(AM-1995) Proceedings of the 20th Annual Members' Conference, 1995, Charleston, SC

Soil Damping in Saturated Sandy Soils for Determining Capacity of Piles by Wave Equation Analysis Mark R. Svinkin
Design and Construction of Pile Foundations for a Building Complex - A Case History S.K.V. Avasarala, D.S. Saxena, R.M. Dickinson, A. Saxena
Sheet Pile Installation Vibration Study Kenneth A. Pidgeon, Sanjeev A. Joshi, Kevin DiRocco
Variable Frequency Vibrators and their Application to Foundation Engineering K. Rainer Massarsch, Erik Westerberg
Drilled Piers with Base Preloading by Grouting Boleslaw A. Klosinski, Czeslaw Szymankiewicz, Dariusz Petyniak
High-Strain Dynamic Testing of Drilled and Cast-in-Place Piles Garland E. Likins, Mohamad H. Hussein
Dynamic Testing Results, Indicator Pile Test Program - I-880, Oakland, California D. Michael Holloway, Darrell L. Beddard
What causes Piles to Penetrate George G. Goble
Static Load Hydraulic Pile Driving: An Alternative System for Noise & Vibration-Sensitive Applications Rober A. Field
8000 Series Piling Rig Roger A. Bullivant
House and Commercial Building Foundation Roger A. Bullivant
Coming to Times Darrell L. Beddard, Tony Marquez, D. Michael Holloway
Dynamic Pile Testing in Soils Exhibiting Setup Juan M. Antorena, G. Thomas McDaniel
Determination of Design Pile Uplift Capacities using Dynamic Pile Testing Methods Juan M. Antorena, G. Thomas McDaniel