(AM-2010) Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2010, Hollywood, CA, USA

Vertical Barrier Wall Installation Using the Vibrated Beam Method; an Appropriate Technique in Selected Applications Michael E. Ameel, P.E.; Kenneth B. Andromalos, P.E.
Construction of the Drilled Shaft Foundations for the Huey Long Mississippi River Bridge, New Orleans Dan A. Brown, Ph.D., P.E.; Peter Faust; Jorge Santos
Design and Analysis of Cooling Tower Pile Foundations Michael W. Oakland, Ph.D., P.E.; Gordon Chen, P.E., Robert Smith, P.E.
Blast Densification of Fine Tailings Brian W. Wilson, P.Eng.; John W. Scholte, P.Eng.
A Numerical Model for Load Transfer and Settlement of Bored Cast In-Situ Piles Joshua R. Omer
London One New Change - Energy Piles® and Open Loop Wells Used For Ground Source Heating and Cooling Peter Smith; Tony Amis; Julian Crawley
Foundation Design And Construction Challenges For The Phoenix Sky Train Project John C. Niedzielski, P.E., M.ASCE; Samer R. Rabab’ah, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE; Dean B. Durkee, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE; Assem A. Elsayed, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE
Construction of a Spillwall in the Columbia River Francis B. Gularte; Michael Blanding; Thomas M. Westover
Bedrock Evaluation For Deep Foundations Utilizing An Acoustic Televiewer, I-70 New Mississippi River Bridge, St. Louis, Missouri Adrian M. Keller
Hammer-Grout Piles at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge Ameir Altaee, PhD, PE; Andrew J. Burns, PE; Hemal Shah, PE, PMP
Deep Foundation Ground Anchors in the Wind Energy Industry - Current Status of Design and Construction Practices and Introduction of a Patented System to Improve Foundation Performance Josef K. Alter
Soil Mixing and Jet Grouting Ground Improvement under Tanks Lisheng Shao; Gary Taylor; Tim Keuscher
2D and 3D ANSYS Modeling for Deep Excavation and Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Yahia M. Al-Smadi, Ph.D., Mehrdad Mirzakashani, P.E., Yousef Alostaz, Ph.D., P.E., Abdul Hagh, Ph.D., P.E.
Novel Methods of Restraining Embedded Retaining Walls Abid Adekunte; Pat O’ Hara
Design and Construction of a Cut-Off Wall In Warm Permafrost Steven L. Anderson, P.E.; Brian W. Wilson, P.Eng.; Matthew Tonner, E.I.T.
Performance of Three Unique Shoring Sections for Block 75 Shoring Chris Sammon; Jerold Bishop; Scott Chambers; Rob Jameson
Design and Construction of Shear Pins for Landslide Stabilization Fei-chiu Huang, Ph.D., P.E., G.E.; Gregory W. Axten, P.E., G.E
Analysis of Pile Behavior in Granular Soils Using DEM Jeremy G. Kress; T. Matthew Evans
Seismic Design of Micropile Foundation Systems Leo Panian, SE; Mike Korolyk, SE
Deep Foundation Element Supported Mat Design and Construction in an Urban Setting Satyajit A. Vaidya, PE; Rudolph P. Frizzi, PE, GE, D.GE
Construction-Induced Vibrations and Green Concrete: Literature Review and Case History William M. Camp, III; John B. Pearson; Timothy C. Siegel
Design and Application of Vertical Micropiles to Resist Large Lateral Loads Helen D. Robinson, P.E.; Jesús E. Gómez, Ph.D., P.E.; Robert P. Traylor
Micropile Transmission Foundations In Environmentally Sensitive, Challenging Terrain Esam Abraham, PE; Chih-Hung Chen, PE; Pete L. Hlapcich PE; Donald E. Johnson; Norman W. Jufer, PE; Nickolas G. Salisbury; Hannling Shaw, PE
High Capacity Rock Anchors at the Bear Mountain Bridge Frederick C. Rhyner, P.E., Francis J. Arland, P.E.
The Progress of Jet Grouting In the Last 10 Years in Japanese Market H. Yoshida
Structural and Geotechnical Aspects of Long Driven Piles for Urmiyeh Lake Causeway Bridge Mohammad Eslami, Barmak Hosseini, M. Sc., Abolfazl Eslami
Steel H-Piles for a 11.7-Mile Long Rail Rapid Transit Project Jeongbok Seo, Lloyd W. Young, Lani Tan, Harding Wescott, Nicholas Byrnes
Risks Associated With Finite Element Modelling Of Cut and Cover Structures Tony Suckling, Sachin Kumar
Real-Time Monitoring During Shaft Construction for the Sound Transit Ulink I-5 Undercrossing Pierre Gouvin, Roland Stowe, Joe Priestner, Rick Smith, Russ Dasta, P. Erik Mikkelsen
Piled Rafts: Are We Modelling Them Correctly? Jonathan.J.Dewsbury
Newtown Creek Pile Foundation Work 2009 Thomas Trochalides, Mitza Zobenica
Load and Resistance Factor Design of Pullout of a Single Driven Pile in Sands and Clays Dongwook Kim, Juhyung Lee, Jaehyun Park, Moonkyung Chung, Kiseok Kwak
Lateral Stresses On Multilevel Tieback Walls Liiban A. Affi, P.E
Dynamic Pile Monitoring For Offshore Pile Acceptance Scott Webster and Robin Givet
Innovation in Spliced Prestressed Piles: Testing and Use Of the Emeca Pile Splice John C. Ryan, PhD, PE
Verification of Drilled Shaft Resistance by the Post Grouting Method Suthan Pooranampillai, Sherif Elfass, Walt Vanderpool, Gary Norris
Evaluation of Ultimate Resistance of Steel-Concrete Composite Drilled Shafts through Static Loading Tests Moonkyung Chung, Juhyung Lee, Dongwook Kim, Kiseok Kwak, Jaehyun Park, Yongan Lee
Evaluation of the Effect of Vertical Load on the Impedance Function in Seismic Analysis of Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction Ahmad Mahboubi, Mustafa Zamanian, Kamran Panaghi, MSc
Experiences from the Italian High Speed Rail Network AV Construction Vincent Jue
Design of an Unbraced Elliptical Slurry Wall Cofferdam for Deep Pump Station Construction Gordon Chen, P.E., Meeok Kim, Ph.D, Nino Catalano, P.E.
Design and Testing Of Deep Foundations for Wind Turbines in Western Alaska Lorie M. Dilley, PhD, PE, CPG, John D. Thornley, PE
Construction of Two Microtunnel Access Shafts Using the Cutter Soil Mix (CSM) Method in the San Joaquin Delta, California Eric S. Lindquist, John Morgan, Roberto A. Lopez, Franz-Werner Gerressen
Behavior of Pile Groups Arrangement Adjacent To a Sand Slope under Lateral Load Mohamed A. Sakr, Ahmed M. Nasr
As-Built Analysis – An Integral Part of Pile Foundation Design Dan Yang
Advances in Seismic Design Considering Soil- Structure Interaction Y. C. Han
Innovative Use of Ground Improvement Mark Koelling, PE, Lisheng Shao, PE, PhD, Mark Rohrbach, PE, P.Eng.