Bridge – How 19th Century Construction Can Influence 21st Century Construction Alan D. Fisher, Cianbro Corporation
1653 Best Practices: Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal Raymond Sandiford, Port Authority of NY and NJ & Peter Dunlop, Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc.
1662 Berth Deepening A Three Decade Old Wharf Structure for the Next Generation of Container Ships Bill Paparis & Michael Quadagno, Han-Padron Associates, LLP, Guy Buzzoni & James McQueen, APM Terminals N. America, Inc. and John Lizzo, Port Authority of NY & NJ
1651 Underwater Concrete – Mix Design and Construction Practices Sam X. Yao, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
1650 Seal Slab/Steel Pile Interface Bond From Full-Scale Testing Gray Mullins, Ruben Sosa, Rajan Sen & Moussan Issa, University of South Florida
1649 Seal Slab Prestressed Pile Interface Bond From Full-Scale Testing Gray Mullins, Ruben Sosa, Rajan Sen & Moussa Issa, University of South Florida
1648 Underwater Concrete in Drilled Shafts: The Key Issues and Case Histories Sam X. Yao & Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
1647 Innovative Cofferdams used on the I-205 Columbia River Bridge Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
1646 Cooperative Effort Overcomes Problems with Pier and Cofferdam Construction Caused by Rock Slope Herbert F. “Buck” Darling III, Herbert F. Darling, Inc. & Richard J. Hartman, Hartman Engineering
1645 Finite Element Analyses and Cofferdam Excavations Dimitrios C. Konstantakos, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
1644 Float-In Cofferdams Robert B. Bittner, Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
1654 Vessel Collision Design – Risk Analysis and Deep Foundation Issues for Bridges over Navigable Waterways Michael A. Knott, Moffatt & Nichol