(AM-2009) Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2009, Kansas City, MO, USA

Micropile Foundations for Support of New Bridge Structures Over Abandoned Mine Timothy J. Myers and Hristo K. Dobrev, Layne GeoConstruction; John Szturo and Wayne Duryee, HNTB Corporation
Deep Open Excavation in Chicago Downtown Area for Red Line and Blue Line Subway Connection at Block 37 Gordon Chen and Minhaj Kirmani, Weidlinger Associates, Inc.; Dwight Metcalf, Kiewit Construction Company
Impact of Clay on Early Jet Grouting Strength Debra F. Laefer, Daire O’Neill and Cian O’Mahony, University College Dublin
A Three-Stage Assessment Process to Predict Risk Levels Due to Subsurface Construction Julia Clarke and Laura Hannigan; University College Dublin
Drilled Shaft Foundations for the kcICON Missouri River Bridge Paul J. Axtell, W. Robert Thompson and Dan A. Brown, Dan Brown and Associates, PLLC
Shaft End Bearing Capacity in Cavernous Limestone Issa S. Oweis, Jeaan Hwang and Luma J. Oweis, Oweis Engineering Inc.
Value Engineering and Field Testing of Pre-Cast Concrete Piles For The kcICON Project Elizabeth M. Smith, Terracon Consultants, Inc.; Kyle Kershaw and Ronaldo Luna, Missouri S&T; Mike Holloway, InSituTech
Performance of Drilled Displacement Piles in the Midwestern United States W. Morgan NeSmith and Willie M. NeSmith, Berkel & Co. Contractors Inc.
Innovative Use of Micropile Load Test Data for 18th Street Expressway Bridge Lance A. Roberts, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Jeffrey R. Hill and Aaron J. McConnell, Hayward Baker, Inc.
Cyclic Axial Loading of Offshore Piles – An Issue of Concern? Paul Doherty, University College Dublin
25 Story Structure on River Flood Plain Soils Improved by Vibrocompaction and Compaction Grouting Frank Callanan and Eric J. Neuner, Geotechnology, Inc.; Jeffrey R. Hill, Hayward Baker Inc.
Settlement Control of a Road Embankment Using Vertical Drains Wei Tu, Rodrigo A. Roldan and Thomas P. Hart, Black & Veatch Corporation
Bridge Pier Remediation, New London CT Walter Kaeck and Michael Quasarano, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers; Patrick H. Carr, The Judy Company, Inc.; James Warner, Consulting Engineer
Stone Columns Through Construction Demolition Debris Fill Lok M. Sharma and Binod K. Sapkota, Terracon Consultants
Displacement and Pore Pressure Monitoring During Installation of Drilled Displacement Piles Lisa M. Splitter and Lori A. Simpson, Treadwell & Rollo, Inc.
New I-95 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Foundations Roderic A. Ellman, Jr., Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Design and Construction of Drilled Shafts In Iraq Frederick C. Rhyner and Hugh S. Lacy, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Interpreted Residual Load In an Augered Cast-In-Place Pile Timothy C. Siegel and Alexander McGillivray, Berkel & Company Contractors, Inc.
Evaluation of Pile Foundation Design Methods Using Load Tests SungWon Park, Visiting Scholar and Anil Misra, University of Kansas
Modeling of MSE Wall – Drilled Shaft Systems Matthew C. Pierson, Robert L. Parsons and Jie Han, The University of Kansas
Performance of Cast-In-Place Piles Installed with a Fixed Mast Drilling Platform in Claystone – Glenrock WY Brent Wilkins, Terracon Consultants; W. Morgan NeSmith and Steven Duncan, Berkel & Co. Contractors, Inc.; Fred Tebbenkamp, Kiewit Power Engineers
Optimization of Pile Length Using Decision Analysis with Information From Load Tests During Construction Jiun-Yih Chen and Robert B. Gilbert, The University of Texas
Non-Destructive Testing, Evaluation and Re-Use of Deep Foundations along the East Coast Matthew E. Meyer and Rudolph P. Frizzi, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.
Creative Shoring Solutions for a Tight Urban Site David G. Winter, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.; Matthew W. Smith and King H. Chin, GeoEngineers, Inc.; Robert A. Carnevale, DBM-CM
I-470 Mine Remediation Sheryl D. Gallagher, Geotechnology, Inc.; Clay Rathbun, Judy Company; Richard W. Orr, Missouri Department of Transportation
Design-Build Support of Excavation for Block 76, Salt Lake City, Utah Rick Deschamps and Tom Hurley, Nicholson Construction