(AM-1999) Proceedings of the 24th Annual Members' Conference & Equipment Exposition, 1999, Dearborn, MI
Decades of Technology Advancing into the Future

Caveat Emptor or A Buyer's Guide to Pile Integrity Testing Joram M. Amir
Repair of Deep Foundations Dennis W. Boehm, Joseph K. Cavey, Peter J. Nufer & Andrew F. Brengola
Caisson Design and Construction Challenges on the New Tiger Stadium Project Fritz J. Klingler & William J. Johnson
Davison Freeway Reconstruction Utilizes Design/Build Retaining Walls Thomas C. Anderson, PE
High Capacity Drilled Cast-in-Place Piles, House of Representatives Building, Lansing, Michigan Robert C. Rabeler, PE, Timothy H. Bedenis, PE, Drew Floyd, PE & Michael J. Thelen, PE
Bearing Capacity of Footings and Piles - A Delusion? Bengt H. Fellenius
Case History: Estimating Ground Vibrations Caused by Pile Driving Tracy Brettmann, PE & Blake Cotton, PE
Large Diameter CIDH Construction in Cohesionless Soils by the Use of Rotator/Oscillator Techniques - A Case Study 116th Avenue Bridge over the Gila River Phoenix, AZ M. Cornelius
Design and Construction of Large Diameter Drilled Shafts for the Bath-Woolwich Bridge Andrew Peterson
Automated Installation Monitoring for Augercast and Driven Piles Garland Likins, Frank Rausche & C. Michael Morgano
Design Parameter for Jacked Pile Sugie Prawono
Pile Top Hydraulic Hammer Drive - Down the Hole Chiselling - Round Steel Piling System J. Nakayama
The Historical Evolution of Piling & Deep Foundations and Prospects for the Future W.G.K. Fleming & R. Fernie
What has been Learned about Drilled Shafts from the Osterberg Load Test Jorj O. Osterberg
Emplacement Techniques: Impervious and Pervious Wall Construction Fred C. Schmednecht, PE & Dana A. Wesolek, PE
Prediction and Calculation of Construction Vibrations Mark R. Svinkin
Designed, Load Tested, Installed, and Integrity Tested ACIP Piles at Lovers' Key Site in Southwest Florida Gregory A. Stephan, PE, M Asce & D.S. "Sax" Saxena, PE, F Asce
Elimination of Heave Forces on Lightly Loaded Piles in Swelling Clay Basem Sh. Hazzan
Special Foundation Construction for Large Deep Excavation Pits in Berlin Wolfgang G. Brunner