(IC-1991-CH) Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Theory and Practice of Piling and Deep Foundations in China, 1991, Beijing, China

Construction of Large Open Caissons in Soft Stratum Chen Zhiquan; Construction Commission of Guangdong Province, China
Field Tests Of Soft Clay Stabilized By Stone Columns In Coastal Areas In China Han Jie (Department of Geotechnical Engineering, Tongji University, China) Ye Shulin
A Case History Studying on Displacement Controlling in Deep Excavation Feng Yongxuan (Shenyang Institute of Geotechnics, Tong Zhicheng Hydrogeology and Surveying of Feng Guandi M.M.I., China
A Method for Predicting Load-Settlement Relationship and Bearing Capacity of Single Piles by Means of CPT Wang Huichang; Sichuan Institute of Building Research, China
Practice of Large Diameter Stepped Section Bored Pile Foundation of a Deep Water Bridge Cen Guoji; Guangdong Traffic Bureau, China Tan Zhikang; Guangdong Highway Engineering Department, China
The Analysis and Computation of Soil-Pile (Wall) Interaction for Deep Excavation of high-rise Building Lu Peiyan, Xiong Lizheng, (Guandong Provincial Research Institute of Yang Guanghua, Chen Haixin, Water-Conservancy and Hydro-Power, Lai Qionghua, Ni Guangle Shougouling, Shahe, Guangzhou, China)
Research on Dynamic Inspection of Prototype Models of Reinforced Concrete Piles Xuhui Lu Yaosheng (Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing, China) Jiao Yusen
Predication of Heave for Deep Excavation with Irregular Plane Shape Zhang Jiaju; Engineering Institute of Geotechnical Investigation and Surveying Feng Jing; the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry, China
To Protect Pit-Wall by Means of Chemical Grouting in Excavation Work of Deep Foundation Pit Xiong Houjin & Kuang Sianguang (Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry of Academia Sinica, China)
Analysis on the Vertical Bearing Capacity of Socketed Piles Yong Jingrong; Chongqing Institute of Architecture and Engineering, China
Application of Large Diameter Pile Foundations to Factory Building Wang Mingshu; Northeast University of Technology, China Qian Keqiang; Western Opencast Coal in Fushun, China
Converse Probabilistic Analysis and Testing In Situ for Bed Rock Under Pile with Large Diameter Peng Jiahong; Guangzhou Institute of Architectural Research and Design, China Chen Rugui; " "
Experiences of the Cast-In-Situ Pile Filling in Stone-Line Intercalation Guan Jichang; Hebei Huaxing Foundation Engineering Ltd., China Qian Zheng; Tianjin Port Engineering Institute, China Fan Baolan; " "
Earth Pressure Distribution on Diaphragm Wall During Excavation Ting Chinsu; Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China Wang Xinjie; Beijing Urban Engineering Design Institute, Beijing, China Wang Quishun; The Third Urban Constructional Engineering Company of Beijing, China
The Application of the Caisson in China Chen Xizhe; Tsinghua University, Beijing, China Ye Pu; Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
An Analysis of Interaction Between Laterally Loaded Structure and Soil Zhu Tonghao; Sichuan Institute of Building Research, Chengdu, China
The Quality Control of Pile Foundations of Tall Buildings in Shenzhen Li Keqiang; Shenzhen Municipal Construction Bureau, China Liu Youde; Shenzhen Municipal Public Construction Bureau, China
Pile Foundation, Retaining Structures for Deep Excavation and Anti-Buoyancy Anchors in Shanghai Soft Soils Sun Gengsheng
The Theory and Practice of Deep Foundations Xu Ronglie; Ministry of Construction, China Chen Xiangfu; Design Institute, Ministry of Commerce, China Chen Jin; Beijing Graduate School, China University of Mining, China
Static Load Transfer Computation of Piles Pan Shisheng; Zhejiang Provincial Building Research Institute, Hangzhou, China
Building the High-Pressure Jet-Grouting Curtains for Deep Foundation Ditch in the Seaside Area Lin Daoyi; Shenyang Institute of Geotechnics, Hydrogeology and Surveying, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, China
Information Construction Technology for Supported Excavation in Urban Construction Sun Jiale; Dept. of Civil Eng., Beijing Polytec. Univ., China Duan Xinhua; Beijing Mechanized Construction Co., China
Application Study on Non-Destructive Static Test Pile Han Xuanjiang; Nanjing Architectural & Engineering Institute, China
Plastoelastic Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Soil Anchor Hui Yongning, Xu Ronglie
The Pile Foundation of Tall Buildings in Shenzhen Li Keqiang; Shenzhen Municipal Construction Bureau, China Liu Youde; Shenzhen Public Municipal Construction Bureau, China
Measurement and Analysis on the Bearing Behavior and Driving Effects of Piles in Shanghai Region Gao Dazhao; Tongji University, Shanghai, China Xu Huiliang; Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, China
Rapid Vibratory Pile Driving Hammer for Deep Foundation Li Tiemin & Gu Meizhen (Beijing Construction Machinery Comprehensive Research Institute, China)
Evaluation for Stone-Column Composite Foundation in Raleigh Wave Method Zhang Baoshan & Hu Jingkun (Shenyang Institute for Geotechnics, Hydrogeology and Surveying, MMI, China)
Effect Analysis on Static and Dynamic Tests of Pile Foundations Hou Shitao, Guo Dianqua, (The Hubei Ground Treatment and Deep Liu Kezhu, Qian Wu, Foundation Association, China) Wang Yiji
Research on the Interaction between Pile and Foundation Soil by Boundary Element Method Wang Lushuang; Architectural Designing Institute of Shandong, China
Analysis Of Driving Stress Measured In The RC Long Pile Yu Zhenquan; Central Research Inst. of Build. & Construct. MMI, Beijing, China
The Determination of the Property Index of Stabilizing Agent and Computer Simulation for the Optimum Mix in Deep Foundation Construction Li Huimin & Xie Xinghao (Xian Institute of Metallurgy and Construction Engineering, China)