(IC-2006) Proceedings-DFI/EFFC 10th International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prediction of Ultimate Pile Bearing Capacity Using Artificial Neural Networks Vahid Tajdar; Nader Shariatmadari; Abolfazl Eslami
Construction of a Deep Basement on a Sloping Site in Glasgow: The Aurora Project H. Boghosian; Z. Cabarkapa; B. Ferreira; M. Pedley; H.D. St John
Lateral Dynamic Response of Single Inclined Piles Amalia Giannakou; Nicos Gerolymos; George Gazetas
Vertically Loaded Piles in Sand Subjected to Triangular Profiles of Soil Movements W. D. Guo; H. Y. Qin.
Non-Linear Analysis of Large Pile Groups for the New Wembley Stadium S. Hardy; A.S. O’Brien
Driven Piles in Glacial Deposits Exhibiting Time Dependent Capacity Upendra L. Karna
Research Advances in Barrettes: Installation and Load-Carrying Behavior Guo H. Lei
Behavior of Model Pile Group under Axial Monotonic Loading A. LE KOUBY; J. CANOU; J. C. DUPLA
Effect of Slope on P-Y Curves; under Passive Loading Dr. Muthukkumaran K Dr. Sundaravadivelu R Dr. Muthukkumaran K; Dr. Sundaravadivelu R.
Optimized Neural Network Model for the Prediction of Driven Pile’s Resistance Jeong W. Seok; Hyun. I. Park; Daejin Hwang; Chun-Whan Cho
Diaphragm Walls and Barrettes for Top-Down Construction: A Project Report Bjorn Bohle; Wolf-Rudiger Linder
Capacity of Driven Piles in Sand Mohab Sabry; Adel Hanna
Present Developments in the Design Foundations Prof. Dr. –Ing Rolf Katzenbach; Dipl. –Ing. Gregor Bachmann; Dipl.-Ing. Christian Gutberlet; Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Ramm
The Contest on the Prediction of Capacity of a Bored Pile Constructed under Polymer-Based Slurry in Bangkok Subsoil Narong Thasnanipan; Zaw Z. Aye; Thayanan Boonyarak; Manoon Arayasiri
Stress and Deformation of Pile Foundation of Sutong Bridge Yin Zongze; Zhu Jungao; Yu Xiangjuan; Wan Junjie; Wu Shouchang; Feng Lingyun
Ground Improvement By Means of Stabilizing Columns Georg Breitsprecher; Dirk Stihl
Application of CFA Piles for Foundation of a Shopping Centre on Long-Standing Dumping Ground Joanna Bzowka; Jacek Pieczyrak
Experiences with Base Grouted Drilled Shafts in the Southeastern United States Steven D. Dapp; Mike Muchard; Dan A. Brown
Drilled Piers Support Massive Gantry Crane John R. Davie; Jose L.M. Clemente; Myron R. Anderson; Louise C. Headland
Press-In Piling Technology for Sustainable Construction Philip DUBBELING; Ad VRIEND; Tsunenobu NOZAKI
Recent Advances in Quiet & Vibration-Less Steelpile Installation & Extraction Ray K. Filip
Confinement of Two Contaminated Sites in a Petrochemical Plant; Case History Raffaella Granata; Carlo Crippa
Experience Gained at the Application of Atlas Piles in Poland Kazimierz Gwisdala; Adam Krasinski; Tadeusz Brzozowski
Axial Capacity of Drilled Shafts in Soft Shale Kanagarajah Ravishankar
Single Pile Settlement Prediction and Analysis for Driven Piles David R. Beadman
Underground Parking Facilities in Rotterdam Henk E. Brassinga; Geerhard Hannink
Non-Linear Evaluation of Pile Groups Lateral Deflection F. Castelli
Deep Excavation Retaining Systems in Unsaturated Soils Tariq B. Hamid; Essam F. Tawfik
Effect of Transverse Stresses on the Strength of Steel Sheet Piling and Recommended Changes in Design Procedure Richard J. Hartman
Secant CFA – Pile Walls – A Risk Management View Mandy Korff; A. Frits van Tol
Three-Dimensional Stability Analysis of Vertical Shafts in Homogenous Soils Reza Y. Khaksar; Orang Farzaneh; Faradjollah Askari
Soil Nail Stabilization for 14.5 M Deep Excavation at Uncontrolled Fill Ground Shaw-Shong Liew; Chee-Min Khoo
Engineering the Mansion’s Heritage Ken MacLeod; Slav Tchepak
Deep Diaphragm Wall Activities at Randstadrail Project in Rotterdam, The Netherlands Klaus Pollath; Frank Haehnig; Johannes Gluckert
Realization of an Innercity Car Park By Means of a Complex Underpinning Measure Robert Thurner; Eduard Faulk; Clemens Kummerer
Pile Monitoring, Testing, and Data Processing: New Developments and Remaining Issues Alain E. Holeyman
The Design and Formation of Bored Displacement Piles – A United Kingdom Perspective David J. Baxter; Neil Dixon; Steven P. Hadley; Paul R. Fleming
Recent Evolutions in Deep Foundation Technologies Ir Maurice Bottiau
Performance Specifications for Drilled Piles Dan Brown; Robert Thompson; Silas Nichols
Settlement of a Piled-Raft Foundation Considering Lateral Pile Resistance Helen S. W. Chow; John C. Small
Behavior of Piled Raft Foundation Systems under a Combined Set of Loadings Honghua H. Zhang; Renato P. Cunha
Experimental Investigation into the Stress and Strain Development around a Displacement Pile A. Frits van Tol; Wout Broere; Jelke Dijkstra
Non-Linear Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles: Calibration of a New Method George Gazetas; Nicos Gerolymos; Vasileios A. Drosos
Innovative Application of Piled Raft Foundation to Optimize the Design ff High-Rise Buildings and Bridge Foundations Y. El-Mossallamy; B. Lutz; Th. Richter
Design Optimization – Drilled Shafts Installed in Sand, Gravel and Cobble Foundation Emad Farouz; Roger Failmezger
Ground Movements – A Hidden Source of Loading on Deep Foundations Harry G. Poulos
General Report – Deep Excavations “He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune” Tim Chapman
Bored Piles with Base Preloading by Grouting – The Polish Experience Boleslaw A. Klosinski; Czeslaw Szymankiewicz
Economic Foundation Design for Tall Buildings Frances Badelow; Harry G. Poulos; John C. Small; Paran Moyes
Wireless Site Data Collection in Construction and Its Impact on the Business Process Jason N. Scott
Prediction of Jet Grout Column Diameter in Cohesive Soil Chu E. Ho
Numerical Simulation of Quasi-Static Pile Load Test N.Q. Huy; A.F. van Tol; P. Holscher
Analysis of Strain-Dependent Concrete Modulus from Mass Instrumented Test Pile Samples Lee Sieng Kai; Lau Thian Kian; Tan Ah Huat
Analysis of Static and Dynamic Horizontal Load Tests on Steel Pipe Piles Pastsakorn Kitiyodom; Tatsunori Matsumoto; Eiji Kojima; Hiromichi Kumagai; Kouichi Tomisawa
Dynamic Horizontal Load Tests on Steel Pipe Piles Having Different Sizes in the Same Construction Site and Their Analyses Eiji Kojima; Hiromichi Kumagai; Pastsakorn Kitiyodom; Tatsunori Matsumoto; Kouichi Tomisawa
Time-Dependent Increase of the Bearing Capacity of Displacement Florian Konig; Jurgen Grabe
A Novel Approach to the Performance Evaluation of Driven Prestressed Concrete Piles and Bored Cast-In-Place Piles Sridhar Krishnan; Lee Sieng Kai
Variation of Load Settlement Relations of 25 Steel Pipe Piles Constructed in a Site from Rapid Pile Load Testing Tatsunori Matsumoto; Kazuyuki Matsuzawa; Yutaka KUBO; Masahito TAMURA
Size and Loading Rate Effects in Plate Load Tests on a Fill Kazuyuki Matsuzawa; Hirofumi Sakihama; Hisashi Nemoto; Tatsunori Matsumoto
Pile Integrity Testing in The Netherlands Peter Middendorp; Jacques Schellingerhout
Recommendations for Implementing and Interpreting Non-Destructive Integrity Testing of Cast In-Situ Concrete Piles and Diaphragm Jose L. Garcia ;Carlos de las Heras; Fernando Sanchez
Dynamic Analysis of Follower Driven Piles for the Venice Flood Gateway Project Frank Rausche; Giorgio Pezzetti; Christian Jannacci; Anna Klesney
Recent Experiences with Bi-Directional Static Load Testing M. England; P.F. Cheesman
Static Alternating Cyclic Horizontal Load Tests on Driven Steel Pipe Piles of Foundations for Highway Bridges Kouichi TOMISAWA; Satoshi NISHIMOTO; Hirofumi FUKUSHIMA; Eiji KOJIMA; Tatsunori MATSUMOTO
Report on an Instrumented Continuous Flight Auger Test Pile At Ascot. Peter D. Wilkinson; Craig S. Butterworth
Re-Use of Foundations and the Role of NDE Techniques Huw Williams; Iwan Jones
Wave Equation Technique for Estimating Driven Pile Capacity Luo Yang; Robert Liang
Sandwich Wall Beneath Amsterdam Centraal Station An Innovative Approach or Jet Grouting under Difficult Conditions Ir. J.C.W.M. de Wit; ir.P.J. Bogaards; R.D. Essler; prof. J. Maertens; Ing. O.S. Langhorst; ing. B.K.J. Obladen; ir. C.F. Bosma; ir. J.J. Sleuwaegen; ing. H. Dekker
The Role of Real-Time Instrumentation in Large Infrastructure Projects J.G. La Fonta; R. Piggin
Deep Diaphragm Walls and Bored Piles for Subway Construction at the Amsterdam Central Station Wolf-R. Linder; Carsten Kaminksi; Arjan v.d.Put
Quality Assurance in Jet Grouting for a Deep Seated Slab in Amsterdam Thomas Passlick; Karsten Doerendahl
Developments for Mitigating from Deep Shafts of North/South-Line Amsterdam Klaus Pollath; Peter-Michael Mayer; Piero Roberti
Amsterdam North South Line Metro – Construction of Deep Diaphragm Walls for Three Underground Stations dr. ir. Theo.A.M.Salet; ir. Peter J.C.M. de Kort; Julian D. Crawley
Self Drilling Soil Nail Systems to Retain Caving Soils Ali Porbaha; Robert Kim
High Risk Control for Piling and Deep Foundations A Systematic Approach Martin van Staveren
Design Development & Installation of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (Grp) “Soft Eyes” in Diaphragm Wall Reinforcement Cages Paul M. Wiltcher; Stefan L.P. Kusse; Phil Kleingries
Bacteria Help Civil Engineers; Report of a Pilot Project John W.M. Lambert; Victoria S. Whiffin; Patrick A. Wolfs
Continuous Grouting in Embedding of Sheet Piles Jouko L. Lehtonen; Jari P. Laaksonen
Piling Projects Constructed with Vinyl Polymer Support Fluid in Glasgow, Scotland Derek J. Lennon; David Ritchie; Geraint O. Parry; Tony P. Suckling
Application Of PCC Piles on Soft Ground Improvement of Expressways Hanlong Liu; Yufeng GAO; Ting ZHANG
Behavior of PCC Pile under Lateral Load Zhitao Ma; Hanlong Liu; Kang Fei; Ting Zhang
CSM: An Innovative Solution for Mixed-In-Situ Retaining Walls, Cut-Off Walls and Soil Improvement Fabrice Mathieu; Serge Borel; Laurent Lefebvre
Bearing Capacity and Slope Instability Solved by Novel Ground Engineering Solutions T J Snell; M Singleton
CSM Cutter Soil Mixing – A New Technique for the Construction of Subterranean Walls Initial Experiences Gained on Completed Projects E. Stoetzer; W.G. Brunner; R. Fiorotto; F.-W. Gerressen; M. Schoepf
The Synergy between Theory and Practice in Geo-Engineering Bas R. Hemmen; Thomas J. Bles
Application of Global Strain Extensometer (Glostrext) Method for Instrumented Bored Piles in Malaysia Abdul Aziz Hanifah; Lee Sieng Kai
A Geotechnical Data Base Development and Applying Data Mining Techniques to Extract the Common Trends of Offshore Geotechnical Properties of South Pars Gas Field/Persian Gulf Ir-Iran H. Shiri GJ; M.H. Pashnehtala; Babak Molaei
Performance of Bituminous Coats in Reducing Negative Skin Friction Makarand G. Khare; Shailesh R. Gandhi
Application of Neurofuzzy Approach to Estimate Duration and Evaluate Delay for Diaphragm Wall and Barrette Construction Thoedtida Thipparat; Visuth Chovichien
Soil Freezing Under a Volcano: The Naples Piazza Garibaldi Experience Using Directional Drilling for Long Boreholes D. Vanni; M. Siepi; F. Cribari
Lower Risks with Ecr®/Eft®-Measurements in Underground Constructions Patrick P.A. Wolfs; Willem P.H. Knoops; Bartho J. Admiraal; Ernst Geutebruck
A Coupled Fe-Be Formulation for the Prediction of Vibrations Due to Vibratory and Impact Pile Driving H.R. Masoumi; G. Degrande
Working Platforms in Geotechnical Jobs: Recommendations for Execution and Maintenance Gustavo Armijo; Ernesto Honotoria; Gerardo Marote; Leoncio Prieto
A New Analysis of Data from Statnamic Tests on Piles in Clay William F. Anderson; D. Hanh Nguyen; Adrian F.L. Hyde
Statnamic Pile Testing Case Studies Michael J. Brown; Tara Wood; Tony P. Suckling
Numerical Analyses of Pile Load Testing and Pile Base Grouting Wen-Chieh Cheng; James C. Ni; Terry F.S. Chen
Water Tightness of Diaphragm Walls Radianto Elprama; Geerhard Hannink; Vladimir M. Thumann
Inaccurate Interpretation of Offshore Geotechnical Site Investigation Results and Risk Associated A Case Study of Conductors Collapse in Driving Hodjat Shiri; Babak Molaei