(AM-2002) Proceedings of the 27th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2002, San Diego, CA
The Time Factor in Design and Construction of Deep Foundations

Classical and Finite Difference Method to Estimate Pile Capacity Compared with Pile Load Testing Results Yogesh Prashar
Innovative European Technologies to Accelerate Construction of Embankment Foundations Part II: DM, FMI, Mass Stabilization & CSV Ali Porbaha, Dan Brown, Alan MacNab, Richard Short
Lessons Learned from Mitigating Early Project Delays to Deep Foundation Work Jeffrey L. Ottesen, Maria Petrov
Recent Developments in the Law of Deep Foundations Brian P. Waagner
Three Case Histories Comparing Impact and Vibratory Driven Pile Resistances in Marl Gregory J. Canivan, William M. Camp III
Results of an International Pile Load Testing Prediction Event N. Charue, A. Holeyman, N. Huybrechts, C. Legrand, J. Maertens
Case History of the Support of Excavation System at the San Diego State University (SDSU) LRT Station Allan Sylvester, Marlion T. McQuin
High-Stress Pile Testing at Soldier Field Michael H. Wysockey, Thomas J. Wysockey, Manohar Chawla
Innovative European Technologies to Accelerate Construction of Embankment Foundations Part I: GEC, AUGEO, & CFA Ali Porbaha, Dan Brown, Alan MacNab, Richard Short
Conventional Static and Rapid Load Tests On CIDH Piers at a University of California Berkeley Site Mark Presten, Gyimah Kasali
Lateral Load Tests on Drilled Piers in San Diego Area Residual and Formational Soils Kul Bhushan, Curt Scheyhing
Improved Pile Economics: High Design Stresses and Remote Pile Testing Jim Frazier, Garland Likins, Frank Rausche, George Goble
High Capacity and Fully Removable Soil Anchors Anthony D. Barley, Donald A. Bruce, Mary Ellen C. Bruce, J. Christopher Lang, Horst Aschenbroich
CPT Guided Installation of Pressure-Grouted Displacement Piles Mark M. Petersen, Willie M. NeSmith
Large Diameter Pile Driving, Acceptance and Soil-Pile Setup New East Span San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Saba Mohan, Reid Buell, Robert Price, Robert F. Stevens, Jacob Chacko, Roger Howard
Dynamic Lateral Response of a Full-Scale Pile Group Kyle M. Rollins, Brian J. Garrett, Ryan J. Olsen
Load Testing High Capacity Drilled Shafts Jorj O. Osterberg
6000 Ton Osterberg Load Test Reduces Foundation Costs for Delaware River Tramway Aly M. Mohammad, Karen C. Armfield
The Effect of Drilling Fluid on Axial Capacity, Cape Fear River, NC Dan Brown, Mike Muchard, Bud Khouri
Driven Pile Foundation Design and Construction Genetech Hall- UCSF Mission Bay Campus Robert E. Fosse, Donald W. Quigley, Jamison H. Curry, Bret J. Lizundia