(AM-2000) Proceedings of the 25th Annual Members' Conference and Eighth International Conference and Exposition, 2000, New York NY

Design and Construction Imposed by Unique Geological Conditions in Paris, Milan, and London Chris Harnan, Daniel Gouvenot, Xavier Laloum, Olivier Vacher, Marco Bertero
Structural Movement and Ground Settlement Control for a Deep Excavation within an Historic Building Martin J. Kenwright, Robert A. Dickson, Rab Fernie
Axial Load Capacity of Steel Pipe Piles in Sand: A Review of the API Method Sanjeev Malhotra PE, GE
A Decade of Concrete Embedded Walls in UK Robert Fernie, Michael C. Putnam
Foundations for Light Buildings on Lime/Cement (L/C) Columns Per Eriksson, Hakan Eriksson
Skilled Operative Training for the Foundation Industry Geoffrey Birch, Colin Williams
Innovations in Scandinavia Carl-John Gravare
History of Foundation Pile Driving Hammers in New York City, 1900 to 2000 James S. Graham PE, Lawrence F. Johnsen PE, John J. Jagello PE
Innovation in South East Asia Brian Littlechild, Glen Plumbridge, Stephen Hill, Martin Pratt
Trends in Deep Foundations in Europe R. Stenne
Reflections on our Industry Arturo Ressi di Cervia
Use of the Observational Method (Best Way Out) to Allow Driven Pile Installation in Chalk Paul Morrison, Mike Tutt, Mike Ryan
Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid in the Deep Foundation Industry S.H. Miller, C.R. Scharf, M.E. Miller
New York City - A Review of Various Foundation Problems and Solutions Mel Febesh
Vibwall Installation - Cardiff Bay Barrage Graeme McWhirter
Design and Construction Constraints Imposed by Unique Geologic Conditions in New York City George J. Tamaro, James L. Kaufman, Abu Arif Azmi
Underpinning with Steel Pipe Piles Pasi Korkeakoski, Jouko Lehtonen, Reino Heikinheimo
Minimising the Environmental Impact of Construction Dewatering Peter Jackson, Anne Gordon, John Frederiksen, Nina Vendelboe
Operator Independent Installation of Lime Cement (L/C) Columns Tobias Hansson, Hakan Eriksson
Practical Aspects of Compensation Grouting Philip J.H. Ball
Deep Soil Stabilization Using Lime Cement Columns Melvin I. Esrig PhD PE, Edward P. Forte PE, Peter E. MacKenna
Pin Piles for Structural Underpinning Seth L. Pearlman PE
Design and construction of bored piles and diaphragm wall for MHA Headquarters complex, Singapore N.S. Yet, P.H. Lim
When Real Estate Values Beckon - The Means and Methods Employed in the Underpinning of 1501 Broadway Edward J. McNamara, Andrew J. Burns
Connecting Railway Lines in Vienna with Underground Structures Rudiger Wunsch
An innovative foundation technology for the construction of retaining walls in urban areas F. Pagliacci, M. Bertero
Deep Foundations in Hong Kong Martin Pratt, Nick M. Walsh, Siva Arunachalam, Stephen Young, Peter Sunderland
Full-scale field-test studies on driveability and induced ground vibrations of vibratory driven sheet piles K. Viking, A. Bodare
JFKIA - Post Grouted Drilled Shafts and Driven Piles - Update Walter G. Brusey
New Concepts for CFA (Auger Cast) Pile Controle Shachar Magali
Cast insitu piling for the King's Wharf project, Sydney, Australia Slav Tchepak, Yahya Nazhat
Deep, Large diameter bored piles in Hong Kong, two selected cases Yvone Franco Crosato
Case History: Deep Soil-Cement Mixing at the I-90/I-93NB Interchange on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, contract C09A7 at Fort Point Channel Site, Boston, MA Robert Jakiel
Pile Load Testing at JFK International Airport J. Moskowitz, R. Sandiford, S. Merjan
Compensation Grouting under Real-time Monitoring, Rio Piedras Project, San Juan, Puerto Rico Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Laurent Lavene, Jean-ghislain LaFonta
Site Solutions for the Pisa Tower Remediation Paolo Heiniger
Examples of the Use of Temporary Works Soil Nailing in the UK and Ireland Martin J. Pedley
Charles Grimes Bridge Foundations, Melbourne, Australia Charles Pol Vuiller, Slav Tchepak
Newfoundland Transshipment Project: Design-Build Construction of Oil Tanker Whart using Permanent Steel Jackets Alun J. Davies
Tension tests on driven pipe piles in sand Alan J. Lutenegger, Shawn P. Kelley
Vibration Environmental Effectg of Construction Operations Mark R. Svinkin, A. Gordon Shaw, David Williams
Design and Construction of the Deep Stations for the Copenhagen Metro David R. Beadman, Richard P. Bailey
A proposed model for soil/auger interaction during installation of screw piling augers J.W. Slatter, J.P. Seidel, W. Kingwell
The Use of Micropiles in Estonia T. Ruben, M. Mets, U. Eskel
A Study of Three Test Sites Comparing Theoretical Ultimate Pile Capacities, Static Pile Load Tests, and Pseudo Static Pile Load Test Results Richard D. Short CE, GE, Yogesh Prashar PE
Press-in Piling: The Influence of Plugging on Driveability David J. White, Haramrita K. Sidu, Tim C.R. Finlay, Malcolm D. Bolton, Teruo Nagayama
The Soilex Pile System Erik M. Westerberg, Staffan Wetterling
Case Histories of Geo-Column Foundations Osamu Taki
A Cut and Cover in Stiff Clay in Eurre-France R. Stenne
Dynamic and Static Loading Tests of Piles for Bridges in Surinam W.J. van Niekerk, J.P.G. Ramler, P. de Kort
Capacity of Piles and Settlement of Pile Foundations M. Mets PhD, H. Torn
Installation of Bored Pile Casings through an Asbestos Tip by Rotary Displacement Lewis Stansfield
Static and High Strain Dynamic Test Co-Relation Studies on Cast-in-Situ Concrete Bored Piles Dr. N.V. Nayak, D.K. Kanhere, Ravikiran Vaidya
Special Foundation Technique for the Intersection of Two Canals near Magdeburg, Germany Wolfgang G. Brunner