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Rumble Podcast

In this series, “DFI’s Rumble,” we will be pairing opposing positions for debate, across multiple industry topics. Each episode will consist of a short introduction to the topic and speakers, followed by two rounds of debate, broken up by a sponsor commentary section – similar to a halftime match commentary.

Each episode will be hosted by DFI Trustee and WiDF Committee Chair Lucky Nagarajan along with a rotating referee: Tim Siegel, Chris Woods, Morgan NeSmith and Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero.

New episodes of DFI’s Rumble will be released monthly on the second Wednesday, via YouTube (video) and multiple podcast distributors (audio only), from May – October 2022.

These sponsorship opportunities are available to DFI corporate member companies exclusively.

Lucky Nagarajan, Host
Tim Siegel
Chris Woods
Morgan NeSmith
Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero

Episode 6: Helical Piles, Have They Arrived?

In Episode 6, the season finale of Rumble, Kevin Johnson, Ph.D., with Earth Tech squares off with Ross McGillivray of Ardaman & Associates. Johnson is a designer and design-builder of foundation solutions including helical piles. McGillivary is a seasoned consultant who is often task with vetting foundation options and ensuring the success of a project. This episode discusses the installation, design and verification of helical piles as well as tricky conditions to watch out for and tips for providing a cost-effective and technically sound design.

Episode 5: Dynamic Pile Testing: Fiction or Reality

This episode describes the history and current practice of dynamic pile testing. Paul Axtell of Dan Brown and Associates, and Greg Canivan of S&ME explore the advantages and positive aspects as well as myths and potential difficulties. All arguments are considered to identify the best use and application of this technology: from successful projects to questionable results.

Episode 4: Who is Responsible for Ensuring a Safe Working Platform

In this latest episode of Rumble, we tackle a major underlying issue with foundation construction that is finally getting the attention it deserves – Working Platforms. Peter Faust of Malcolm Drilling and Lori Simpson of Langan join us to explore several key aspects of working platform design and construction, with specific focus on the “Who” and “Why” when it comes to responsibility and liability. We also will spend time discussing Geotechnical Reports and their role in the design process and what guidelines are currently being developed to help this process as we move forward with this topic around the world. Sponsored By ECA

Episode 3: General Contractor vs Regulator

In this episode, our guests, Ed Laczynski vs Sarah McInnes describe the different perspectives regarding roles and responsibilities of the owner and contractor on typical geotechnical projects. Different areas such as scope of work, liability and risk management for both parts are explored. Special consideration is given to different project delivery systems such as design-bid-build, design-build, value engineering, the discussion focuses on what is the most cost-effective solution. Sponsored By ECA

Episode 2: Numerical Modeler vs Skeptic

Episode 2 of DFI’s Rumble podcast pits Augusto Lucarelli — a seasoned numerical modeler — against Brian Anderson, Ph.D., — an academic researcher and educator at Auburn University. Anderson scores points when emphasizing that numerical models can be misleading and even dangerous without a sound engineering understanding. Lucarelli counters when he calls a numerical model a “tool” or “lab” where he can study the problem and come to a better understanding. These two heavyweights give must-have advice to aspiring modelers and information that is helpful to all.

Episode 1: Designer vs Contractor

Dan Brown, of Dan Brown and Associates, and Martin McDermott, of KELLER, go toe-to-toe while debating the responsibilities of a foundation designer vs. foundation installer during project planning and construction. Is design-build the answer? Can prescriptive specifications solve everything? How do the two parties misunderstand each other? And can each improve so everyone walks away satisfied, possibly even happy? Moderated by Morgan NeSmith who aims to look into the current and potential future relationship between these two roles in the construction process.