(AM-2012) Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2012, Houston, TX, USA

article# description author(s)
1848 Pile-Supported Raft Foundation System Mohab Sabry
1857 Building a High-Rise Adjacent To Transit Tunnels in San Francisco Lori A. Simpson, Linda H. Liang
1856 Analysis and Performance of Sheet Pile Cofferdam under Demolition Blast Loads Michael Oakland, John Mould, Gordon Chen, William McElwee
1855 Preliminary Assessment of Reliability and Sampling Requirements for Deep Mixing Method (DMM) Foundations for LNG Processing Facility and Storage Tank Edward C. Clukey, Attasit Korchaiyapruk, Paul J. Sabatini, Paul Summers, Willem (Billy) Villet, Kevin Richardson
1854 Experiences and New Developments in Offshore Foundation Franz-Werner Gerressen, Jean Wehbe
1853 Diplomacy and Innovation: Octakong and The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project David White
1852 Construction of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Path West of the Henry Hudson Pwy David Coleman, Alfranio Prado
1851 Case Study: Natomas Levee Improvement Program Cutoff Walls Matthew D. Marks
1840 The Road To Innovation in Geotechnical Construction Peter J. Nicholson
1849 Driving and Extraction of Steel Pipe Piles in Nearshore Environment Nihal Bohra, Ken Been, Anthony Rice, Juan Lopez and Jim Rix
1860 Marine Prefabricated Vertical Drains for the Craney Island Ira Brotman, Mohamed Mekkawy, William W. Wheaton
1847 Cased Auger Piles (CAP): An Effective Piling Solution Federico Pagliacci
1846 Monitoring Auger Cast in Place Pile Construction and Testing in Hard Clay C. Vipulanandan, Kalaiarasi Vembu, Onur Guvener
1845 Pile Settlement Design Using Continuous Surface Wave Testing and Modulus Degradation Hennie F. T. Barnard, Theodore E. B. Vorster
1844 Case History: Innovative Load Test Program Optimizes Pile Capacity in Challenging Ground Conditions Emad Farouz, Francis A. Abreu Sr.
1843 Design of Bearing Plates for Anchors in Geo-Application Andrew Baxter, Sixto Fernandez, Dr. Jesús E. Gómez
1842 Driven Piles in Central Texas Expansive Soils Clayton A. Signor
1841 Pile Design and Construction Challenges in Partially Thawed Alaskan Soils John D. Thornley
1850 Numerical Analysis of Mono and Group Suction Piles under Lateral Loadings in Layered Deposits Juhyung Lee, Ilhan Chang, Kiseok Kwak, Ernest Nsabimana, Young-Hoon Jung
1868 Measured and Modeled Settlements of Power Plant on Piled Raft Foundations Gianni O. Chieruzzi, Douglas S. Roy, Alireza Ayoubian
1877 East Boston Branch Sewer Relief Project: Support of Excavation Case Study Eric P. Bregman, John E. Regan, Franklin M. Grynkewicz
1876 Heating and Cooling Structures with Steel Pile Foundations Closed Loop Standing Column Well Technology Paul Suver
1875 Field Testing Of Energy Piles at Virginia Tech C. Guney Olgun, James R. Martin, Sherif L. Abdelaziz, Pier Luigi Iovino, Fatih Catalbas, Charles Elks, Christopher Fox, Pierre Gouvin
1874 Uncertainties in CSL Test Interpretations and Recommendations toward a More Efficient Process Mark A. Rohrbach, Timothy R. Kovacs, Fadzilah (Dila) Saidin
1873 New CIGMAT Downhole Penetrometer (DHP-CIGMAT) For Use during Drilled Shaft Construction C. Vipulanandan, Omer F. Usluogullari
1872 Optimization of Drilled Shaft Design for A Highway Bridge in Arizona Using Load Test Results John C. Niedzielski, Samer R. Rabab’ah, A. Frances Ackerman
1871 Non-Destructive Testing Methods for Drilled Shaft and ACIP Piles George Piscsalko
1858 Seismic Behavior of Full-Scale Piles in Improved Soft Clay Bradley J. Fleming, Jin-Wei Huang, Sri Sritharan
1869 Hydraulic Drive Head Performance Curves for Prediction of Helical Pile Capacity Donald Deardorff
1859 Seismic Response of Raft Foundations Supported on Aggregate Piers Alper Turan, Hesham El Naggar
1867 Numerical Study on the Behavior of Inclined Micropile Sepideh Damavandinejad Monfared
1866 Numerical Modeling of Foundation Deformation Due To Fault Rupture Amalia Giannakou, Jacob Chacko, Orestis Zarzouras, Wei Yu Chen
1865 Observational and Numerical Evaluation of Defects in Deep Mixing Method Columns Used For LNG Process Train Structural Foundation Support Paul J. Sabatini, Paul Summers, Willem (Billy) Villet, Edward C. Clukey, Kevin Richardson
1864 Self Hardening Slurry Wall Installation by Hydromill at the Herbert Hoover Dike – An Innovative Solution Mario Mauro, Carlos Morales, Jeff Taylor
1863 Dynamic Analysis of a Base-Isolated Bridge, Seattle, Washington Jeremy Butkovich, Hollie Ellis, Bill Perkins, Paul Bott, Greg Nutson
1862 A Case History on Design, Construction, and Performance of Stone Column Ground Improvement beneath an MSE Embankment Karen Dawson, Seungcheol Shin, Suthan Pooranampillai, Dominic Parmantier
1861 A Case History on the Design, Construction, and Field Quality Control of Cement Deep Soil Mixing Suthan Pooranampillai, Dominic Parmantier, Karen Dawson
1878 Repair Methods for Corroded Steel Piles C. Vipulanandan, Dongmei Pan, M. Dawood
1870 Integrity Evaluation of Driven Concrete Piles Utilizing Embedded Data Collectors Donald T. Robertson, Kurt Hecht, Michael K. Muchard