The Board of Trustees is comprised of volunteer trustees with chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer officer positions. Five core board members serve five-year terms and up to eight at-large trustees serve two-year terms. In addition, the president and treasurer of DFI serve as members of the Trust board during their terms at DFI. Emeritus and honorary trustees may be appointed as non-voting members of the board.

As part of their commitment to the Trust and its mission, all board members actively participate in fundraising by organizing events, spearheading annual drives, and leading other such efforts. In addition, all board members make personal financial contributions to the Trust.

Chair, Board of Trustees

Rudolph P. Frizzi, P.E., G.E., D.GE, is managing principal/executive vice president of Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, and past president of DFI.

During his 33 years in the industry, Frizzi has interacted on projects located in practically every continent worldwide, and has performed geotechnical investigations and designs, prepared plans and technical specifications, and observed field testing and construction as geotechnical “engineer of record” on countless projects. His geotechnical engineering and project management experience is extensive, with particular emphasis on: foundation design and construction in urban areas, and large-scale land and waterfront public and private development projects throughout the United States, and internationally.

Frizzi obtained his B.S. in civil engineering from The Ohio State University and M.S. in civil engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is presently an adjunct professor at Columbia University School of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. He is a member of The Moles, ASCE, and is active on several American Concrete Institute (ACI) and DFI committees.

Current Members

Chair:Rudolph FrizziLangan Engineering and Environmental Services
Vice Chair:Zoran CuranovicUnderpinning & Foundation Skanska, Inc.
Treasurer:James JohnsonCondon-Johnson and Associates, Inc.
Secretary:Helen RobinsonGEI Consultants
 Tracy BrettmannA.H Beck Foundation Co., Inc.
 Dan DragoneBAUER Equipment America
 Bernard HertleinGEI Constultants
 Jonathan HuffRichard Goettle, Inc.
 Seth PearlmanMenard USA
 Mark J. RiceMcNeil, Silveira, Rice & Wiley
 Matthew RobertsKiewit Foundations Co.
 Andrew C. VerityTerracon Consultants
 Michael H. WysockeyThatcher Foundations, Inc.
Emeritus Trustees:M. Byrl WilliamsFoundation Constructors, Inc.
 David B. ColemanUnderpinning & Foundation Skanska, Inc.
 Richard ShortConsulting Geotechnical Engineer