(AM-2011) Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2011, Boston, MA, USA

High-Capacity Rock Anchors Provide Uplift Resistance for Concrete-Filled Steel Pipe Piles – A Case Study James Weaver, P.E., Wayne Chadbourne, P.E., Brian Steinert, P.E.
Drilled Shaft in Strong Rock - Design, Validation, and Construction of the Beauharnois Canal Bridge, Autoroute 30 Montréal Ivan Hee, Andy Dodds, Robert Talby, Andrew Cushing, Richard Deakin
Determining the End Bearing Capacity of Steel Tube Piles Driven to Glacial Till in the Montréal Area of Canada Richard Deakin, Nick Sartain
Design of Sheet Piling for the Prague Metro Line C Dr. Jan Pruška, Jaroslav Kopecný, Strahimir Antoljak, P.E.
Continuous Flight Auger Piles in the Blue Ridge: A Case Study Using Instrumentation in Pile Design Jesse R. Jacobson; William M. Camp, III, Timothy C. Siegel
Accessing History Richard Pizzi, P.E., Richard K. Wilhelmsen
Deep Drilled Shafts for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge New Haven, Connecticut Theodore von Rosenvinge, P.E., D.GE, Brannin Beeks, P.E.
Risk Mitigation Strategies for Cut and Cover Tunnels at the Mitchell Interchange Mark Maday, Emad Farouz; Chris Sammon; Kurt Flierl
Izmit Bay Bridge Crossing: Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach Reduces Risk and Lowers Overall Project Cost for BOT Bridge Consortium Jacob Chacko, Amalia Giannakou, Jan Rietman
Complex Piling Works at London Blackfriars Station Jamie D. McEwan, Alex S. Underwood, Tony P. Suckling
Repairs of Diaphram Walls, Lessons Learned Raymond J. Poletto, P.E., George J. Tamaro, P.E.
2011 Young Professor Paper Winner: The Influence of RC Nonlinearity on p-y Curves for CIDH Bridge Piers Leonardo Massone, Anne Lemnitzer
2011 Student Paper Competition Winner: Axial Pile Displacement Evaluations from Seismic Piezocone Data and Back-Analysis of Load Tests Fawad S. Niazi, Dr. Paul W. Mayne
A Unique Solution to Mitigate Movement at the Jefferson Memorial Seawall Jesús E. Gómez, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, Helen D. Robinson, P.E., Darrell Wilder, P.E.
The Alternate Technical Concept Process for Foundations at the New Mississippi River Bridge, St. Louis Dan A. Brown, Ph.D P.E., Paul J. Axtell P.E., John Kelly
Issues in the Performance-Based Seismic Evaluation of Sheet Pile Quay Walls Dimitris Pachakis, George Saad, Raj S. Varatharaj, Arul Arulmoli
Secant Pile Shoring - Developments in Design and Construction Eric S. Lindquist, Berti-Lindquist, Rob Jameson
Interface Testing for the Design of Micropiles in Expansive Soils Robert W. Schaut, P.E., Daniel D. Overton, M.S., P.E.; John D. Nelson, Ph.D., P.E., J. Antonio H. Carraro, Ph.D., P.E., Zachary P. Fox
Threading Piles Past Underground Assets in Central London Alexander Nikolic, Angelo Fasano, Jim Cook, John Legge
Atlantic Wharf: Redevelopment of a Historic Site on Boston’s Waterfront Lee S. Vanzler, Rebecca B. Higgins, P.E., Mark X. Haley
Deep Soil Mixed Wall and Jet Grouting for an Excavation Support System at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts Harry Schnabel, P.E., Steven Hinterneder, P.E., Daren Zywicki, Ph.D., P.E.
Influence of Urbanization and Geology on Deep Foundation Design and Construction Hiren J. Shah, P.E., Alfred H. Brand, Paul Martin
Modelling the Behaviour of Pile Groups with Favourable Group Efficiencies A.V. Rose, R.N. Taylor; M.H. El Naggar
The Aged Reloading Response of Piles in Clay Paul Doherty, Kenneth Gavin
Use of Controlled Modulus Columns in Retail & Industrial Development Projects Frederic Masse, Seth L. Pearlman, P.E., Menard; Mike P Walker, P.E., Sonia S. Swift, P.E.
FHWA Hollow Bar Soil Nail (HBSN) Test Program, A Summary Jesús Gómez, P.E., Ph.D., Allen Cadden, P.E., D.GE., Helen D. Robinson, P.E., C. Javier Rodriguez, P.E.
Preserving the Foundations of Some of Boston's Oldest Buildings Michael J. Atwood, P.E.
Deviations from Design Impact Performance of an Aggregate Pier Supported Embankment Jay L. Hodkinson; James R. Wheeler, P.E., Christopher C. Benda
Doyle Drive - Extreme Pile Installation Peter Faust
Anchoring Tall Buildings in Lower Manhattan Andrew Pontecorvo, P.E., Pablo V. Lopez, P.E.
Uplift Micropile Load Transfer in Unsaturated Missoula Flood Deposits John N. Cunningham, P.E., G.E., Armin W. Stuedlein, Ph.D., P.E., Manuel A. Castañeda
Steel H-Section Piles Support 2,120-Foot Long Cable Stayed Bridge Verona Island and Prospect, Maine James W. Weaver P.E., Wayne A. Chadbourne, P.E.; Laura Krusinski, P.E.
State of the Art in Double Rotary Drilling – Experience Gained from Practice Markus Schönit, Alexander Stroppa, Klaus Hudelmaier
Settlement & Vibration Monitoring for Transmission Line Foundation Installation: A Case History R. Heath Forbes, EI, William M. Camp, III, P.E., D.GE.
Rammed Aggregate Pier System Provides Uplift Resistance at University Ice Arena John G. DiGenova, P.E., Erin F. Wood, P.E., Colin J. Dahlen, P.E.
Non-Destructive Testing Methods for Drilled Shaft and ACIP Piles George Piscsalko, P.E., Dean Cotton
Micropiles at the Transformation AGO Project Jim Bruce, P.Eng., Naresh Gurpersaud, M.A.Sc.
Evolution of Helical Screw Pile Design and Installation Michael Perlow Jr., P.E.
Evaluation of the Originally Published, Meyerhof Empirical Correlations of Shaft Friction and End Bearing Capacity for Driven Piles Using Dynamic Test Data Karl A. Higgins, III, P.E.
Effect of Vertical Heterogeneity in Soil Strength on Pile Bearing Capacity Prediction from CPT Data Amaneh E. Kenarsari, Ramin O. Dodaran, Reza J. Chenari, Abolfazi Eslami
Drilled Shaft Design for Noise Wall Barriers along I-20 in Columbia, SC Anil Bhandari, Edward L. Hajduk, Kevin Sohrabnia
Disconnected Piled Raft Foundations Performance (DCPRF) with Cushion Saeed Salehi Malekshah, Abolfazl Eslami
Evaluation of Causes of Bleeding of Free Water from a Bentonite Slurry Tony P. Suckling, Carlos Lam, Stephan A. Jefferis, Christopher J. Pantling
Confirmation of Composite Ground Design Using Field Plate Tests Timothy C. Siegel, P.E., D.GE.; Willie NeSmith, P.E.
Fenway Park Modernization - Foundations for a Red Sox Nation Mark H. Balfe, P.E.
2011 Young Professor Paper Runner-Up: Measuring the Soil-Structure Interaction of Laterally Loaded Piles Muhannad T. Suleiman
2011 Student Paper Competition Runner-Up: Design of Piles with the Dual Role of Structural Stability and as a Sustainable Source of Energy for the Heating and Cooling of Buildings Alice DiDonna
The Use of Spin Fin® Piles in Massachusetts Les R. Chernauskas, P.E., Leo J. Hart, David Nacci, P.E.
The Silver Spring Transit Center: Design and Construction of Drilled Shafts in an Urban Environment James E. Parkes, P.E., Frank Roberts, P.E.
Quality Assessment Procedure and Classifications of Cast-in-Place shaft using Low Strain Dynamic Test Liqun Liang; Frank Rausche
Overcoming Grouting Difficulties During Retaining Wall Stabilization Jared M. Green, P.E. Alan R. Poeppel, P.E.
Old Sewer, Big Risks: Managing Risks during the Design and Construction of a 21-Story Building Adjacent to a Critical 100-year-Old Sewer Structure Damian R. Siebert, P.E., Joel S. Mooney, P.E., LSP, Richard Marks, Daniel Ocasio; Kevin McKenna
Monotonic and Cyclic Lateral Full-Scale Testing of Reinforced Helical Pulldown Micropiles M. Meckkey El Sharnouby, M. Hesham El Naggar
Minipiles in Soft Marine Deposits Rescue Sinking Warehouse Bruno Gemmi, Gianfranco Morelli, Enrico M. Pizzarotti
Mini Piles and Jet-Grouting: A Strong Foundation in Parma, Italy Bruno Gemmi, Maurizio Ghillani, Sandro Nalin
Micropile-Supported Wall to Resist Lateral Deflection of Existing Railroad Bridge Abutment Samer R. Rabab'ah, Ph.D., P.E., John C. Niedzielski, P.E., Assem A. Elsayed, Ph.D., P.E.
Lake Champlain Temporary Ferry Dock Fast-Track Design and Construction Challenges and Successes John E. Lens, P.E., D.GE., Christopher C. Benda, P.E.
Use of Non-Invasive Helical Foundations for Urban Forest Canopy Walk Way – Atlanta Botanical Garden David C. Kraft, Ph.D., P.E.
Cyclic Degradation of Pile Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines Fabian Kirsch, Thomas Richter